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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


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Seeing as I'm fairly new around these parts, I took some... err.. liberties.

Hilly is..... trying to decide if wearing the diamond encrusted tiara with jeans is a bit too much.
Hilly needs.....to find a new manicurist - the last one she had on staff voted for Sanjaya... she had to go!
Hilly's best friend is..... a closely guarded secret. After all, so many folks out there claim that Hilly is their nearest and dearest that she can't bear to break their poor little hearts.
Hilly's cat is named..... after a member of the Hollywood elite who gave her the poor little kitten as a token of his affection. Of course, Hilly will never actually divulge the connection between the cat's name and the actor as she doesn't believe in spreading gossip.
Hilly smells like..... champagne and sunshine
Hilly drives like..... a well chauffeured person should - rarely
Hilly craves..... peace on Earth of course... though she wouldn't mind some new shoes.
Hilly's favorite TV Show is..... the one her secret ex-lover stars in. Of course, she can't divulge his identity, so she claims to love a wide variety of shows, just to keep you guessing
Hilly hates the actor whose name is..... Thomas... although whether that's his first name, last name, or stage name she'll never tell.
Hilly's alcoholic drink of choice is..... champagne
Hilly's NON alcoholic drink of choice is..... water melted from a glacier in the north pole and helicoptered in to her every morning in a crystal goblet.
Hilly's favorite musical artist is..... that one who wrote all those fabulous songs about her - so catchy!
Hilly's favorite cupcake flavor is..... Vanilla Caramel
Hilly's hair is..... cared for by only the finest stylists available. They have to, of course, sign a loyalty pact to only work with Hilly... which is why you haven't heard of them.
Hilly's celebrity crush is..... John Cusack, by and large the most decadent man in Hollywood.
Hilly's occupation is..... generally fabulous starlet.
Hilly's favorite book is..... currently atop the NYT bestseller list, thanks largely to Hilly.
Hilly's favorite color is..... scarlet
Hilly hates..... the paparazzi! Can't they just let her lead a normal life?!
Hilly wishes..... love and kisses to everyone, even those who really don't deserve it... like "Thomas".

y not i

Hey, I'm new here but I'll give it my best shot:

Hilly is...female
Hilly needs...chocolate
Hilly's best friend is...imaginary
Hilly's cat is named...Mr. Snagglepuss
Hilly smells like...lilacs and ocean breezes
Hilly drives like...a 15-year old on meth
Hilly craves...more chocolate
Hilly's favorite TV show is...The Naked Brothers Band
Hilly hates the actor whose name is...Bob?
Hilly's alcholic drink of choice is...Jello Shots
Hilly's non-alcoholic drink of choice is... Diet Fanta Strawberry Creme Soda
Hilly's favorite musical artist is...The Bay City Rollers
Hilly's favorite cupcake flavor is...pink (that's a flavor, right?)
Hilly's hair is...still there
Hilly's celebrity crush is...Yahoo Serious
Hilly's occupation is...Queen of Blogistan
Hilly's favorite book is....Potty Time with Elmo
Hilly's favorite color is...aquamarine
Hilly hates...kittens, poodles, and babies
Hilly wishes...I would have done a little research on her site before I answered these questions.

How'd I do?


Hilly is... sweet
Hilly needs... sunshine and tequila
Hilly's best friend is... someone I don't know
Hilly's cat is named... pussy
Hilly smells like... soap
Hilly drives like... distracted
Hilly craves... chocolate
Hilly's favorite TV Show is... Battlestar Gallactica
Hilly hates the actor whose name is... Willem Dafoe
Hilly's alcoholic drink of choice is... Yaeger shots
Hilly's NON alcoholic drink of choice is... Diet Coke
Hilly's favorite musical artist is... Sting
Hilly's favorite cupcake flavor is... Chocolate with chocolate icing
Hilly's hair is... fabulous
Hilly's celebrity crush is... Martin Sheen
Hilly's occupation is... something I don't know
Hilly's favorite book is... Catcher in the Rye
Hilly's favorite color is... Slate blue
Hilly hates... injustice
Hilly wishes... everything were perfect

(I'm doing this tomorrow. Some of these are jokes, BTW.) :)


