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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


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Wow, Hilly: that spoke! First love had me married at 16 (she 15). Lasted a hot 3 months, but I can't claim to not be giving her some free rent in my head decades later. My 16th anniversary is Friday and our love couldn't be deeper, yet I could still use Ghostbusters sometimes. The first was just hard, at least for me.


I think I want to meet your co-worker...

Yowza! My type o' guy!


Yeah, I find myself waxing nostalgic at times, too. And it's often triggered by some little thing, like seeing someone random on the street, or even certain smells.


i'm with you about the better to have loved and lost. those loves/losses help shape us. but damn it can really hurt!

the fear paralyzing? that's oh too familiar.


Funny what evokes memories eh?


Sometimes our hearts just need reminding of why we are the way we are. Sometimes that comes in the way of a familiar (yet different) face, smell, sound, etc. It sorta feels like a jump start, doesn't it? I love my husband deeply, but sometimes, I will catch a glimpse of someone who reminds me of someone I once knew and those feelings of that time with them are right back there in my heart and my stomach. Reliving it in my mind for a few moments reminds me why I am with who I am with and why I am who I am.


There are times when my son is like a carbon copy of his dad in both looks and gestures. It's uncanny and some days it hits me so hard that I want to tell him "Don't DO that!" It's funny and weird how it takes me right back in time.

Aunt Robin

So, if you're gonna take a pass on the guy at work, can you send him to me?

Oh, wait. I'm already married. You'd think after 25 years I'd remember that.

Oh, well. I'll console myself with the assumption that he was probably too young anyway.

...Unless he had that sexy salt-n-pepper dark hair?

Oh, wait. I'm already married. You'd think after 25 years I'd remember that.


Ok...I'm NOT married....he sounds sexy as hell....can you send him to the East Coast??


Oh, I LOVED this post. This is totally a keeper. And I love reading the comments and realizing *everyone* feels this way about their first love, no matter how it ended. It doesn't mean they're your one and only; just that they were the first footsteps on Heart Beach.

Your co-worker sounds dangerous ...


Nice Hilly. :-) I sure am glad I was able to marry my first love, because honestly? I don't know what would've happened if I hadn't. What happened to you, I can see happening tho, and worse. Love saved me.

When I think about my sister, it shows me indeed, the mess life could be without real love.


He sounds ever so dreamy! I simply must get me a black wool trench coat...


I loved this post, so evocative and totally brought back memories. And what you said about not waiting 3 years.. great stuff.

Atomic Bombshell

You're smart to value even the heartbreaks that life sends our way. That's the stuff that helps us help others by giving us sympathy and understanding.


You make it sound like being a goof tard is bad.


Hey! I left a comment here. Where did it go?

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