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Friday, February 01, 2008


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I hear you some things aren't worth the fight. :) 7 a.m. wow... that's brutal.


I've gotten less combative online as the years have gone by... so I understand what you are saying.


Oh I'm sure you save it up for driving on the highway...


Upside: wisdom
Downside: age

With youth: physique, with age: happiness.
Although I'm condemned to fight the age battle in the gym, the "happy trend" has been pretty consistent (except driving) since 27. Funny, it's about the only thing that's worth more than the other...


You haven't lost your fire, you've just learned to be more of an iron hand in a velvet glove as opposed to a bull in a china shop. It's much less stressful that way and something I am working on too.


BTW: I'm certainly not a rude driver but have occasionally sought efficient travel limited by the physics of my car :)

Gecko Rock

Several contracts ago, my account manager had not disclosed to me that I had to be at the client site by 7am every morning. I called her up and mildly asked her, "Is there anything else you forgot to tell me?"


I still want to come to this TC08, since it's much closer than any of the others. Are there any details yet? I asked to be added to the list... but I don't think I was.

As for mellowing out, I would enjoy it. You have your fire, but you aren't wasting it. Use it when you need it. You know, when I visited AZ they talked about the baby scorpions and the bigger adult ones. The adults are just as poisonous as the babies, but the babies don't know when to go full throttle with them venom and when to hold back - which is why they're more of a problem. (this is what I was told.) You aren't any less sparky, you just have realized that ignoring what is beneath you is a better strategy.

Er... not that you're a scoprion or anything. Much cuter than a scorpion! ;)


Pick your battles, wise advice. It's good for you.


Nat: As I was driving there in the dark at 6:30 am, I almost questioned my sanity ;)

MC: Me too. I was telling someone the other day how I used to be a total drama bitch and flameasaurus rex, but it just is so not worth it now.

Dave: Ha, you know me too well. Plus you know someone will piss me off randomly and soon ;).

Jack: It is most definitely a trade off...I'd like to have my cupcake and eat it too, though ;).

Frances! Can I just say that it is great to see you back???? I haven't read blogs yet since early Thursday and I can't wait to catch up on you!

Gecko Rock: LOL...that was mighty calm of you! I might have actually lost my cool in that situation :).

Kyra: As long as you asked to be on the list, you probably are. I know that last year Jenny sent out the list and if I see it, I will let you know but I haven't heard anything either so nope, you are not left out!

FB: Yes, and right now my battle is with my coffee maker, that mother humper!


Amen! I know exactly how you feel.


I love you, Hilly. I wish I could be more like you.


"...pretty sure that's I'm gaining more wisdom with regard to picking my battles."

A friend of mine taught me to neutralize the situation by not commenting at all. I still have trouble if anyone directs insults at me... but it's true. There's nothing more infuriating for the other party than no comment.


Who schedules a meeting for 7 a.m. on a Friday?

Satan, that's who.


I'm having real fritz outs at the moment. Trying to get rid of them all before 30 hits when of course I will turn into a responsible human being just like magic.


GIRL! I got so excited about your post title that I didn't get a chance to even read the blog yet.

LOVE this song. I used to tell everyone that if I died when I was young, I wanted that song played at my funeral. I know, right?

Anyway. Now I need to go back and actually read this post.

Atomic Bombshell

I don't think you're getting soft just yet. I still see plenty of plenty of "spitfire" in there.

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