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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


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Why are people such douchebags? It makes my heart so bitter. I try so hard to look for kindnesses just so my spirit doesn't shrivel up and die. I try to put good out in the world to combat the douchebaggery but damn if it isn't a challenge some days.

Can't wait to see the new 'do!


There is a special inner-circle of hell for people like your landlord and Mrs. McCunty. Good luck with all that.

All in all, I think people need to just be nicer.


I don't have as much trouble with people being asses on their own blog as I do with flame wars in someone else's comments. I don't care what your backstory is, or who said what first, show some respect for the person whose space you're visiting. Take it to email!

We need to start The United Brotherhood of Beneficent Bloggers. Our motto could be "Be nice or be gone."


Oh, a new haircut for you too? Can't wait!
Aside from Sizzle, landlords are just evil. Good luck.

Kyra (savy)

Sorry your landlord is being horrible... it's like the never ending condo from hell story. Yeesh.

Miss Britt

Ah sweetie - the best you can do is pretty up your own little corner of the world, ya know?


The more I schedule things, the less hectic life seems, which is the opposite of what I thought it would be. I guess most of my hecticosity is coming from all the unplanned things, and the crisises I create by not having done something.


"chaps my chooch" has just become my new favourite saying - I never heard it before and I LOVE it!
Good luck with the scheduling, if it's any consolation it does make the week go quicker so it'll be the weekend before you know it! ;o)


I'll try and listen tonight... but I have to agree with you on the way people act now days... it's driving me nuts!


There's no call for being an asshole...ever. Sorry I won't be able to tune in tonight. I'll be over at Adam's playing the Wiiiiiiii.

hello haha narf

i will SO be there tonight in the chatroom. looking forward to the show.


I can't wait! I will be in the chatroom ready and waiting! I get to be his guest next month, and we already have a slew of totally inappropriate topics (just based on yesterday's blog post alone!).

See you tonight!!


I'm not sure who is in bigger trouble... you did manage to get me slapped with an "adults-only" tag last week.

"Hey fags!"

Marty Mankins

No excuse for anyone to act superior than anyone else. One phrase I've always embraced was "At the end of the day, we are all human" Wish the gold-wearing freaks of the world would live by that when dealing with others in the public.


I can't believe C. McWhoreface is still in your life! UGGHH! Hope the x-landlord pays up soon. It is always the people who can afford to pay that don't or make you work for it just because they can and the longer he keeps his money the better for him.

I see verbal abuse every single day in my office and it takes every ounce of self control not to tell these bastards what I think of them.


I smile every time I read Cunty McWhoreface, best nickname evah.

Iron Fist

Jeez. I need to check my feeds before I check my email and start making phone calls. I'm a dork.


The whole superior attitude people are the ones who stuck it to me (sorta) this week. My rants against them are what got me in the hot seat. I hate sucky ass people who have nothing better to do than think of ways they can be mean to others. What a waste of flesh.


Okay, so I'm like a day behind everyone else, but the thing that steams me, is that "things being tight" should have NO effect on your deposit. The deposit should be in an interest bearing account for the duration of your lease. He's not supposed to spend it on hookers and coke and then not have any money when you move out. At least that is the law in Texas - you should look into it. Let me know if I can help in any way (may as well put this law degree to some use even though I don't practice in CA). Good luck!


Whoa, look at you going all Jack McCoy on his ass. Who drives a Lotus and can't refund a deposit?

If you guys win, he pays your legal fees, right?


We had a horrible landlord in our last place who actually sent debt collectors round to our place to collect our rent which was supposedly two months overdue. It turned out to be an error with his bank. Did he apologise for putting us through hell? Not for an instant. Hope it all works out with your former landlord. I don't understand why some of them have to be so nasty

Atomic Bombshell

Here, here. (Applause!) Thanks for standing up to ask to see a little more kindness. I crave that, too.

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