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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


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Ms Batman

My dream job? Anything that pays $64 million a week. I want to work 2.5 day and retire. Baring that, anything that gets me behind a camera. Photography.


I don't really have a dream job, but there are a couple I'd like to try... if they paid better.

I'd like to teach Anthropology to high school students, or design, and set up, museum exhibits. Obviously both jobs are something I could do, they do exist, but I'm not interested in going back to school to do whatever I need to teach.

My job now is accounting-ish. I like it because it's flexible, laid back, and I really like my boss and coworkers. I don't like it because it's a bit boring, and not at all what I see myself doing for long. Of course I've already been here over three years with no attempt to get out.


While in my job which I don't hate our IT trainer came to the office today. I want her job. The only thing stopping me is getting the money together for the course.

My dreams have re-sized.


I am living the dream where my job is concerned too. I am so lucky that they *get* that I'm a single Mum and need flexibility - they bought me the laptop to make my life easier! I adore my boys, (and recently 1 other girl) and I seem to play sister, mother, wife, aunt all on a daily basis. I LOVE it! I honestly can't believe that I get paid to have so much fun. