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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


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oh that looked like fun. i so won't do it, but it was way cool (stolen or otherwise).


(sorry...i typed my damn email address incorrectly. wonder how long it has been that way. woops.)


(first person to say "first time with a keyboard, eh?" will get smacked. xoxo)


First time with a keyboard, eh? *giggle*

Love this meme, Hilly. I'd do it myself except it would take me about a week to upload all those photos on dial-up, lol.


Wait... what movie is that?


What the heck is a "Hily"?

Oh, Hilary. Never mind.

I love the name of this meme.


Fun!! I did mine too :)


I like this one! I've seen it a couple places but haven't gotten to it yet. Maybe Friday. :)


That's pretty cool. I can't do it though. Something bad would come up. I know it. I'm such an evil baby killer and stuff ya know. All the pics would be of Ozzy ripping the head off a bat or something. ;)


Very cool. So, you're a dreamer and a romantic and a funny girl, huh? :-)


: ) Great job!

I saw this fun meme yesterday but I don't have time to do it. Good choice going with Duff over Hildog (that is Hilary Duff isn't it?)


I love Jane Eyre, too, but really only the 1944 one with Orson Welles and Joan Fontaine.


good answers!!!


Ooh, I have to steal this, too. Thanks for the reminder. And you are such a perfect girl - screw the imperfect bit. You rock.


I'm going to need to steal this one as well. Love the pet/candy photo.


This is a great one! I'm going to swipe it as soon as my blog is all dressed up in its new clothes!


...and now I have plans for Saturday night!


Oh, this is a GREAT meme!!! I can't wait to do it. Hope my pictures are as perfect for me as yours are for you, but I tend to get lame ones.

Lately I've seen so many cool memes. I wish there was some way to credit the clever people who make them up to begin with. No one ever seems to know where they started.


This is excellent! Your pictures are perfect for you, I love it! (May need to do a bit of a steal too, if I get time to)
It's a shame they don't ask what's your favourite drink huh? Missed a trick there ;o)


AM sitting here making ridiculous cutesy noises at the screen (% & 15). My cat is looking at me with disgust. Lovely.


Oh, I like this. And I'm sick as a dog, so it's a perfect excuse for a meme...

great pictures :)


Also, I have a feeling we're going to have some similar pictures, as you know Tori is my goddess, and I have a cat, and Jelly Bellys are my favourite candy ever. I love them so much, we're giving them away as favours at our wedding...


How do you always find the coolest stuff? I always have to shamelessly copy you. What a fun meme!


Pushing Daisies! What an amazing show. Can't wait for it to come back next year...


So, um, is anything accurate? :-)


I am so going to steal this meme!!

Diane Mandy

I've seen this meme a couple times, but yours turned out to be the best I've seen. Fun!


oh good, the perfect excuse not to use words today! :)


I really like this meme. I love these picture memes.

Atomic Bombshell

This looks like fun. Maybe posting something like this will help me get back into the blogging swing of things.

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