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Friday, January 18, 2008


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Very cool.


that's pretty awesome!


I've seen this meme floating around and kinda ignored it, but yours is pretty rockin'! :)

y not i

That makes a cool album cover.

I just did this over at Avi's site. My band name was Moses. I redid it here and my band name was BYS (which stands for Bust Yo' Shit). I like this one better.

Interestingly enough, the album title was the same both times: Actions Which Bring Results

The cover I got this time looked like a Middle Eastern sniper. Uhh, no thanks (though it does fit better with the band name)


This is Amazing!

I am:

Flat Brook
"Because I get angry"

very cool! :-D


Sue and Sizz: Thanks! I got lucky with the photo.

diane: You know what is really crazy? My maiden name is Jones so this really rocks it!

Y not I: I think I like BYS better too! Some of those pictures you can't save because they are protected...maybe the sniper was too? LOL

Bully: Oh my heck...that pic is perfect for "angry"!

Eileen Dover

Uhhh. My band name is "Death Erection".



This is a great album - it's like K's Choice or Liz Phair or something.


My band name is Alin Bota and the title of the album is That Plays the Devil.

I forgot to get the url of the pic but it was a country scene, with a long and winding dirt road which, apparently, is the one the Devil takes to go home.


Very cool album cover. I still need to get around to doing this one myself.


Awesome. I think Eileen's "Death Erection" is the best band name I've seen so far, though.


I LOVE the way you did this meme... mine read: Algebriacally Closed Fields -- "No one ever listens"

Pretty bang on, eh? :)

Miss Britt

Best "So Cool It Could Actually Be Real" one I've seen so far.


I just remembered that I did this right after I saw Karl's, and never posted it! Got busy Twitter-lurking and forgot.

That's right, I lurk on Twitter.


This is very cool. Thanks.

My band name is "Catfish"
Album name "You have begun it"

but the damn photo is a Frangipani - I hate those things!! LOL


This is cool!

My band name is Tessarine and the album is called "Don't Need Anything Else." But my cover is of a hand holding an apple (not very exciting).


These are fun :) Real bands should do this! It might end up making as much sense as some of the album covers I have seen!


I like my creepy doll face on mine, but I think "Death Erection" is probably the BEST band name I've EVER heard!!


I've been seeing this around and will have to give it a try. Very cool!


cool album cover!!

Gary LaPointe

I've got mine up! The first album from "Asbestes Strike"!!!!


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