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Saturday, February 23, 2008


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It must be the sweet sound of Homer's voice... Heh

Kyra Sutra

You're not the only one who doesn't share a blanket. I can't stand to. I make the hubster sleep with his own so I can wrap myself up in mine. To be honest, he's lucky I even let him sleep with me. I'm a terrific bed hog...LOL.


Actually, I think that the two water bottle idea is genius. I have no common sense; but when someone comes up with a great, sensical idea, it always astounds me that I never thought of it myself.

You are such a freak! You two-water-bottle-drinking-bitch you...


Really? What's MY nickname?? :)


So when do we get to hear your's and Karl's lyrical stylings? I'm dying here!


Dutchy: It really must be! Last night he was singing to me "la la la la la lala".

Kyra: Okay phew...I am not alone! I can't sleep unless I am bundled up like that too!

Chelle: Wait, am I a genius or a freak? I'd rather we went with "genius" here...

Adena: Well, whenever I say your name aloud or to someone else, I always say "adene-dena-bo-bena"...every time!

Kevvy Kev: Yeah it was on the fly so I will have to try to remember it, but I know part of it went, "Oh Daaaave, lead me into your Duck Store. When this closet is trying its hardest to leave me unimpressed, you're the best, one shirt from Dave and I'm blessed!"

Miss Britt

I want a nickname.


i don't share my blanket, stop looking at it.


I'm a big nick-namer, too...but just IRL, & they're usually not real nice. ;-)

Gotta go buy a blender for dinner!


My six quirky thing meme would go like this:

1. I don't do list memes

And I do the 'take a song but change the lyrics' thing all-the-time. I have a gift.

Once, I 'wrote' the hit single "Bloated Troll" sung to the tune of Garth Brooks' "Rodeo". It truly is inspired. I think I'm gonna have to record it and post it.


His eyes are cold and beady,
And his wounds leak puss like sweat.
And he'd give half a sandwich,
Not to change underwear just yet.

He likes it greasy-slimy,
And he feels it in his soul...
It aint no gopher, a gnome or a clown,
It's that damned old Bloated Troll!



Britt: I have a feeling that once I meet you, you are going to have nicknames galore!

FB: Uh, I already stole it, so there :p.

Tug: Make sure it's a KitchenAid!

Whall: I'd have to listen to more Garth Brooks...or ANY Garth Brooks, but I bet one of my readers can guess!


Oh wait wait wait...it's the Rodeo song, right?


And your sixth quirky thing would be...

Well, I guess you did mention you're forgetful. :)


Hmm...another quirky thing to me would apparently be that I don't notice when people leave bullet points out!! :)


1. I have problems sleeping. Period.

2. I change my answers on my memes too... I thought I was just terrible at grammar... but realize I simply skip a few beats.

3. Now I really really want to meet you so I can get Hillied for a new nickname! :)


1. I am always fascinated to read Memes. It must be my thrill of the sundry and mudane.
2. When the time comes for me to do them, I can't think of any.
3. So I ask my kids or spouse, who come up with a thing out of the clear blue about me, that I laughing refute!
4. Because I'm a know it all that way.
5. I don't seem to give the answers other people do...
6. But I do feel the almost compulsive need to be Honest about those memes.

I'll have to ponder this, and se if I can think of anything to post for my own blog.:-) I enjoyed reading your Meme-- thank you for doing it, even if you had to alter it after it went Live(like me!) heh.


You should keep your Homer cuckoo clock next to your bed if Homer helps you sleep.

Iron Fist

I am looking forward to receiving my nickname from you in person in a few short months. And then we'll do tequila shots.


Jamie: Actually it would be that I bring dorky to a whole nubba lebba! ;)

Dena-bena: Seriously. I don't even notice it myself though.

CK: Me too! I get so pissy if someone even thinks to look at me silently when I am trying to go to sleep.

Bully: I am so glad that someone else edits live and answers questions opposite of expectations.

karl: Yes dear, that would be oh so conducive to me sleeping ;).

Vahid: Oh I bet I come up with a good one for you :). Shots, woohoo!


Oh I lurve making up songs! I once did an Ode to my Hello Kitty heating pad to the tune of The Sound of Silence... Hello Kitty my old friend!

Saturday is made for sleeping in kisses? Hershey kisses? mmmmm


I wish I had a nickel for every time somebody has been singing my praises!


The Simpsons love makes me warm in my cockles.


RE: #4 - I LOVE to watch TV in bed for a hour or two before ZZZZZ; one of my favorite things. : )

RE: #5 - If I entered my name in the Hilli Vanilli nickname generator, wonder what it would spit out? : )


Bret and I don't share covers either, for the opposite reason. He rolls himself up like a taquito; I spend half the night with my sheet tossed aside.

I didn't know I had a nickname (except for Fruity McCakey way back when). I'm kind of afraid to ask what it is ...


Fig: I think I'd like to hear that song!

Dave: Or a nickel for every time you "sang your own praises", if you get what I mean ;).

Avi: I love it when I can warm a man's cockles.

John: TV snuggle time with my cat is my fave too...I have to know you longer, but you'll definitely be getting one. Right now I am partial to Zenny McZennerson.

SJ: i don't think you have one just cause your name is already a nickname. I tend to call you "chickie-la" or some similar girlie name anyway.


Ummmm. I thought it was perfectly normal to change song lyrics to describe folks one knows. And here I was sittin' around thinkin' that I only needed to go to therapy for the current stress in my life...

And I know that not everyone can fall asleep to the dulcet sounds of the TV but I just can't sleep if there is no TV sound.

I'd ask you for my nickname but then I would feel like I would have to come up with one for you as well. Besides I guess I already have one.

Atomic Bombshell

Some of these I already knew... Guess I'm starting to qualify as a regular reader. Yay!

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