Hilly is a fabulous girl
Hilly needs a vacation
Hilly's best friend is Count Foocula
Hilly's cat is named FC
Hilly smells like Amazing Grace
Hilly drives like Batman
Hilly craves cupcakes
Hilly's favorite TV Show is House
Hilly hates the actor whose name is Jim Carrey
Hilly's alcoholic drink of choice is Amaretto Sour
Hilly's NON alcoholic drink of choice is Water or Coke Zero.. Total guess..
Hilly's favorite musical artist is Tori Amos
Hilly's favorite cupcake flavor is Strawberry
Hilly's hair is freaking AWESOME
Hilly's celebrity crush is Dr. House.
Hilly's occupation is Recruiter
Hilly's favorite book is Pride and Predjudice
Hilly's favorite color is Orange
Hilly hates liars
Hilly wishes on stars

Love ya, girlie. Been thinking of you a lot!


Hilly is.....as Hilly does
Hilly needs.....a fur sink
Hilly's best friend is.....us
Hilly's cat is named.....Hilly
Hilly smells like.....Hilly
Hilly drives like.....Hilly
Hilly craves......things
Hilly's favorite TV Show is.....Scott Baio
Hilly hates the actor whose name is.....Henry Winkler
Hilly's alcoholic drink of choice is.....more
Hilly's NON alcoholic drink of choice is.....coke
Hilly's favorite musical artist is.....Barry Gibb
Hilly's favorite cupcake flavor is.....Barry Gibb
Hilly's hair is.....hairy
Hilly's celebrity crush is.....Sanjaya
Hilly's occupation is.....karate instructor
Hilly's favorite book is.....Thesarus
Hilly's favorite color is.....Thesarus Yellow
Hilly hates.....Poop
Hilly wishes.....Poop would go away


Hilly is.....one hawt, lickable lady.
Hilly needs.....a Cupcake Royale cupcake.
Hilly's best friend is.....Foo & Karl.
Hilly's cat is named.....FC.
Hilly smells like.....pudding.
Hilly drives like.....someone who has lived in the OC too long.
Hilly craves......french toast from the Hi Life.
Hilly's favorite TV Show is.....Judge Judy.
Hilly hates the actor whose name is.....Tom Cruise.
Hilly's alcoholic drink of choice is.....anything with vodka in it.
Hilly's NON alcoholic drink of choice is.....diet soda.
Hilly's favorite musical artist is.....Tori Amos.
Hilly's favorite cupcake flavor is.....Red Velvet.
Hilly's hair is.....fanfuckingtastic.
Hilly's celebrity crush is.....Joey Fatone.
Hilly's occupation is.....HR Consultant.
Hilly's favorite book is.....Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret.
Hilly's favorite color is.....blood red.
Hilly hates.....fucktard drivers.
Hilly wishes.....she wasn't feeling so hurt.


Hilly is.....as Hilly does
Hilly needs.....a fur sink
Hilly's best friend is.....us
Hilly's cat is named.....Hilly
Hilly smells like.....Hilly
Hilly drives like.....Hilly
Hilly craves......things
Hilly's favorite TV Show is.....Scott Baio
Hilly hates the actor whose name is.....Henry Winkler
Hilly's alcoholic drink of choice is.....more
Hilly's NON alcoholic drink of choice is.....coke
Hilly's favorite musical artist is.....Barry Gibb
Hilly's favorite cupcake flavor is.....Barry Gibb
Hilly's hair is.....hairy
Hilly's celebrity crush is.....Sanjaya
Hilly's occupation is.....karate instructor
Hilly's favorite book is.....Thesarus
Hilly's favorite color is.....Thesarus Yellow
Hilly hates.....Poop
Hilly wishes.....Poop would go away


Hilly is.....hillylarious
Hilly needs.....to remember that
Hilly's best friend is.....in her sock drawer
Hilly's cat is named.....Mr. Bumpkins
Hilly smells like.....rain on a summer day
Hilly drives like.....a bat out of hell
Hilly craves......see sock drawer
Hilly's favorite TV Show is.....anything with Sarah Silverman
Hilly hates the actor whose name is.....anyone that isn't Sarah Silverman
Hilly's alcoholic drink of choice is.....yes
Hilly's NON alcoholic drink of choice is.....they make non alcoholic drinks?
Hilly's favorite musical artist is.....John Tesh
Hilly's favorite cupcake flavor is.....coconut raisin
Hilly's hair is.....naturally curly
Hilly's celebrity crush is.....Jay Leno
Hilly's occupation is.....humoring us
Hilly's favorite book is.....Chicken Soup for the Blogger's Soul
Hilly's favorite color is.....puce
Hilly hates.....my answers
Hilly wishes.....I would quit trying to be funny, cuz it ain't workin'


