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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


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Wow! Heroin balloons up your butt? Vampires sucking them out? Ouch! lol

Anyways, I've had dreams like that..getting up and being able to go right back into them. I think when we dream about the mundane stuff it's just because we have entirely too much on our plate, so our mind brings it to bed with us. Only my theory though..I'm sure there are better ones out there!


Um, seriously, that sounds like you're in my head.

I know EXACTLY what you're talking about, because it happens to me all the time.

Crazy, realistic mostly mundane dreams...never vampire drug smugglers...I only know they're not real because of who they involve...and that's the ONLY reason. Otherwise, I'd think the stuff actually happened.

And, the waking up, going to the bathroom, and the dream starting back up where it left off? Yeah, happens ALL the time.


At least you don't call people in your sleep. A friend of mine called me up at 2:30 in the morning a few months ago...totally sleeping, but carrying on a conversation. Weird. You just have people shoving stuff up your butt. Maybe it's a sexual parable.



That drug smuggler thing?

Totally happened. I was there.


I have realistic dreams like that also. Conversations, finishing stuff up at work, making lists... then days later I realize that they were dreams. It seems to go in spurts. The other day I had a dream that one of my co-workers kidnapped me and tied me up. She was pissed about something. I'm pretty sure that didn't actually happen.


Keep a dream journal. The moment you wake up in the morning, jot down your dreams (in detail, if possible). This will help you start figuring out how to tell when you're dreaming and when you're not.


Where were your dreams during the writer's strike?

Geeky Tai-Tai

For the last few years, I rarely even remember my dreams. My husband? He ALWAYS has wild and scary dreams. He gets up to pee several times a night, and the dream continues. Like it's a movie or something. The other night, he was trying to punch someone and ended up punching the headboard. Scared the ever-livin' shit out of me!


I've had those--stress is a very fucked up little playmate.

Eat something weird----or view Adam's videos--that will give you your funky dreams back;-)

I've got a certain video posted for you today sugar.


This might sound a little nuts (okay, no more nuts than being abducted by heroin dealers, and perhaps your subconcious way of saying that Dusk Til Dawn sucked ass?) but did you recently quit smoking with that PILL? I ask you this because I did, and my dreams are facking wierd! They are no longer about the crazy stuff, but about people in my life and very nearly the type of thing you describe. They are vivid and real, but at the same time somewhat disturbing and difficult to "recover" from. Some of them are hard to pin down as dreams and I've nearly had arguments over them.

So save a spot in that 5x5, baby. Of course, if joining you in your psychosis the only way I'm gonna be a skinny rock star (apparently I am not what Nashville was looking for), then I'm all over it. Besides, it's probably the easiest way for us to do lunch, no?


Well that explains all those crazy e-mails you sent me avowing your undying love for me. I'm part of your dreams! I understand now. ;-)


Vampire drug smuggler....what an imagination! Mine are boring dreams lately having to do with my school or work. And had a nightmare I was back working at the school district I used to work for and that my bithcy boss was ordering me around again. I wish I was having wild dreams instead. Like me meeting Keanu Reeves or some hot hollywood type or mysterious type. ha.


Oh meant to dream analyze you. Maybe you are worrying about dealing with others or things you need to say to them so that's why your dreaming it. Don't know. Hope you get some better dreams here soon!

hello haha narf

i can SO appreciate where you are coming from! many times i have been angry with people for stuff they did in my dreams. takes hours to get past the emotion, even if i am certain it was simply a dream.

usually i can wake up, then send myself back into the same dream. i love that ability!

oh, and i also have some wild dreams (thatnkfully without anal drugs, though). perhaps i will steal this topic for a future post. do you mind?


