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Sunday, March 30, 2008


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Thanks for having me on! Hopefully it doesn't get too boring after the first hour when we were grasping for anything to talk about! I don't think I've talked that long in quite a while... my throat's raw now! :-)


Shit, well, it'll be the first thing I do in the morning, that's for sure...listen to the show.

Karen Sugarpants

Sorry I missed out! Listening now... but will probably have to listen to the rest in the morning...


Oh wow, so now I can say I knew you when?!? I am sure the 2 of you were a blast ~ an excellent combination of good people.


Tonight's show was absolutely awesome. It was just the right blend of serious and funny. Even the serious had a kind of fun vibe around it. It was cool listening to the two of you being silly together!


Ha on "throw you under the bus"

It was great fun! Y'all have wonderful chemistry.



I was there too but unable to log into the system. And there was lots of static when I tried to listen. That's ok though...I shall listen today while at work...that will ease the pain of it being a Monday!

Have a good one :)


I downloaded and will pour me something strong and enjoy laters :-)
Monday and we needs the laughs!


I listened last night until I had to put the kid to bed,but it was a GREAT show!! I enjoyed it a lot!!

Kyra Sutra

It was a great show... you and Dave are awesome :-)


I put it on my iPod this morning and you got me all the way to and from work. The best bit of my day! Sorting with laughter while on the bus is always fun!


I got up to the part where Turnbaby called in and my day got too busy to finish. :( Maybe tomorrow!


Totally worth it.

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