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Friday, March 21, 2008


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Tracy Lynn

Shit, I didn't know there was gonna be a test! I didn't study! I would've studied, but I was drunk! No, wait, I mean, I HAD FOOD POISONING! Yeah, I was sick! Can I get a make up test?


66! I could do better if I practiced, I suppose...


I'm afraid to try that countries thing, for fear I'll come off looking like more of an idiot than I do already.


I am still trying to come to grips with the fact that I am 57 per cent likely to eat my friends in a blizzard...
Wonder what kind of sauce The Man would taste good in...


Wow, I suck. This site rules!


I got 48. That's pretty good for being at work and having to minimize my screen a few times!

I bet Dave would be good at this...


I wasted 2 minutes trying to get it to accept England as a country! It wanted United Kingdom *sobs*. I guess my little country isn't worthy :o(
Fun game though! I'll have another go before I advertise my terrible score ;o)



What a cool site--I'm gonna have a cocktail and go see ;-)


I gotta do this when I don't have kids screaming in my ear....I'm kinda geography nerd....


I got 65. I blame those couple of cocktails I had before getting home.


I knew more, but I was hampered by the fact that I don't type so well. So I was too slow. Pretty cool though.


I won't even try the geography quiz - NOT a good subject for moi! The link rocks though! Thanks!


I got hung up on the England thing too! Spelling also got me - it won't accept it if can't spell it. I am proud to say that I'm only 43% geek, though!

Thanks - this was fun!


I got a mere 52. It would have helped if I could spell, type, and didn't insist on puzzling why it wouldn't accept England, Scotland, or Wales.


I could probably only name 3 or 4. I suck at geography.


Wow. 80?? At the first glance, I think I can pull out maybe 20. You have GREAT sense of geography!


Did you know Taiwan is actually NOT a country? Supposedly it's just a Chinese colony or something... I don't know - there's a huge debate going over here on this side of the globe. Because Taiwan is supposed to go back to China or something something.


58 and that's probably because I spent ages typing out 'Federated States of Micronesia' and 'Bosnia and Herzegovina'... when Micronesia and Bosnia was all they wanted. Excuse, excuse, excuse...

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