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Saturday, March 01, 2008


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Serves me right for not getting over here to play in time because I would have had 6 right!


High School Reunion actually sounds good to me. I kind of liked the first version of that show several years ago.

(They had people who didn't actually graduate together, but it was still a pretty cool premise. It's just tough to really pull it off.)


I didn't win, Hilly-Sue!

Yeah, but whatever...

The only answer I was positive about was #5... and after guessing correctly about #8, I'm compelled to recommend you try Captain Morgan's and A&WRoot Beer (or diet A&W Root Beer, if you're so inclined). It's ever so delicious! Unless you hate root beer, in which case it would suck mightily.


Are you sure the answer to #5 is "Whatever"? I'm just asking because you know "awesome" is certainly known to spill from your lips quite frequently!


That's okay, I didn't want to dare you anyways!! :)

(or, actually...YOU didn't want me to dare you. Bwahahahahaa!)


Sizzle: Oh yeah, you say that NOW....

Ajooja: I must have hated High School a lot more than you did :).

Dave: I think people who have spent time with me in person have sort of a disadvantage in that hanging with me could make more of the choices seem true. I'll try the root beer thing tonight!

Metalmom: Yes dear, I am sure! Believe you me, when you hang out with me or talk to me on the phone...you hear "yeah but whatever" all of the time. It's my way of pretending that I don't care.

Adena: You may be right about that ;). But your panty theory was very good!

Karen Sugarpants

I'm surprised at some of these - like the black panties and letting me run amok on your blog. Like I totally would make you a HSM theme too. Ha ha!


Sugarpanties: I'm surprised that black panties surprise you! Oh by the way, I have a superstition against white panties...I have to go re-add that in!


my problem with the concept of high school reunion is that anything reality sucks balls, in a bad way. like when i got caught with grandma's hoover kind of way.


I loved high school. Second-tier popularity, spending time with friends, no bills, no responsibilities, great shape, playing sports, playing drums, hot young babes everywhere, skipping school to play video games, and classes any chimp could pass.

That was high school for me, and I was a middle-of-the-road classmate. Not "the most" popular, talented, intelligent, friendly, or anything. A lot of my friends had the same experience. It was fun.


I got four right!! Awesome!!


Damn it, I was trying so hard to get them all wrong, and I blew it by guessing two right!

Yeah, right ... whatever. That was awesome, by the way!


HEY! I got 6 right! I only missed 2,4, and 5. I think 6 for 9 is damned good considering I VIRTUALLY met you...what? 2 weeks ago? I should get an extra credit point. : )


Ajooja: I was mostly like that in HS until the end, when I learned about bullshit at an early age as well as cliques and hateful behavior. I just would not want to be forced to live in a house with any of those people!

Turnbaby: You are a rock star!

SJ: Well, you know...being a purist is boring!

John: D'oh! I sent you a supplement quiz but you got number 3 wrong too darlin....hate waffles!


Heh-- I saw a preview for HS Reunion last night, and then I knew I was totally wrong in my guess there! With the premise of that show, and the head trauma to come up because of it? Yeah-- You are SOOoo right. That, and that Lie Detector show, bad ideas, IMO.


I was going to say rum-and-coke but I was overthunk it - stupid brain on cold meds.

Yeah... whatever - congrats the winner, blah blah blah.

Gecko Rock

I'm not a fan of Rum and Coke, but I often put Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum in Orange Juice or the new V8 fruit blends.


I didn't play (I don't know you well enough) but enjoyed hearing the answers... it helps me to know you better all the time!

Atomic Bombshell

Cool answers. I avoid talking about feminism, too, but mostly because I don't want people to know what a total sell-out I am against my own gender.

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