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Thursday, March 13, 2008


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Absolutely yes!

You are so great!


Geez, thank God you stopped being such a total prickette about all that ... whatever it was.

I just got an email inviting me to be on the planning committee for my 40th-year reunion (!!!). All I could think was, Who gives a fuck about seeing people I had classes with 40 years ago and haven't seen since?!?!


Very thoughtful post Hil. I'm glad I found you and your band of peeps. : )


You hit the nail on the head there. It is and isn't like HS. The isn't part is the part where all the good stuff comes into play, like fitting in. I've been out here in the WWW for a long time but never found blogging until I almost hit on a hot model on his blog in December. Now, I don't think I could live without blogging. I seem to have some really interesting and fun people to read and "hang out" with, altho, I'm still the new kid in class, so everyone's still giving me those looks outta the corners of their eyes...

This was a great post! Really.

Iron Fist

I'm glad that you crossed out the part about there being less booze, because there's a lot more drinking going on 'round here than at any institution of higher learning. PBR in the PRB!

(Sorry, I had to say it.)


You know I've never thought of it that way, but you are totally right!

I mean I don't keep in touch with anyone but one person from high school, and that is an ex of mine that we just recently found each other after 15 years, but no one else. I find that my blogging friends are my "real" friends, lol. I can say whatever I want when I want and we have conversations and they know me enough to hang around. Funny how I would be far more upset if any of my blogging friends passed away rather than someone from high school even if I were best friends wtih the.

Great post!

Diane Mandy

It's an interesting comparison. Big or small blogger, matters not to me. What I think is wonderful is the fact that through my blog, I've been able to meet people from all over the planet. I get to know (virtually at least) people of all backgrounds and situation, that I wouldn't have met otherwise. It's so cool!


I feel more like the blogosphere mimics college for me, but I can see where it devolves into highschool or even grade school... But, like in college, I only "hang out" with people I like, I do my own thing, and I no longer worry much about being 'cool'. Great post.


For me, junior high was more brutal (thank you all girls high school!) and yes, I am sometimes reminded of that here in the blog world. That makes me sad. And annoyed.

I'm glad you've found a place that feels accepting and welcoming. As it should be! :)

(Erasure! Man, is THAT taking me back to high school. I looooved that song.)


Also? Dave's comment made me snort.


Dave: Hahahaha! Your bonus check is in the mail, you ass kissing yes-man, you!

SJ: Exactly. I'd delete an email like that in about 2 seconds.

John: Thanks much! On both accounts, really :).

Winter: What looks? I bet no one is giving you looks! It's always EXCITING to me when a new blogger comes around. Fresh meat ;).

Fist: Okay so PBR bettah not be that drink you keep telling me that you are going to buy for me! I'm not that cheap of a date ;).

Erin: Yeah, I would probably be devastated if one of my bloggy friends passed away too. I wonder if non bloggers think we are insane for thinking this way?

Diane: Knowing people from all walks of life is definitely the best part. I love that I can email with someone in French, chat someone else up when I need advice in their field or vice versa and get to know so many different types of people.

Suze: Yeah you are right about that...in college, there was much more of a choice who to hang out with. I've got some issues where I am pinned against a wall right now so that part is the only real HS part!

Sizzle: That Erasure song was my favorite in college...I used to sing it over and over again, you know, resolving my love for this man in his 20's ;).


Yep. Definitely more like college. High school sucked.


Since I had a pretty horrible time in school most of the time, I liken blogging more to college than high school. Still, I see what you mean. Great analogy. There are all sorts of cliques in the blogging world, just like high school. And there are bullies, too.


I don't think blogging is like High School - for one thing HS was over 20 years ago and I'd like to think that I'm a little wiser now. We're not all forced into a room and told to get along, if we don't care for someone online we can just click the little red X anytime we like ;o)


I'll have no problem to stand up and say you're a prickette... but... um... I haven't caught you yet. ;)

But I've been running around today and thinking about different people in their element. In music, I'm very much in my element.... and that's when I thought of blogosphere. You and Sizzle are really in your element.

Dave's just plugged into the blogosphere, and Fab is just the best blog-entertainer. But I can really feel your personality, charisma and warmth here. Good for ya.

And I'm not kissing ass... I don't think so anyway.

