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Saturday, February 16, 2008


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You're still trying to steal my boyfriend by having him on your show, aren't you??? ;) woo! I can't wait to hear it, I know it'll be great!


Woo hoo! I need to get off my ass and get my show on the air, too.


awesome, looking forward to hearing it!


OOOOHHH!!! I think I'll log on and check it out! Congrats!


Just wanted to let you know I've been by, catching up (finally)... Happy Anniversary to you and Shawn, love the hair, congrats on the job, sorry about the sickness, can't wait for the radio show, and damn! I missed "self love day"! Maybe next year...

Nice to see even though I've been MIA awhile, some things don't change. Love ya!


I've never listened to a blogtalk radio show, or even a podcast. And I hate chat rooms because I can't read/think/type fast enough to keep up.

I will give it a try, but don't be surprised if I flunk out. It's an area of internet life that I'm intimidated by.




Um--I'm not excited --it's just a silly phase I'm going through ;-)

Mr. Fabulous

And BlogTalkRadio was never the same again...


Will there ever be BTO on BTR in PRB?


Will there ever be BTO on BTR in PRB?

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