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Friday, April 18, 2008


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Great googly moogly! I'm soooo excited, I'm wriggling in my seat. Wait. Who left that toy here? Heh. I'm really looking forward to Sunday now. This totally makes up for almost being karled. Thanks Hilly!

Marty Mankins

Damn. If Jestertunes was half the fun Hilly and Winter is going to be, I can't wait.

How popular does your blog have to be before you can be a guess on Snackie Radio? I've met Dave.... that's got to help.

Marty Mankins

oops.. That should be "guest" above. Damn alcohol.


I'm going to listen but may not hear it until later due to the time difference in Oz. I caught your last show and really enjoyed it. Hope it all goes well.


I can't wait wait!! Winter ma girl!


Are you saying that Dave is actually Winter?? Did you just reveal the blog scoop of the century!? AH HAH!!! I knew eet!!


Haha, um yeahhhh...that's what I get for copying and pasting from my last show announcement while doped up on cold pills!




Winter: And *I* am excited to have you!

Marty: Bwahahaha, it is not about being popular but more about being willing to be on the radio of craziness for an hour! Shall I sign you up, huh huh huh?

Abs: I hope you are there and aren't kicking my ass ;).

RW: I like to do the big reveals on Saturday, of course! Seriously though, thanks for pointing that out...can't believe no one else did.


Selma: I am glad that you could hear it at whichever time :).

hello haha narf

when i thought it was airing at 3 my time i was bummed, but i think i should be able to catch at least part of the show. i just love winter. she's wonderful. should be a terrific show.


Will it be alright if I possibly do the show next week live from a softball field in Champlin, Minnesota? I just found out that my daughter has a tournament next weekend. Sheesh. They haven't even had a practice yet. lol It's likely that the tourney will be done by the time you need me, but I may be on the way home. Good thing that God created cell phones, right? Then the next weekend TequilaCon, Baby! I can't wait.

Marty Mankins

Ok. One of these days, I'll get penciled in for a Snackie Radio show.


holy crapballs where hath I been?

just clicked my way upon you....and you make me LAUGH!

off to blogspore.

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