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Saturday, March 15, 2008


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Not sure I'll be able to be here during your show tomorrow. I'll be at a concert. But I'll definitely listen to the show later.



Uhhh... TequilaCon is SATURDAY. Are you anticipating being unable to function the next day? :-)


LMAO@ Dave

Just plug me in wherever you'd like sugar ;-)


Wow! We are really close to April and May! May 11th. I'll do it then. Mother's Day.....I've been called worse.


If we weren't going to be heading back home, I think it would have been fun to do the show live with all who could be there on the May 4th.

Mr. Fabulous

If you ever need someone, you know you can count on me.

So...MetalMom has never done my show, but she's going to do yours?

She is dead to me.


And I promise NOT to get your show kicked off the air.

I am excited about being able to be on your show and talk about lots of different stuff, since people think that all I am about is sex. I leave the goddess of sex knowledge to Kyra. She really knows a hell of a lot more than me...

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