Hilly is.....fun
Hilly needs.....a boy toy
Hilly's best friend is.....imaginary
Hilly's cat is named.....Smelly Cat
Hilly smells like.....a bloodhound
Hilly drives like.....Tiger Woods
Hilly craves......kisses
Hilly's favorite TV Show is.....not airing
Hilly hates the actor whose name is.....Andy Dick
Hilly's alcoholic drink of choice is.....waiting for her at the bar right now
Hilly's NON alcoholic drink of choice is.....milk (with cookies)
Hilly's favorite musical artist is.....writing these answers
Hilly's favorite cupcake flavor is.....chocolate
Hilly's hair is.....um, trimmed Brazilian style?
Hilly's celebrity crush is.....Andy Dick
Hilly's occupation is.....blogstar
Hilly's favorite book is.....quantum physics for dummies
Hilly's favorite color is.....plaid
Hilly hates.....assholes
Hilly wishes.....there were no assholes


Hilly is...FRIENDLY
Hilly needs...A WEEKEND IN VEGAS
Hilly's best friend is...MINNIE MOUSE
Hilly's cat is named...SLURPEE
Hilly smells like...TEEN SPIRIT
Hilly drives like...A BAT OUT OF HELL
Hilly craves...SPARKLY LIP GLOSS
Hilly's favorite TV Show is...BIG BROTHER
Hilly hates the actor whose name is...RICHARD SIMMONS
Hilly's alcoholic drink of choice is...SOME FOOFY GIRL DRINK
Hilly's NON alcoholic drink of choice is...YOOHOO
Hilly's favorite musical artist is...JOHN TESH
Hilly's favorite cupcake flavor is...HOSTESS
Hilly's hair is...BECOMING
Hilly's celebrity crush is...PARIS HILTON
Hilly's occupation is...BLOGGING (duh, right?)
Hilly's favorite book is...TV GUIDE
Hilly's favorite color is...BLUE
Hilly hates...STUPID PEOPLE


Hilly is.....a great blogger
Hilly needs.....a vacation
Hilly's best friend is.....bemoaning Hilly's computer fixation
Hilly's cat is named.....Spot
Hilly smells like.....she has been at the computer too long
Hilly drives like.....a man
Hilly craves......a man
Hilly's favorite TV Show is.....too far away from the computer screen
Hilly hates the actor whose name is.....Bluto
Hilly's alcoholic drink of choice is.....sex on the beach
Hilly's NON alcoholic drink of choice is.....sex on the beach
Hilly's favorite musical artist is.....Captain and Tennille
Hilly's favorite cupcake flavor is.....chocolate
Hilly's hair is.....beautiful
Hilly's celebrity crush is.....over. He's gone
Hilly's occupation is.....blogator
Hilly's favorite book is.....still in her head
Hilly's favorite color is.....clear
Hilly hates.....memes
Hilly wishes.....for lot of money, worshiping men who throw themselves at her feet and dogs who don't chew shoes.


Hilly is.....cool
Hilly needs.....love
Hilly's best friend is.....Foo-diddy
Hilly's cat is named.....Black Cat Fever
Hilly smells like.....cherry lipgloss
Hilly drives like.....a maniac
Hilly craves......chocolate
Hilly's favorite TV Show is.....Gray's A
Hilly hates the actor whose name is.....Lichtenstein
Hilly's alcoholic drink of choice is.....Lemon Drop
Hilly's NON alcoholic drink of choice is.....diet coke
Hilly's favorite musical artist is.....depeche mode
Hilly's favorite cupcake flavor is.....chocolate, duh
Hilly's hair is.....auburn
Hilly's celebrity crush is.....doctor guy on Gray's
Hilly's occupation is.....tedious
Hilly's favorite book is.....heavy
Hilly's favorite color is.....auburn :-)
Hilly hates.....washing dishes
Hilly wishes.....the world would change, cuz she's really a softie like me at heart!