Atomic Bombshell

You're right. Blogging has developed its own social circles and a pecking order just like High School. I wasn't a big fan of HS either, and that's probably why I don't try too hard to play the game now, either.


Maybe that is why I feel like I can never figure out which "group" I belong in...just like in high school. I don't fit in with mommybloggers, but I am friends with some, I'm not single yet a lot of my online friends are, and basically I just read/comment where ever I feel a connection...just like I did in high school (well, hung out with, not read and commented, but you know what I mean).

Not to be your yes man or anything (Dave seems to have that covered), but I do love this post.


I swear girly you've been reading my mind.

I have found friendships that will last the rest of my life through blogging.

I have this theory about why so many of my OL friendships are so strong and open--far more open than my bricks and mortar friendships tend to be. I think part of it is like that line from The Breakfast Club "Why are you being so nice to me?" " Because you are letting me"



Well, I dunno about all this. I think maybe you *are* being a prick-ette about it. The thing with Reunions is, it is something that lets us get in touch with who we are, and where we came from. The story of some people's childhood is where they grew up or the school they went to. In particular, some people spend their adult life contorting themselves into something that they feel they are supposed to be, when in reality, it was in HS or growing up wherever that they REEEEally were themselves. Living life takes you away from your roots, and who you are, sometimes.

If you really don't care about the people you used to hang out with, chat and talk and breathe air with or die(and we all had friends we were thatclose with, in school) then either you have resolved yourself so firmly in the Present there is no more room for nostalgia, or you have distanced yourself from your Past without pity.

We all have moments of wondering where it is we came from. That person in HS who died, and maybe some other ones too--would you love them better were they anonymous-faced bloggers you met somewhere? If you disdain them for their attachment to your Past, can't you have a moment to understand that?

We go to Reunions, and contact friends from our growing up times, to get the full spectrum to the question of our living. It's a full-circle moment.

Hilly Sue

Bully: I have to vehemently disagree with you. Distancing myself from people in High School has absolutely nothing to do with not being connected to my past. Give me a person from my summer camp days or an ex boyfriend that I was close to and I am thrilled to hear from them. I had no real friends in High School. Maybe my experience was different than others' however the people I hung out with in school were snotty bitches who talked behind everyone's backs and backstabbed a member of our group once a semester. Am I supposed to feel nostalgia for something so clearly asshattish? I think not. And I don't care who they are now...nothing about them left enough of a good impression, even 10 years later when i talked to some of them again.

Furthermore, not everyone in my blog family is nameless and faceless. I've met about 25 people and they are as real to me as anything else in the world. So it's not fair to say that I don't have love or gracious spirit for the little boy from 8th grade who passed away. I did not know him so I bless him and move on.

I don't find living in the past to be a full circle thing at all....remembering it, yes? Inviting shit into our lives? No.

It's one thing to tell me that you disagree with me yet quite another to call me a prick-ette. Geez.

Turnbaby: You and I probably have the same theories.

Tori: You know, I don't feel like I fit in a specific category either!

AB: That is why I don't pay attention to any drama too!

CK: It fascinates me to watch people in their elements too...they seem efortless.

Penelope: Good point. At least I can delete assholes here!

Dags and Karl: Okay okay, college then. Honestly it is cause more people are having sex!


I have no desire to see anyone from my high school days. I didn't like most of them in high school, so I can't imagine I'd like them any better now. There's always the chance that they've grown into people I'd like today, just as I hope I've grown since high school, but the negative association is hard to get over.

The girl who was my "best friend" in high school is the same as she was back then. She hasn't changed at all. When we used to get together all she wanted to talk about was "remember when" and you can only do that so many times before you need something more out of a relationship!

I really am a blogosphere outsider, because I don't reach out to make friendships easily. I guess it is like high school in that way. That doesn't have a negative connotation to me, it's just sort of how I am - shy and self-conscious until I know you. Then look out! I tend to have small circles of very close friends. For me it's harder to make those friendships online because it's such a two-dimensional medium.


hill, i know i just met you, but i love ya much. certainly i would tell you if i disagreed with something you wrote, but that doesn't mean that i don't think you are awesome. call it ass kissin if you want, but it is the truth.


OMG you are so correct... in so many ways!

Karen Sugarpants



You're right. Again.

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