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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


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Mr. Fabulous

All in all, it seems that there is much excitement on the Hilly Horizon.

I, for one, am pretty excited about it!


Ooo, those sounds like fun features! :)

Every time I promise myself not to post each day unless I have something good to say, I still end up posting. :(

Geeky Tai-Tai

I'm thinking that 2008 is going to be a very good year for you!

I'm not a MySpace kinda gal, but for some reason I like Facebook -- mostly because of Scrabulous. I would seriously miss you over there if you decided to quit "Facebooking". Still, you've got to do what you gotta do.

Oh, and I'm also fixin' to get ready to start a blog on Word Press, but not until the second quarter of 2008, at the earliest.

Life is certainly not easy, but it sure as hell is interesting!


Sounds like a pretty good plan to me.


Facebook was fun at first, but it's annoying me now too. There's too many senseless applications to keep up with, and I don't have the time to spare. :-(


Merry Christmas! To changing all year round. **clink!**


Cool, lots of things to look forward to!

I haven't regretted giving up MyFaceTwit at all. I don't even devote the time I should to Pseudotherapy, so I have no business attempting to participate in any other communities.

Except Flickr ... where I'm currently addicted to the Name That Song and Guess The Movie groups.

I advise you to wait until the next WordPress version is released, which supposed to be late January. I've got some names I'll send you of people who specialize in WordPress designs/set-ups.


good stuff! totally looking forward to it all. wordpress is great but i also don't know a whole lot. i'm all for redecorating!


OOH! I'm so excited for all of this! I'm on pins and needles!


All good things, to you and your blog, for 2008!!!

Aunt Robin

Great ideas, Hilly! I'd miss you on MySpace; however, I do understand when it's time to prioritize for your sanity's sake. Things do seem to get too complex.

Ditto regarding posting everyday. Blogging can lose a bit of its appeal when it becomes obligatory rather than heartfelt.

Personally, I suspect Dan would haul my butt into divorce court if I spent too much time here--time better spent waiting on him hand and foot instead, I suppose. [wink!]

Good luck with your plans! :)


What an excellent idea--

And so with you on Facebook---


I never got into the Facebook, MySpace, Twitter thing. It just makes me feel old.

I don't know how it happened, but I got fatter this Christmas and I was sick most of the time. How did that happen? :)


I'm with you too on Facebook. I gave it a shot and check on it every now and then, but mostly I find it silly and a waste of time. Besides, it hurts to get hit by a sheep.


I started a myspace thing last year and forgot I had it. I'm getting bad enough keeping the blog updated. But I'll be here for your changes cuz you've got me hooked now. Oh nice going.

Tracy Lynn

I only have MySpace because I have teenaged nieces, and no Facebook, but I love the Twitter. I'm not sure anyone reads mine, but I like having the option . It's like talking to myself, and amuses me greatly.


Atomic Bombshell

That massaging cushion thingie looks faboo.


I gave up on Facebook several months ago. Mainly because I was hooked on that tv trivia game and I was a loser with a large L. (Okay, that's not the main reason, but seriously, I don't need that time-waster!)

Sounds like wonderful changes in store. Why can't I come up with some cool ideas like this? Why? Oh, yeah... 'cause my name isn't "Hilly". *sigh* You really ARE the queen...

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