Bre: Best. Taken. Liberties. Ever. Seriously sistah, you rocked it! I can't even decide which is my fave :).

Y Not I: Thanks for coming by, yay! I love the whole "potty time with Elmo" thing. Classic.

Ajooja: Jokes -- got it. You actually got a few of them right! There are more than one answer for several of these and surprisingly you guessed my third favorite book and other stuff too!

Less: a.) you are sweet and b.) you know you rocked this whole thing right?

Van: That is some ego I have to name my cat Hilly! Bzzzzt...but of course your answers are amusing. I do hate the poop.

Sizz: Coming in with second amount of actual REAL answers and some funny ones to boot...Joey Fatone, LOL.

<Whit: LOL about Sarah Silverman...you remembered that I can't stand her! *sniff*

Jeff: Actually as funny as you are being, Andy Dick is ONE of the correct answers for a star that I hate. Another was mentioned and I know someone will get the third! I did laugh out loud about the Brazilian!

Denise: Oooh I smell like Teen Spirit! Check you out though, with the favorite color...rock.

JanB: Are you saying I have a problem with....wait, sorry I just got an email and have to put you on hold....wait there is another one....so anyway, are you saying I am addicted to the net? ;)


Bully: Go you getting a ton of them right! Thanks for your sweet answers, btw. I am a big softie but let's not blow my cover ;).

Foo Diddy

Hilly is...swankalicious
Hilly needs...more Stila lip glaze and a penis piñata
Hilly's best friend is...me, me, me...and Karl and SIJ
Hilly's cat is named...FC
Hilly smells like...Amazing Grace
Hilly drives like...she stole it
Hilly craves...chocolate pudding
Hilly's favorite TV Show is...the Simpsons
Hilly hates the actor whose name is...Oscar winner - Oprah Winfrey...she also hates Jim Carrey and I'm cool with that.
Hilly's alcoholic drink of choice is...paid for by her pimp
Hilly's NON alcoholic drink of choice is...Hansen’s Diet Ginger Ale
Hilly's favorite musical artist is...Tori Amos
Hilly's favorite cupcake flavor is...Chocolate
Hilly's hair is...fan freakin’ Pureology Perfect
Hilly's celebrity crush is... McSteamy and Tim Daly with a side of Hugh Laurie
Hilly's occupation is...HR/recruiting shit...with some admin. crap, errand running and design shit thrown in - She should be a PI
Hilly's favorite book is...the Bible
Hilly's favorite color is...not the Color of Purple
Hilly hates...the Secret, Oprah, Award Shows, Jim Carrey, American Idol, Liars, Lurker whore winkie cunts :o), Condescending people, being sick, when her Tivo is full, messy desktops and falling down the stairs. We are both haters...that is why we are BFFs.
Hilly wishes...that Project Runway would start the fuck up already…


Hilly is funny !
Hilly needs to come to Paris ?
Hilly's best friend is Karl ?
Hilly's cat is named ... (euh, I don't know)
Hilly smells like a beautiful flower !
Hilly drives like a Princess !
Hilly craves ??
Hilly's favorite TV Show is ??
Hilly hates the actor whose name is Pierce Brosnan... Too James Bond !!! ;-)
Hilly's alcoholic drink of choice is Whisky ?
Hilly's NON alcoholic drink of choice is "Jus de Fruit" (in French, it's better !!!) :-D
Hilly's favorite musical artist is Elvis (Everyblody love Elvis)
Hilly's favorite cupcake flavor is ??
Hilly's hair is beautiful !
Hilly's celebrity crush is ??
Hilly's occupation is Blogging ?
Hilly's favorite book is ??
Hilly's favorite color is blue ?
Hilly hates action movies !
Hilly wishes that I wouldn't answer at this meme !


