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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


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Thanks for the love Hilly, first off...

I could definitely take a page from your book, and I'm with you all the way on your changes - some of which I'll be walking right beside you on!

Also? Plumparella McLazyAss Junction? *snort*


Damn girl, you have a HELL of a lot of goals, lol... but good for you! I love the fact that you lost weight over the holidays - that makes one person in this world ;)

I had no idea you had a tv blog - I'm SO there! Hi, my name is Erin, and I'm a teeveeaholic! That shoudl be my opening line to everyone I meet, because I am forever saying things like "Did you see "insert show here" last night?" My friends make fun of me for watching Big Brother till 3am on Showtime every single night and waking up at 6am to see a special guest on a morning show. It's too much for me sometimes and even I have to turn off the tv sometime, lol.

Anyhow, good luck with all of your goals and I hope you achieve them all! Now, I'm off to visit your tv blog!!!


I'm trying a variation on the same friendship theme - changing my relationships with the people that bring me down and trying to be a better friend to the people that don't. It's difficult for me because I always want people to like me, so pushing the negative nellies to the back of the bus always makes me think...but what if they get mad at me? It's ridiculous and self-destructive and I'm going to try to not do that anymore. I'm going to stop taking responsibility for other people's happiness and concentrate on my own.


I am totally with you on being a Master of Shit. Power to you for trying to hone in on something! You can do it girl!

You can do it all! :)


On finding a hobby or skill or something. Here is my advice, you don't really have to rock the world at it. You just really really need to love it. Or it makes you giggle hysterically when you do it. My take on it for what it's worth, which is not much.)

I don't think everyone rocks the blogosphere. I think there are some piss poor writers out there and it's totally underrated as a skill. So don't sell yourself short. (My two cents.)

Big hugs for great goals.


you say that like sucking cock is a bad thing... ;) kidding. great post and way to take 2008 by the balls and show it who is in charge! more power to you, my friend.


There are far worse things in the universe than being a Jill of All Trades.

For example, you could be really, really good at one thing, and that one thing could be being a self-destructive pop starlet like any of several I could mention.

UBU in '08, Hilly, and it'll be a gobsmack of a year.

Southern Sweetheart

First off, I love reading you. Always sassy and brassy and I can relate on so many levels it's ridiculous. I need to drop the dead weight friends too - I've always been the one not to want to hurt anyones feelings - but I'm finding that others don't reciprocate that and so why in the world do I tax myself for them? Really.

Photography is on my list too - I've got the loaded MacDaddy camera too and need to learn all the bells and whistles!

And about that TV watching -- guilty too. Is there a support group for this????


All of your plans for 2008 resonate with me. I am also a "dabbler" who needs to focus; I am also in the process of getting healthy (and having some success, I'm happy to say!); I love photography - my camera isn't fancy, but it gets the job done. I am, however, also a procrastinator - I have several half-finished needlepoint projects, a barely started baby blanket I'm crocheting in the shell stitch, all my paper-making supplies are still packed in boxes, as are the card-making supplies, and I'm concentrated on launching a blog, as you know. But the MAIN thing I agree with (and especially with Lisa's comment, too) is that it's time to off-load the deadwood. I'm tired of being around negative people who try to bring me down with them; I'm tired of the psychic vampires who suck the energy out of you and then leave you in a heap; and I'm tired of chasing people for affection. I'm another nice Nellie, who wants everyone to like me and lives in fear of offending anyone. But I don't like everyone I meet - why should everyone like me? And people offend me all the time and don't seem to care a whit. So, I need to address this issue big time, and sooner rather than later. Judging from the comments, I am not alone, and that's comforting. So, onward and upward! Maggie-beth


;) Thanks for the compliment! But, I think I need to point out something important about mine anyway - the painting is something I basically HAVE to do. It's hard to explain, but it's sort of like eating... go long enough without it and you die, or go insane. Generally it doesn't pay well, and very few people respect it (art is disreputable to so many.)

I have hobbies like the novel I am writing... or that damn scarf I have been knitting for over 3 years now (oh, how I wish I was kidding,) but the painting is a whole other animal. And it can be a real pain in the arse. It's my guess that everyone has one of these, in one form or another... you just have to realize what yours is (Mr. Savy's is his darn rocket science, for example.) You have your mad skill, you just need to embrace it.

As for the photography, that is a hobby/paying portion of what I do too (I make decent money off my photographs which I don't show anymore, but should I suppose... but I'm not driven to do it either.) A friend pointed me to here : www.dpchallenge.com I need to learn my new camera better, and this is a good motivator to do so. Just an idea if you really wanted to pursue photography. ;)

As for the people who bring you down... I say you go all Titanic on their asses, and leave them to go down with the ship while you get off, Molly Brown style. ;)


You're going to get a new car too?? Holy crap, that's a lotta stuff!


Wahoo - those are some awesome goals. I, too, am in search of a hobby - something that makes me happy. We can be hobby searching buddies.

I think 2008 is going to kick ass for you. And hopefully for me too...


Gumption does seem to be the keyword for the Year2008. I am wondering where I put mine, in all the moves....do i still have it? Do I need to buy a new Gumption? Is the old one outdated anyway, and up to the task?

I used to have Horses as my must-have thing. Currently apathy and obesity are smothering that. Riding used to be like air to me, natural prozac or soemthing.

Sometimes I wonder what the heck happened. Perhaps the lack of natural prozac is the problem. Vicious circle, yeah.


I'm already good at one thing.....I give good PBJ...without the P. ;)

You have a lot of goals and I hope you achieve them all!


Compartmentalize - I always say. Not that I can. I'm always jumbled up. Communication isn't my forte.


p.s. Thanks ms Snarkie! You made my day (to be on your list).

Geeky Tai-Tai

I'll tell you what... Metalmom and I are too much alike. Damn if she didn't go and steal my favorite acronym and we're both good at the same thing! ;)

Honestly? I think you're much too hard on yourself. There's nothing wrong with "dabbling" and learning a bit of this and a little of that. I think that's what they used to call a well-rounded person.

BTW, I dread having to buy a car and having payments. That really sucks -- ass!


I'm like the Jill of All Trades, Master of Shit

Dude, in the land of snark, you are like the Shaolin Master with a side of throw down.

P.S. Sizz's comment almost made me soil myself. Are we taking bets on how sloshed she was when she wrote that?


Have I mentioned I love you? yeah...


testostigenes are the best!

i fully support your photography pursuit! you might want to see if there's a flickr meetup group in your 'hood. that's how i started really enjoying photography. there's a great group in chicago with a mix of total amateurs like me as well as professionals.

members just post random ideas for photo meetups, and whoever shows up shows up. very low pressure, but i've learned a ton from some very talented photographers. plus there's usually beer afterward... :)


What? You're supposed to master one thing? Nah. I like the dabbling approach, perhaps because at times I have a short attention span. But I usually don't do a lot of things at once. Instead I pick one thing, like counted cross-stitch, knitting, or sewing, and stick with it until I'm ready to move onto the next project. OK. So maybe my thang is textile arts. And all can be done while watching teevee. Because ya know I'm an addict.

Best of luck in the coming year. Hope you ate your black eyed peas yesterday to help make that happen.

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