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Saturday, September 01, 2007


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I won't even show you MY desk. It would give you a heart attack, lol.

I'm usually on a laptop on the couch, too...like right now. :)


I heart your desk!! Something about it is so cute and fun! :)


My, what a pretty red Mag-Lite you have there! Surprised your tiara isn't on there somewhere!


Whew, am I glad you are over here on this side of The Force. I was beginning to feel neurotic for not being a slob.


I don't have a desk in my apartment... just the laptop! Now I'm thinking I'm behind the times! :-p


My desk would probably drive you nuts, but the clutter gives fewer places for the cats to walk. Therefore, they typically stay away from my desk. And that's how I like it. Oh, and I have a "Princess" baseball cap as well -- picked up at Cal Expo. Except mine is powder blue with pink writing.


Dood! I no gots desk. I gots laptop and an Ikea "Poang" chair. When I need to write (like when? um....filling out birthday cards and freelancing invoices, that's about it...) I pull out a piece of lap-sized fake wood and write atop it. We don't need no stinking desk.


We have the same phone. And the same Maglite.


How does that saying go?... Clean desk, dirty mind? Yeah I think that is it.


Yeah, that's it. My desk is entirely that clean. Really. You'll just have to take my word for it.

Geeky Tai-Tai

I'm impressed! It's neat, but you have fun things there too. I also like the way you don't have what looks like snakes crawling around your desk. I hate snakes, but it looks like there's 20 of them slithering around behind my laptop! Help!


You've definitely got me beat. But, I think RW is still the King of Clean, so far!!


Hey, we have the same desk. Except mines a total mess. I might clean it up tomorrow and then take part in this meme.


You have the same computer desk as me.

But mine's...well, let's just say it's not as tidy! ;)


I'd do this meme, too, but I don't really have much of a desk at the moment. It's buried somewhere in our office under piles of crap that need to be cleared out. We don't even walk in that room if we don't absolutely have to.


Hell, I wouldn't be able to find ANYTHING at that desk! Although my work desk is kept pretty neat. Not THIS neat, but neat.

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