Maybe you are dreaming those things because in actuality you need to be having those conversations? Sometimes the answers are easy when it comes to dream interpretation. But I am not a dream analyst! It is not among my talents. ;)


Oh, you'll get a laugh out of this. I had a dream that someone wrote something on their blog about me being disappointed in them, which I found ludicrous, and it took me three days to confirm that never really happened.
Usually the more mundane dreams like that are actually something I need to address with MYSELF. When my psyche is clear, then the weird wild stuff kicks in. ;)

Mr. Fabulous

You should really try to incorporate me into your dreams. A little fisting will perk those dreams up big time!

Pi Girl

This is EXACTLY why I sent you that email a while ago apologizing ahead of time if I sent you a crazy thank you note about the party at your house that all the lurkers who never comment on your blog were invited to. I had that dream several nights in a row and would wake up still in the dream (or go back to sleep and dream it all over again). Although, after I emailed you, the dream stopped. Maybe it was just a matter of being proactive?


I have the same kind of dreams. I mean I have the wild out of control dreams that could be movies, and then I have the so real I swear they actually happened dreams. I also get up to pee and then continue the same dream. Interesting.


OK, your comment page is whacked.

Anyway.. if this posts... my dreams continue on too. I had one continue for a full week.

Maybe there is something you are forgetting to do?


Oh, honey... welcome to my world.


My dreams have been pretty blase lately too, which I don't get. What good are dreams if they are just random nonsense that isn't even interesting random nonsense. Except, I DID have one dream that would make a hilarious post, but I haven't yet had the balls to do it.

Dream on Hilly Sue. : )


Aren't dreams supposed to be your thoughts re-arranging into some sort of logical pattern? Umm, that doesn't help actually does it, not with the heroin thing anyway heh!
Try wine, lots of it, works for me every time, I never remember my dreams ;o)


I'd recommend drinking half a bottle of vodka-lime before going to bed... I don't think I've ever had weirder dreams than that time... Though... I HOPE they were dreams... *shock*

Miss Britt

I woke Jared up at 4 this morning.

"Hey! Jared! Jared? Wake up!"


"Are we fighting? Am I mad at you?"

"Go back to sleep Britt."



Must be something in the air. A lot of weird dreams. Now I am worried that rabid chocolate lab zombie dogs are real.


i've been having a lot of very upsetting dreams about my kids lately. bad dreams can derail your day before it even starts.


I've been having disturbing dreams about other bloggers. Like that I really know them for real and that they are really really my friends. Other nights I have the same dream you have about the heroin balloon vampire suckers, but since I am a raging insomniac, I'll take even those dreams, lately.


For the last few years I hardly remember my dreams, only the rare vivid or disturbing ones. No, I take my craziness into my waking hours - I'll think about something I have to tell someone, usually my poor husband, then because I already thought about it I'm sure it's been talked about. Then we get into an argument because he thinks I'm crazy and I think he never listens to me!

OR - even better - I have conversations with myself in my Jeep on the way home, only like I'm having them with someone else. It's like I'm rehearsing what I need to say. Only then I'm convinced the conversation already happened and I feel SO much better because our issue is resolved. But it's not. Yeah. Crazy!


Well, since I am big into dream interpretation, since it usually has to do with us working out our problems subconsciously, I would say you are bored.

I rarely have dreams that seem that real. Mine are really wacky. It's because I am bipolar. Typical for us. But, I do have dreams where someone really hurts me, and I wake up really pissed at them and I can't shake it.

I recommend writing your dreams down in a journal to see if there are patterns. Seriously.


Last night I dreamed I was doing all the paperwork for the Scout Group. I woke up and realised that now I have to do it for real. Dammit.

hello haha narf

you must have hit a home run with this post because last night i had a dream that someone rang my doorbell at 5 am. and i was wide awake, watching the dogs bark while hiding under the covers so that they couldn't see me if they looked in the window.

might have happened. might not.

regardless, i blame you! :)


I had a go at my husband this morning thinking that what he had said to me in my dream had actually happened. I swear to you it was SO real. I was sure he had said it. And as for the vamps sucking heroin-filled balloons out of people's butts. I hear ya. ;)

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