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Thursday, April 12, 2007


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'Titanic' ???? Speaking of WTF?!!! heh.


I've become a negotiating chip? Sweet!


Besides, Justin Timberlake is hilarious on SNL!


the kevin bargaining chip was an excellent ploy by dear karl. i'd cave if that were the case as well. it could be a lot of fun!


Besides, you should want to go simply because of the potential for ME to be there. Aren't I enough? *sniff sniff*


Titanic multiple ...times...but you're so smart in your blog posts...


I don't like women in groups, erm, herds either. I am not the herd type-- but I am a rapt listener to all the stories people tell! Maybe you'd meet some awesome people, with stuff to share?

Besides, you had a great time at TC07. People would looove to meet you! :-D
(you and Karl and other buddies? You guys are a Party unto yourselves. Add tequila, and stir)


OMG! I knew we were meant to be friends. I love the surrealness of Love Me If You Dare. I cannot count how many times I have seen that one.


Michelle and FB - Okay listen up, LOL....Titanic came about when I was in my 20's and suffering through a huge break-up! I cannot be held accountable, thus the hanging my head in shame ;).

Kevin - You know you are the best bargaining chip he has right now too :).

Dave- Exactly! I cannot pretend to dislike him anymore.

Sizzle- Yeah, Karl is a smooth operator.

Karl - I could see you the next time you come here for a visit, which you will do this year, cause I deem it so!

Bully- Yeah I think that TC07 was easy because I knew or knew OF half of the people going in and it was BOYS and GIRLS. But you are right; I could surprise myself and have a most excellent time.

Dagny - Love. That. Movie. I just ordered it on Netflix last night after posting this.

Princess Foo Diddy a lot

Yay, I popped your female friend cherry! BFF

While I have NEVER seen Titantic...I'm right there with you on the Jim Carey thing. I did actually like him in Lemony Snicket's - A Series of Unfortunate Events...so there is hope.

Now get your ass some plane tickets to BlogHer!


Hil, it's funny how many of the same movies we like. Maybe it's a generational thing?

I liked the meme so much that I stole it and posted it on my blog, too.


Oh, I'm taking this meme fer later, thanks. Once upon a time I worked in a video store and LOVED to put on my quirky favorites, irritating my teenage co-workers by singing all the songs and mouthing all the lines. :)

And holy crap, I'm in your blogroll. I think I just pooped a little. :)

Go to BlogHer so I may live vicariously though you!!


Titanic is a good movie. People need to just get over themselves.

Netflix is the greatest invention of all-time. I'm totally sending you an invitation to be on my friends list. I've rated more than 11,000 movies. :)

Love Me If You Dare is truly weird. Good pull.

Fruity McCakey

Am I the only one who read an invitation to accompany in there? Depending on $$$, I might go along ...

When did Titanic become a bad movie? I loved it. But what do I know? I listed Baby Boom as my movie I think everyone should see. Totally forgot about Sling Blade, which *should* have been my answer.


PFDAL- You've never seen Titanic? What??? LOL. I think I can watch Jim Carey in serious roles but not "humorous" ones. Like "Eternal Sunshine" did not bother me at all.

Sharon- It has to be generational...gonna check out yours in a bit!

Kimberly - No pooping! I love quoting movies to younger people too; they usually have no frakking clue!

Ajooja - My Knight in Shining Armor!

FMcC- Uh oh, don't bring up 'Sling Blade' at lunch or I will start impersonating Billy Bob, which is only amusing if we're drunk!

And yes, that was a call to arms for all beyotches to come with me!!!


OK, you NetFlix maven -- get The English Patient right away and watch it!!! It's so, so good!


I LIVE near Chicago and am debating going because I so dislike a bunch of women all together. I know exactly why I like you so much, because we both are the same in wishing it was a bunch of men that we could hang with. I feel like I don't fit anywhere in the neat little categories of mombloggers, etc.

I am on the fence about going, some of which has to do with the fact that I bet I'd have to tell my husband about the blog in order to explain where I am going....


oooh. I'd got to blogher if it meant that I could meet you, Karl, Kevin and Katie!


SQUEE!! I LOVE Dream for an Insomniac! That's where the line "Anything less than extraordinary is a waste of my time" came from.

I'm fairly certain that if Mackenzie Astin walked into my coffeeshop my world would go all color too.

The Chad

The English Patient was totally not worth it. 3 hours of boredom. by the end i was yelling at the tv "JUST DIE ALREADY!"

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