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Friday, February 15, 2008


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Awww...feel better!!

BWT...love the haircut. A little bang-job always goes a long way ;)


holy shitski - 9.2 pounds is awesome (and i believe more than i lost last year combined)... regardless of the reason, i think it's great that you're doing so well... get some rest this weekend and i hope you feel better soon! :o)

Atomic Bombshell

Congrats on the progress toward your goals!


The weight loss? Totally awesome, even if I am totally jealous. You RAWK!


Get better soon. And I never removed Teevee from my reader because I just knew you had to be kidding. ;-)


Oh, so this is more of a 'till next time' and not 'goodbye'.

You freaked the snot out of me!

Which is a good thing because now I won't get sick.

Betterment and get-wit-back kisses,


Rachel: Doesn't it, though? ;)

Jodi: Thanks! It's nice to be heading the right way again.

Bombshell: Thank you so much :)

Shelli: Haha, don't be too jealous! I think I just got lucky by being busy.

Dagny: Yes well, you've seen me change my mind way too many times to know better :).

Whall: Ha, yeah...I meant "Hillywood" in the sense of "fun time Hilly" but I can see how that might come off differently. See? Cold pills make me crayyyzayyy!


Sorry you're so sick, but very glad that Snackie TeeVee is still on the air. Another positive result of the strike ending.

BTW, I love that you quote from Sesame Street. There, that's more carryover from Self Love Day.


Hope you are feeling back to your witty snarky self soon and your friends will understand that the bitchy snark was flu induced.

I've been playing nurse since Saturday when B broke his back so I haven't had the time to comment or join in on the self love for pink day. The good news is I haven't thought about the scale or my weight.

Keep ingesting the drugs and fluids and you'll be feeling better soon.



I was sort of put in a weird spot with the "self-love" thing because I have a history across three blogs of ranting against "self-love" though I don't know if it was the kind of "self-love" you mean but the "self-love" I mean is the kind that excludes regard for other people to the point of obsession so - no - come to think of it that wasn't the kind of "self-love" you had in mind I'm sure so nevermind.

Whew - glad I cleared that up! I feel so much better now.


Okay, I'm jealous of you for two main reasons. #1 because you lost 9.2 pounds. And #2 because you only pee your pants when you're sick. :)


Not to worry dear. One new friend still loves you in all your snotty glory. I can relate to both this part:

"...So I'm sick with the snotty, coughy, sore throaty..."

and this part:

"...The pathetic thing about it is that I was trying to be amusing and clever..."

I've had strep all week, which as of today has degenerated into a full blown cold. As to the other thing, as a rule, I usually observe the 8-hour rule, whereby no matter how insanely good I believe my keystrokes to be, WAIT at least 8 hours, re-read, and see if it holds its original charm.

The first rule of Blog Club is, you do not hit the Post button.

The second rule of Blog Club is YOU DO NOT HIT THE POST BUTTON.

Most of the time, at least a few revisions are in order. Sometimes, it's "Steeerike!" to the whole thing. —

Hope you feel better, Congrats on losing the lbs., and Love from VA.


you quoted the count and that kicks ass


I'll share my box of kleenex with you - it's the kind with the lotion. I've got the plague too and have turned into Wendy Whiner. It's not pretty!


9.2 without even consciously trying??? You freaking rock! Teach me, oh wise one!


Woooohoooooo on the weight loss... but it was fairly obvious from the new pic. It shows babe! :-)

Iron Fist

"...which rarely gains me friends and lovers to be sure."

You needn't worry. Your friends will stick with you even through your sickie-poo times. Get well soon, Hilly.


You look fabulous. I hope you soon feel as good as you look. Congrats on the weight loss.

And... doesn't everyone get a little extra snarky when they are sick? People should be understanding, especially since you are so willing to admit to it.

Goodbye Snackie Snarky booth!


Karl - Sesame Street is sort of an unclaimed gem, is it not?

MB - Geesh, well I hope B feels better too!

RW - You so crazayyyyy ;)

Blondeblogger - Haha, uhhh what do you do to your panties when you are sick?

John - I wish I was riding that zen train like you are. I am too impatient not to hit that post button, but you've given me much to think about, wise one.

FB - Maybe one day I will do a video post with his laugh for you...I do it all of the time. Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.

Lisa - Oooh, the lotion kind is the only way to go!

Kevin - Ha, well don't be too impressed. I think it's just being out of the house and the fact that we're not allowed food at our desks at work!

Dutchy - Again, thanks...it is so odd, but I can't see it at all!

Vahid - You're always the bestest. I'd give you a kiss on the cheek but I don't want to infect you :).

Kim - Only for a day...your fave banner is back cause I want to do a whole new one later on in a few months!

L.A. Daddy

Ack! Feel better!

I, personally, could never get excited about losing 9 pounds... I usually lose that much every time I take a good dump. But Yay! for you! :)

We need to have drinks soon, yanno. We'll make it happen!


this latest flu is so bad friends have likened it to something akin to terrorism. 103 degree temperatures, 4 days flat on your back. Nausea and intestinal yuck. Two in my family have had it, and local schools are reporting 10% plus which almost equals an epidemic.
that said, it does tend to reduce weight. and when it is over, it does feel so much better!

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