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Thursday, October 18, 2007


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Well hell, my b-day is within 1 week, stop by this weekend, I may have a birthday thing for you to try!


you know Fleet also makes enemas


If it makes you feel any better, "Cunty McWhoreface" as a concept makes me smile bigger than I thought would be possible today.


I love Pushing Daisies. Love it so I totally understand the frustration.

I am all about getting even. Could you call her bluff and say you are seeking legal advice about what to do about her harassment? OR pre-open house turn the place into a total sty. Beer bottles, pizza boxes... all that stuff? (Yeah, I know it's immature.)

Big Hugs.


Oh don't even get me started on realtors and housing issues!! Grrr!!! But I would like to help you celebrate your birthday. :) Have you made your wish list yet?


What a stupid bitch - with no respect for you. It's a good thing you are getting out of there soon!


If the CA laws are anything like the IL laws then you are completely in your rights.
The solution I recommend? Write a letter to the realty company outlining your rights as a tennant and how they have been in violation of these rights. Cite specific passages of the law.
I found once a property company was aware that I actually could quote my rights, they backed off real quick.
And you can always threaten to take them to court if it continues. :)


Davey-Joe: Oh, I'd nevahhhh! There is an episode of The Simpsons where Bart is in an awkward situation that upsets him so much that he covers his ears, closes his eyes and keeps repeating:I.am.at.Disneyland, I.am.at.Disneyland" So I was doing the same thing...imagining that I was there and berry happy :).

RW: Yay for your birthday! I will totally stop by and celebrate with you. I am a huge birthday whore!

FB: Huh?

Kevin: Well then I've done my job well, yay!

Nat: Oh I have thought about doing all of those things but then the rental reference thing plays in the back of my mind. I will hit her up with the legal stuff though.

Lisa: I have and it's on my sidebar. But really I just want us all to have fun and celebrate more than anything :).

Kim: She really is. I had bad dreams about her last night, gah!

Diane: Thanks for the advice. I think that is a great idea and am definitely going to do it. Today is going to be "studying the law" day for me!


Perhaps it's because I'm a ... well... extreme bitch when people push at me like that, but I would slap the tenant law down on her desk and threaten to call the police if she enters without your permission. But then, your way may be, you know, nicer.


I like Diane's idea. This bitch needs to be backed into a corner. She's had it her way toooo long. grrrrr. Go Hilly...Go Hilly...!


"Cunty McWhoreface"- I really want to use this on someone. Soon. It's perfectly brilliant.

And I also want to say, "Hey, Cunty McWhoreface, get out of my snatch for five fucking minutes!"

I think it'd be reaaaalllly satisfying!


You should curse ALL the time. :)


Wow. Cunty McWhoreface is renting a LOT of space in your head! Kick the bitch out and change the locks! It's your right.


We could be birthday buddies - mine is in a matter of days...

Before I grew a spine and became a beyotch when it comes to my rights I lived in a rental where the landlords kept the majority of the security deposit to repaint and replace small things like the foil liners under the burners, which they should replace every time they re-rent the house anyway. I'm still steamed about my $200 and it happened 14 years ago!!

Stick to your guns and quote the law; realtors aren't that smart by and large so being faced with a recitation of the CA code will probably freak her out.


Bre: My insides are duking it out because part of me feels that it is easier to just not fight and the other part is ready to be hateful, gah.

Sue: LOL, and she is a bitch at that.

Sizzle: Oh I wish I could say that to her in person. I can write things and be mean in theory but I have a hard time calling someone that to her face...mostly ;).

G-Man: You should just hang out with me in person then!

Rick: Yeah yeah, she is...but I'm showing the property on her ass now ;).

Angie: That sounds awful! I hate that you got taken advantage of simply because someone was sleazy!


Apparently Cunty McWhoreface doesn't have a clue about who she is f'n with. (I really want someone to piss me off today so I can use that Cunty McWhoreface line - I love it!)

If the agreement was 24 hour notice to show - they need to give you 24 hours. Even using the new math, 24 hours never equals 10 minutes. F*CK HER! Tenants have more rights than the landlords in most states. Don't let that B*TCH push you around. Tell her she can have as many showings and open houses as she wants come November unless she honors her 24 hour notice agreement.

So, where's the b-day party?

Sloppy Mickey Mouse kisses,


I saw the door note, I saw the door note, I saw the door note, I've heard the outgoing message...jumping up and down...let me at this CmcWhore...I will crush her with my false offer.


Dangit, my heart rate went up just reading this. I guess I don't need to do cardio later on.


Maybe you could leave little piles of dog poo all over your place as a welcoming gift for her. That ought to give her something to worry about.


Tell her you need a copy of the MLS Listing and all the addendums & attachments for your meeting with your attorney. In 10 minutes.

Do you have an extra $100 floating around? Or can you charge it on a credit card? Because IMHO, meeting with an attorney would be the best thing you could do. In one short meeting, they can draft up a threatening letter about your rights, and send it to your landlord and CM.


So, here's what I'm thinking... maybe she really doesn't KNOW you have the rights and SHE doesn't? Why not point her fucked up self to the CA Ten. Rights website? Might set her back about 10 paces and shut her the fuck up.

Then also tell her that november is only 2 weeks away and to give you a damn break already. Seriously. It's what I would do, because you don't NEED to cater to her open house. It doesn't benefit you, and your landlord screwed with you anyway.

Can I go to Disney with you?


I could come down that way and slap CM. Or maybe key her car...


MB: Yeah we are allowed 24 hours notice! The b-day party will be right here, November 4th!

Foo: Hahaha, that would be so freaking funny!

Wayne: OMG, tell me about it. I've been researching this all day. Plus Shawn is livid and wants to deal with it instead so that will just be wow...good times.

Jeff: Ya know, I'm thinking about that ;). The awesome thing is that there is a broken oven (yes I cook in a toaster oven) and a few broken drawers as well as a broken shower door that our landlord never bothered to fix, so yah...let them show the place.

Kriss: Thanks for the suggestions! It's a great idea but I don't think we're going to have to take it that far..I hope ;).

Kyra: Okay well I did search the State of CA DCA page and apparently a landlord can enter the property with the intent to show it to perspective tenants only with a 24 hour written notice, HOWEVER...this can only take place during normal business hours (like 8-5, M-F). I am going to add an ETA to this post in a moment though!

Dags: Yes, to all of the above. Oh and bring your oven mitts!


FYI for anyone that finds this in a Google Search...you can find California Tenant Law here (if you need to narrow it down, you can search each civil code later).


I want to come to your b-day party!! Too bad I'm thousands of miles away on the opposite coast.

I'll be sure to raise a glass in your honor on Nov. 4th.

Birthday cake kisses,


What they all said.

At least there's only a few more weeks until the end of the month - that's got to be something to hold on to :)


I had this same sort of thing. I definitely surprised some folks when they were standing in my living room and I was walking out of the bathroom after showering and not hearing a knock or anything. I yelled as loud as I could (which is pretty loud BTW) "get the f out of my house. NOW NOW NOW."

Honestly I had forgotten the realtor bit and thought my home was being invaded by robbers.


Ooooh, your birthday is coming up ??? :-))))

P.S. I was very busy... Now, i am just busy... But I still read you ! ;-)
P.P.S. Ooooh, it is brown... Halloween is coming up too !!! :-p

lauren Plouffe

You kick her ass. Tell her she can't show it til November, the bitch.

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