Hilly is..... FanFuckingTastic
Hilly needs..... A Hundred Million Dollars
Hilly's best friend is..... A Vibrator she affectionately nicknamed "Milton"
Hilly's cat is named..... Carrot Cake
Hilly smells like..... Strawberries & Cream
Hilly drives like..... An escapee from San Quentin
Hilly craves...... Oreo cookies dunked in Cool Whip
Hilly's favorite TV Show is..... Dog, The Bounty Hunter
Hilly hates the actor whose name is..... Ron Jeremy
Hilly's alcoholic drink of choice is..... Tekkila
Hilly's NON alcoholic drink of choice is..... Strawberry Smoothies
Hilly's favorite musical artist is..... The Spice Girls
Hilly's favorite cupcake flavor is..... Spiked with weed
Hilly's hair is..... Pissing her off
Hilly's celebrity crush is..... The Dad from Orange County Choppers
Hilly's occupation is..... Underrated and Underpaid
Hilly's favorite book is..... Captain Underpants
Hilly's favorite color is..... Champagne
Hilly hates..... Oprah
Hilly wishes..... She knew which end was up



Hello my friend Long time no see (cause I suck) :/ I've been insanely busy with traveling the last two months and finally getting life at home back on track Which includes blog writing AND reading

THIS is awesome! I Love it! Wish I had thought of it :P

I will try to come up with some answers for you :)


Must come back and try this one. Don't let me forget.


Hilly is..... the sauciest pirate wench!
Hilly needs..... to have a garage sale.
Hilly's best friend is..... Karl.
Hilly's cat is named..... FC.
Hilly smells like..... yummolicious!
Hilly drives like..... someone lit her ass on fire.
Hilly craves...... cupcakes and french toast.
Hilly's favorite TV Show is..... Greys Anatomy.
Hilly hates the actor whose name is..... Tom Cruise.
Hilly's alcoholic drink of choice is..... vodka martini?
Hilly's NON alcoholic drink of choice is..... water.
Hilly's favorite musical artist is..... Tony Bennett.
Hilly's favorite cupcake flavor is..... cupcake.
Hilly's hair is..... to die for!
Hilly's celebrity crush is..... Dr. McDreamy
Hilly's occupation is..... a job placement specialist/consultant somethingorother.
Hilly's favorite book is..... The Cat in the Hat.
Hilly's favorite color is..... red, baby!
Hilly hates..... bad drivers.
Hilly wishes..... she could move to WA to be closer to Sizzle and me. :)


Oh! Just now saw this. Can't wait to get home and play it!


Hilly is..... hurting, scared and excited - all at once.
Hilly needs..... to find her Westley.
Hilly's best friend is..... Foo.
Hilly's cat is named..... Fucking Cat, FC for short.
Hilly smells like..... she just took a shower.
Hilly drives like..... she trained for the Grand Prix.
Hilly craves...... time alone with her TV.
Hilly's favorite TV Show is..... The Simpsons.
Hilly hates the actor whose name is..... David Caruso.
Hilly's alcoholic drink of choice is..... a Lemon Drop.
Hilly's NON-alcoholic drink of choice is..... water.
Hilly's favorite musical artist is..... Tori Amos.
Hilly's favorite cupcake flavor is..... carrot cake!
Hilly's hair is..... getting longish and needs a trim.
Hilly's celebrity crush is..... Dr. McDreamy.
Hilly's occupation is..... "head hunter."
Hilly's favorite book is..... yet to be written.
Hilly's favorite color is..... blue.
Hilly hates..... child molesters.
Hilly wishes..... she could read people's minds.


P.S. I posted my answers BEFORE I read anyone else's, ahem.


Hilly is.....friends with Sizzle
Hilly needs..... more zest in her life.
Hilly's best friend is.....Sizzle
Hilly's cat is named.....Mr. Belvadere?
Hilly smells like.....Hot Cinnamon
Hilly drives like.....she's in charge
Hilly craves......Taco Bell
Hilly's favorite TV Show is..... Hollywood Squares
Hilly hates the actor whose name is.....Dick VanDyke
Hilly's alcoholic drink of choice is.....Corona Beer with a lime
Hilly's NON alcoholic drink of choice is.....Chocolate milk
Hilly's favorite musical artist is..... Gwen Stefani
Hilly's favorite cupcake flavor is.....Orange marmalade
Hilly's hair is.....frizzy
Hilly's celebrity crush is.....Matt Damon
Hilly's occupation is.....secret spy
Hilly's favorite book is.....Where's Waldo?
Hilly's favorite color is.....celery green
Hilly hates.....George W Bush
Hilly wishes.....to be free from stress


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