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Thursday, February 21, 2008


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Usually when I get that twitch in my gut, I let a horrible fart fly. So in that case, you don't want to follow my twitch.


Phew, glad it's not about the marriage because that was my first thought!
I myself am tired of resentment and ulcers. I'm going to go ponder this on and off throughout the day now...


As long as you know what's up/right for you then that's all that matters. It's none of our business anyhow! But good for you for releasing it and following your heart/gut. That choice is always the one that is right. You have to be true to you! Besides, ulcers and lies and resentment are no good for the skin. ;)


Hey Hilly Billy!

You are wise little Snackie Child. The head and the heart can be pranksters, but The Gut never lies - NEVER. - Last Fall, I had a brief little fling with this girl I'd wanted to hook up with for a long time and finally had the opportunity to get to know her a little bit. The very MOMENT we became involved, my gut said, "self, you're going to be the flavor of the month here and that's all you're going to be...so enjoy it while it lasts." Just about EXACTLY 30 days later, it was over, and I was fine with it - because it was foretold by The Gut.

Happy Day to you! : )


I've found recently that my gut is right. My head can over analyze the shit out of everything, but my gut knows the answer immediately.


You're a woman of mystery, Hilly... but whatever this cryptic post is about, I wish you much luck and hope that your gut is 100% right. Sometimes you gotta trust it, ya know?


I love you, Hilly.
It's a balancing game, IMO, where we are always trying to strike a pose that balances us best-- and while we sometimes do have to follow our mind and be polite etc, being honest in regarsd to how something impacts you is really important.
As for Honesty, yeah, it's nice. Sometimes it hurts, but if we have it at least we know where the bottom is, right? Good luck with sorting that out, and finding that firm footing. (Here for you.)


My gut is not always right. But it makes up for it by always being very large.

But back to you and your situation: A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, Hilly. Let the chips fall where they may.

If those chips are Nacho Cheese Doritos, they're welcome to fall over here.


Hilly ~

I can't help but to remind you as women...our hormones often tell us what to do. Mine often scream we want to visit Ben & Jerry!

ahhh....our gut is powerful....it's wise to listen...i hope everything works out how you wish it to.


I don't know how to tell the difference between my head, my heart and my gut. Well maybe I can tell when it is my head talking.


Wait... does this mean you're leaving me?


I usually follow my guts - it's more fun that way.


You are wise, Grasshopper.


I've been putting off a correspondance that I needed to write because it was "icky." I kept thinking perhaps i was making the wrong choice, or a rash decision. In the end, I do belive in trusting my gut.

After I read this post, I wrote the email. thanks for reminding me that I DO know what's best for me.



"However in the end, when you make a decision then immediately breathe out and feel the weight of that decision completely leave your body, it's a good thing."

I totally agree and couldn't have said it better.


Are you finally tattooing my face on your butt? Sweet!


I am SO glad you made this decision. Seriously, girl, NO ONE needs to pay that much for a pair of shoes. ;)

Diane Mandy

I'm confused.


Wasn't it Stephen Colbert who said that he doesn't need to look things up in books because anything thats of real importance he can look up in his gut?

That's my round-about way of saying "I feel ya."


I used to ignore that gut feeling and ended up making some very wrong choices. No more. That's why I'm keeping the new guy at work at arm's length. (He started at the beginning of last month. My head has been telling me that perhaps I am mistaken and should give him more of a chance.) Something about him just doesn't feel right. One of my other coworkers voiced a similar feeling this week. And when I heard that someone else was having a similar feeling, I have decided to continue to listen to my gut until further notice.


I'm waaaayyyy too analytical to go with my gut on things. I usually overthink things to death before I decide on something. I wish I could go with my gut more though, it would sure make things a lot easier.


I'm not entirely sure that the head, heart, or even the gut can be trusted at all times. There are specific situations where one is the appropriate measurement tool and not the rest. I just wish I knew which one for which instance. That's the tough part. If you figure it out, let me know.


My gut usually gets me in trouble, but it's usually right. I've got some things hanging over my head right now that my gut says are eventually going to happen, but I have a hard time ripping the band-aid off and just letting the que sera happen. It's hard to be brave sometimes.


My heart and my gut are constantly fighting with each other... and I flip flop all over the place. I know I should just listen to my gut, because he's always right... (my gut's name is Frank) but my heart has a smooth voice like Trent Reznor whispering in my ear, telling me to just ignore Frank. And I do.

Or it could just be that egg salad sandwich I ate.


You're not cryptic. I understand completely.

Now you can wonder how I know for the rest of the weekend.


Sorry, it's visible, that you are afraid of your feelings, you are not open even for yourself, you are even animously playing the games in web.
You are afraid of love, your love, you are till this time as a child in the smog.
How strange, I'm the same.

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