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Friday, October 19, 2007


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Bizarre, Seriously, So..., You know?, Fricken-Fracken-Mother-Fudrucker.


Dang it! I had totally escaped this meme and now feel compelled to do it! :-)


I'm sure I have so many. Guess I'm gonna have to put them all down and do this meme.


Sorry - I know I overuse this one. I seem to be constantly saying it.

My fault - When I think I've been saying the first one too much and should change it up a little.

I'm sorry, that's my fault - Um...

Kill me now - (sob)

Mr. Fabulous

I don't say "whatever" anymore. Instead I say "what-ev". Is that still okay?


I use all my made up words over and over - momo, calla, reru - these are my mean words to call people and they don't know what I mean.

Fuck is probably on my top ten list too. Oops.

Diana the Scale Junkie

I'm a "Seriously?" woman too but it annoys the shit out of me when my sister says "Are you serious?"

Clearly and Perhaps are probably the two most over abused words from me

and if you can break the Yahyahyah habit can you PLEASE send the cure to Oprah so I can watch on the rare occasion she has on a topic I want to watch


"Blabbitty-Blabbitty", which is of course a variation on the blahblahblah...meaning everything from "You're talking, but I'm not listening!" to "and she went on and on, blabbittyblabbitty..." and like, Etc.

"To be fair..." which is a balancer and a precursor to what follows.

yeah, lots of stuff I guess. "Dammitt!" is an exclamation-point holder, I think. yup.heh.

I like your list!


1) "Really?" I use this in several different contexts: genuiune surprise/disbelief, sarcastically, to move a conversation along.

2) "Honestly" I think I've picked this one up recently either from the guy I'm dating or my BFF; they both use it

3) Along the lines of your "is it sad that. . . ", I often say "Is it wrong that. . . ?"

Hmmm, can't think of any more, so I'll stop there. :-)


Ha! I love that you did this too!

Also, I find "Ding-Dang it!" absolutely hilarious and may adopt it soon! :)


YeahYeahYeah/RightRightRight: I’m listening, I understand what you’re saying, keep going

Yeah, right: sarcastic

She goes/He goes: Used instead of “she said” “he said”

Excellent: Always said with a Mr. Burns accent


Disgusting!/That is so Rank

Oh My G*D!

I’m starvin’: I’ve never known starvation and could live off my stored fat for at least a few weeks/months before I could ever be truly starvin’.

Slow the F*ck down: generally said while tapping my b’friend’s leg as he is driving 90+mph right before we see the blue lights come on behind us.

No Way/Get Out

Are you kiddin’ me?/You’re kiddin’, right?:

I don’t believe it


That’s OK/Sure, No Problem: Usually used when it is not ok and IS a problem.

Ya, whatever

Excuse me/Sorry: I find myself apologizing if someone steps on my foot or bumps into me. Why am I sorry, for having feet?

Ya know/Know what I mean?

All set?: I think this is a New England thing. Getting ready to leave and asking companions “you all set?” instead of “are you ready to go” or when asked would you like anything else? “No, we’re all set.”

What’s up?/Hey: greetings

Is it me or _______?:

Dude, Dog: I blame Randy Jackson for this one.


Why, Why, Why: why, why, why do I still work here? When one “why” just isn’t enough.

I’m sure there are many more but I’ll stop now . . .

Have a great weekend!

Garrulous kisses,


my supervisor says "absolutely" over and over for EVERYTHING and i am merciless in my teasing of her.

i say "like" too much (california girl!) and "whateves" and "balls" and a whole bunch more but right now i am blanking.


The only ones you named that I do NOT do are 8, 11, 12 (where is number 13?) and 14. Al the rest are things I overuse completely.


I use "Fuck me" too much, but I've learned NOT to use it around appliances/cars that respond to voice commands.


I hope you know your permalink url thingy for this post is


Which looks a lot like "watch opra" :) so you're subliminally telling people... oh never mind.

And to answer the question,

"ding-dangit": even when not around the kids

"Frankly": because it's more true than saying "honestly" or "to be honest" - that's just a pet peeve of mine. People say "to be honest, blahblahblah" and it just makes me think they're not normally honest.

"for the last time, GET OFF ME!": I say that a lot when I go out. For some reason, women flock to me and can't keep their mitts off of me. I bet that's the source of the MRSA staph infections going around too.


I say the right/right thing do but at in a loud voice. My hubby and son joke that that I am a screeching paradactyl bird and it has become a joke between us.
Dude---have no idea why we say it sometimes but my hubby is from California and it rubbed off on me and I hate it!
When driving I'll say all kinds of cuss words or variation of them, like:
what the fuck?
(think I see a theme here....)
Are you waiting for christmas??

Lately I've been saying to myself 'stupid is as stupid does' when I screw up something and I hate that saying!!!Aaaaiiiieee.


When someone asks me how I am doing I say "Tired. Grumpy. You?"

One that a friend of mine used to say but now I cant stop is "Holy snappin' assholes Margret!"

Douche bag. (a classic)

While driving "Flame retardant asshole" (or fuckstick or douche bag)



I say that ALL THE TIME, and I only lived in California for 2 years.

The other would be Fuck, and all forms of usage therein. I'm like a pirate sometimes, I swear.


Back off Jackson - from my bestest friend quoting one of her favorite movies

Apparently damnit, because my 4 year old just said it when I drank all of his water.

Easy there turbo... recently picked up from someone at work... I say it back to her


My pet peeve: "My bad" I worked with a guy who would be a total fucktard and then would say "my bad" like that would make everything ok.


I try to use all words equally. It seems fair.


Oh, thank God. There WILL be a Saturday Listaholic after all!

By the way, this is the 47th time I've been referred to as "someone" in your blog!


Fuck-every way possible- noun,verb adjective, adverb...etc.

"Don't wanna hear it." That's how I named my blog. Complaining, tattling, what have you, I don't wanna hear it.


Wow. I mean, yeah... I say wow. A lot.




Like. (I'm NOT a valley girl, where the hell did that come from?)

Fudge (my clean it up for the kids version of things)

Frick, Friggin', Fuck - all interchangable.

You're kidding.

Oh, and I say the whole "is it sad that..."

I think that pretty well covers it. Really. ;)

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