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Friday, March 28, 2008


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Tracy Lynn

OK, I have no idea what may be involved, but I throw myself into the breach. *closes eyes, takes a deep breath* April 6th, please!


Tracy: You rock hardcore! Don't worry, we'll email before the show to get ideas of what you do and do NOT want to talk about! Thank you :).


for reals, being nice is HARD. I've been bitchy all day and fucking reveled in it.
I didn't really mean to say that out loud.


I'm glad you're back on the air this week!


Monty: Say it aloud all you want sistah...I'd much rather just go OFF right now but I'd lose half of my readers for sure!


What makes you think that you'd lose readers by speaking your mind? "Some people" talk about the some real controversial topics and no one runs screaming for the hills. Or is your rant worse than any of theirs? I love to wallow in a good bitch. It's cathartic. sometimes you just need to let the tide you. Yanno?


Give me whatever date you want but not the 25th cuz I think Fab's fucking me, er fucking with me that day. Just think. I'm not even a long distance call...


Dammit! I'll likely be still driving during your show, since I'm going to see the Beach Boys tomorrow afternoon. Never know, I might make it back in time.

This is when I wish BTR was available on the REAL radio.

sarah LivingtoFeelGood

I'm sorry, but I am completely retarded when it comes to this. Where do I go to listen? I clicked on that picture and the tiniest window popped up. If you don't mind, can you educate me, so I can listen on Sunday if I remember. I really want to check it out.

Mr. Fabulous

Are you running your April 6 show at the usual time? If so, I'll make sure I slot your duet during the second half of my show so you can still hear it.

And I join the chorus of people who think you should speak your mind. Um...unless it's me you are pissed at...

hello haha narf

pissed as a brick? i have never heard that phrase before. although i like it, i'm a tad confused by it. i mean, do bricks get angry?

doesn't matter. what matters is a jsut adore you and if you are pissed, then i am pissed at whoever did it to you. because for some strange reason i feel compelled to take your back. always.

the trade show has sunday hours and after parties so this week i will miss all of the btr shows. talk about being pissed! you'll be having fun with dave2 and i can't enjoy it. booooooooooooo!
(have fun for me!)


Metalmom: It's more that I just need a few days to sit on it so it doesn't come out dripping with acid and venom ;)

Winter: When the picky Mickeys are done choosing a date, you are so penciled in!

Karl: I know...giving up all the glory that is my radio show for a concert? How lame ;).

Fab:I forgot about April 6th so I canceled it, lalalala! And no silly, I am not mad at you. Yet.

Hello: I don't know what it means either...I was just trying it on for Hilly Sue cause there is a lot of nonsense when I play her ;). I will definitely have fun for you and go drink and be merry at your after parties!



▪ Go to: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/snackiepoo

▪ When you get to the site, give it a minute...it will adjust to your time zone

▪ In the box that says "Upcoming Show" and the date, you will see a grey reminder button so that you can click that and have a reminder emailed to you.

▪ On Sunday at 3pm, that gray button will turn into an orange one that says "click to listen" and voila, you are in!

▪It is easier to set yourself up with a screename if you want to chat, but if not that is fine too!


If we are doing a naked margarita party during the duets show let's do naked champagne during my show with you!

And Karl--you can listen to Hilly' show over your cell phone--just dial in and you'll be able to hear.

Vent all you want sugar--that's what this is for.


If you give me April 20th that just leaves the Mays for the real laggards! LOL


Turnbaby: Oh yeah, we will have the Naked Champagne Hour...we're like "the Ladies Man" but we're women.

Winter: I'm just waiting to hear back from Tracy Lynn since I had to bump her. She gets first choice and then I start pluggin'!


Hilly that is an awesome picture... you look deliciously evil!

I'm planning on tuning in.. as long as I can fight everyone else off the computer. Good thing I've been growing out my nails.


I missed you guys last week... hope to make it tomorrow!


Go, graphy blog!


Oh I've been looking forward to this event for a while now. Really excited to hear both of you going at it... ;p


I can see you doing Champagne with Turnbaby. With me it will be more of a "Table Dancing with 2 Smartass SoCal Gals Drunk on Margaritas and Smog" or something like that. LOL


Wait, you got a picture of Dave wearing something other than a T-shirt?


So, I've been watching Degrassi: The Next Generation and drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon, playing the Degrassi Drinking Game. Yes, I am 25, don't ask for details. Now I am on revisit all the blogs I read before I lost my shit and moved to the midwest for 2 months. So here I am. This radio show thing intrigues me, I know nothing of it and haven't listened to it, but if you want a guest who will be excitingly drunk on air, well, I'll do it.

And of course, speak your mind! But would you expect anything less from me? Love ya scorpio friend!

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