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Monday, April 07, 2008


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Amen :) Glad you're back and seemed to have found some balance..it takes a strong & humble person to be able to see those kinds of things and be able put yourself back where you need to be. Bravo.


Very wise decision. I was reading some of my old blog posts a couple of weeks ago, and noticed how much more fun it used to be. How I truly was writing just for myself, and was thrilled to get even 2 or 3 comments. I miss that simplicity, and am trying to focus on getting that peaceful, easy feeling back.

There's no award for Best Drama in the blogosphere.

Miss Britt

Applauding wildly.

(And of course, taking notes and writing personal post it reminders.)


Yeah, it can take over your life quite easily. I'm still trying to find that balance. I'm better in that I don't always blog on weekends and I try to restrict myself to times when I'm not with Katie, but still... yanno?

Kyra (savy)

Yep, I'm there too, seperating bloglife/netlife with real life. What a pain in the butt! But last week I found I loved being "free" again. So... I only have to choose to be that way and unplug. I think once I graduate I'm going to have a lot less reason to be glued to the computer all day like I am now.

And gardening... I need warm weather. I'll blog about dirt then. :)


It's difficult to walk away when you become so involved with the online lives of others, but sometimes you just have to. I'm finding it easier and easier to cover my ears and take the la-la-la-la-la route now-a-days... for better or worse.



One reason I've completely stayed away from what's occurred over the last week - I have enough personal stress in my life. I don't need blogging stress too... it's not that people don't matter, and I don't have an opinion about what's been happening, I've just chose to ignore.

Makes me feel better anyway.

Glad you're back and I hope to see less of you as you keep up with your new regime! *smiles*

Mr. Fabulous

Wise words, my diva-licious friend!

You so fucking rock in so many ways.


I revel in stress usually and I love drama, but this week has just been too much. I don't blame you one bit.


Spending time away from the computer makes me feel great. All weekend during the winters I would sit at my desk. This weekend it was finally warm so I spent a lot of time outside, or just relaxing, and only a few hours with the computer - AHHH, so refreshed!

I need to slow down to read blogs too. I usually whip through them so fast because I feel like there are so many and I get stressed out just looking at everything I need to read! Ha ha.

I feel guilty... because I have been angry lately. But I am not mature enough to keep my mouth shut when someone is bother me. Someday.


Amen to the peace movement. My head is still reeling from everything this past week. People just need to take a breath and calm the hell down.

Glad you're back, baby.


Balance in all things is hard. How did my boss put it, sometimes you realize you don't have to keep all the balls in the air. You can choose to put some down.

(Glad you back.)


Evidently I put the grammar ball down.

Should say "Glad you're back."


good for you! It's all about balance.

Diane Mandy

Welcome back! Post once a day or once a year... I'll keep reading. Good for you!


Welcome back. Glad you're feeling better. Isn't it funny how blogging and simultaneously losing your grip on reality can leave you feeling spiritually bankrupt? There's a lot of it going around lately.

Marty Mankins

There are times in life when you really have to stop, take note of what's going on in your life, then do whatever you need to do to get back some sanity. As NAT and JODI put it above, it's a balance. And it's hard, but people that know how to throw it all together will manage those times well.


Just as an addendum, thinking about something Bombshell brought up...I don't believe in a blanket statement either or that you can always throw your peace sign in the air like you just don't care.

Sometimes you totally have to fight but it really needs to be worth it!


Just want to say... Thank the holy heavens you're back. Life is so much brighter with a Hilly in it!


Amen. My peace sign will be up in the morning. I can't way to see you. Less than a month!


Breaks clearly help you re-evaluate things...glad you are putting yourself first and thanks for your continued use of the word FUCK, I will never ever get to read you at work - ever again. :oP


Good to "hear" from you.

As some wise person(s) said, moderation in all things. It's all about balance.


Rock on, Hilly. Awareness is the key... and you took some awesome steps in the same direction. (BTW, in no way do I mean to sound condescending... it's just that I've done the same damn thing so many times that I can't even count.)


Er, that should be "right" direction. My brain is still processing all the blogs I've been reading for the fundraiser!


Gosh, you write SO well. Dearest girl, VERY smart decision making on your part. Drama is like termites - it eats away at the underpinnings of your life, and then always makes you feel so dumb when the house falls down and there you are, looking at a bunch of little buggy things.

Peace within is your most precious commodity - guard it.



Makes perfect sense to me! How'd you get to be so damn smart?


Years and years and years and years and years and years of fucking it all up ;)


Glad you are back. It is so hard not to get wrapped up in all the drama. I'm going to spend my days at work with my fingers in my ears singing fa-la-la-la-laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Peace Out!


Nothing like a break to put things in perspective. I enjoy blogging more when I don't feel pressured to post. So I'm going to take a leaf out of your book and take my time with it. I want a piece of that peace!

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