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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


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Karen Sugarpants

That's COO. I get it, but haven't felt obligated since I opened KS. On TB I felt like I had to blog - now I don't really care. I throw whatever I feel like out there but I'm way more guarded than I used to be.


I think most of us have felt like this at times, and the best thing is to take a breather. After all, blogging isn't life.


Good for you! Always remember: It's *your* blog, and there truly are no rules, no matter what anyone says. :)


I agree that blogging should not feel like a chore.

Enjoy your break!

Miss Britt

This is where I'm supposed to be all supportive and say "do what you gotta do", isn't it?

But.. um... well, just so you know? I would miss the shit out of you.


Bloggin shouldn't be a chore or joblike... unless your getting paid for it. Not every day does a blog post require... so taking a few days off is no big deal... especially since the blog is supposed to be about you... taking time away from it is about you too...


Enjoy your break! I hope it will help get the creative juices flowing again!


Don't worry, we'll keep the seat warm for you. There'll always be ONE of us idiots around when you get back!:-D


Uh oh - you might be in danger of losing your role as the head of the Snackie Mafia! They'll put a hit out on you at any sign of non-blogging!

It's time to go to the mattresses!


Enjoy the break. It's well deserved. I hope you come back with whatever strikes your fancy. And it will wow me -- honestly this is one of my favourite blogs. I'd rather have a bit of Hilly once in a while than no Hilly at all.



I agree with Neil. We all get too hung up with our blogs. :)


I hope you're not gone too long!

Are you still going to do your radio show though?


We'll be here when you get back. {{{hugs}}}


You do what you need to do, babe. If anyone can relate to needing a hiatus, it's me. Course, I hope you don't stay away for MONTHS.


Well, as I always say: You gotta do whatcha gotta do girl (or in Dutch: je moet doen wat je moet doen)!



Hmmm. I understand..I do. But please don't stay away for long..because that would truly suck! I look forward to reading your blog everyday - with no Hilly a.k.a "Snackie" I would be devastated. Not that this is about me...but you know... :(


You know that I understand how you feel.



What's this WORLD COMING TO???


Enjoy your break. I've been super super lethargic myself. I just can't get myself back up to normal blogging routines. Besides, the trip planning, the spring, the walks in the rain... it's keeping me way too distracted to blog. It's not the same when it's freezing cold outside to keep us indoors happily engrossed with wordy conversations.

I'll miss ya... but I'll be here when you come back. I say you'll take 3 days max before you blog again. LOL ;)


Oh, that feeling of resignation and of duty to post a blog entry... oh, I've been there way to many times to even count.

Code orange/Red is a bitch.


I love your blog! You write about who you are and what you think. That's what makes me read blogs! I don't like gimmicks or any of the other stuff, I want to see the person, in all of their colours.
If you do take a break...please come back soon :o)


I want to be selfish and grab hold and refuse to let you do this but understanding is me. I second Miss Britt - I'm going to miss you.


I am on break too. I have to hide from guy who conned me. I am burned out, and I completely understand. We are with you girl, just don't disappear completely!


I feel ya. I can't decide whether my blog is more of a source of joy or pain. I guess it depends on the day. Enjoy your chill.

Love from the Right Coast.


yep, step away from da blog chica, you just needs to unplug a bit, we'll all be here and i promise not to go through your underwear drawer too much while you're gone.


Some days blogging totally feels like an obligation that I want to be rid of. It's hard to balance writing for yourself and writing for your readers. I think when you have a sizable following, you start to naturally feel connected to them and sometimes that connection can lend itself to a pressure to not let anyone down.

Maybe I am just speaking for myself.

Taking a break is a good thing. I hope your time away is rejuvenating!


we all go through this.. blogging is totally a cycle.. full of ups and downs and fuck its and love its etc...

Aunt Robin

I had a perfectly terrible crisis day in my life recently. I tore down my blog in an impulsive reaction.

Mostly I don't miss it. And sometimes I do.

Far better to take some time off. Once you click that "delete" button, it can't be undone.

We'll see you when you get back.

...and miss you until then.


Wait--I said I wasn't a Pollyanna ;-)

Seriously that's what is so fucking awesome about Readers---when you feel like posting I'll know.

I don't post everyday--although I've been doing it recently because I've had the desire.

I totally understand the desier not to put out shit--and that takes time and effort--shoot I am such a dork that little piece of fluff I did today took me an hour LOL. What--I had to pick words and do colors and stuff*giggling*

Do what you want sugar--get you some happy. Smooch

Coffee in Kits

I completely understand. Take a breather! You shouldn't even have to explain. If your heart isn't in it, it would be foolish force it.
Hope it's a little pick-me-up when I say to you that I love stopping by your blog and will continue to do so in the future.
See you back here when the time is right...


I know exactly what you mean. I am considering packing the whole thing in myself. Enjoy your break and take care.


Have a good break. Been there, done that, you'll see it feels great :)


I think all of us go through this. I've always felt better when I take a little break. You shouldn't feel like a slave to your blog, or feel like you have to force an entry. If it feels like a chore then you should walk away, take a deep breath and come back when you feel refreshed. We won't go anywhere...we'll all be here when you are ready to post again.

Tracy Lynn

Do what you need to do, poodle. I'm pretty sure we'll be here if you return. :-)


I hope your time off is as liberating as mine was! I almost packed it in also; instead I took time to reflect and decide to just blog how and when I want to. You have to do what's right for you! I'll miss you, but I'll be here when you decide to come back. If you don't, there's still email!


Take your time. We'll be here when you decide to return.

Cissa Fireheart

Go do what you need to do to feel better, or to be re-inspired.

We'll all be patiently waiting for your return, hoping you are ok and stuff.

Everyone needs a break now and again. See you later :)


While I hate to see you go, I totally understand. And I back you up on this decision. Come back when you feel ready. We'll still read.


*Sniff* I'll be here.


Having just come off my own little break, I totally understand. Sometimes it just takes a little bit to re-program and re-prioritize life stuff. Fuck Yah! :o)


I think this link might help you through any tinge of guilt and/or obligation you might have about NOT blogging at this point.


I'll miss reading you but take care while you're "away."


You are not alone sister. I've been there/here too. Take your break, get refreshed, dream up some fresh new ideas and we'll see you when we see you! Have fun!!!


We all need breaks sometimes. I just took a month off earlier this year. Things were so sucky in my life I had no energy to give the blog. Plus I had been doing it so long, I felt stale.

Take your break and when something comes along you cannot resist blogging about, you'll know you are getting ready to come back.


Dude, if you don't take a three month blogging hiatus from time to time, you're not trying hard enough (does that even make sense?).


Look at me. I've got a patent on sporadic posting, hell, I invented that shit. Trust me, you haven't lived until you've neglected your blog for at least two weeks. It's like cheating on the internet. So wrong, but so right.


Yeah what everybody else said! I totally get where you're at. Enjoy your break!

Kyra Sutra

Trust me... I totally understand :-)


A sabbatical from blogging sounds like a good idea. A chance to refocus, refresh and reframe. Hope this time away is good for you Hilly. I'll miss you :)


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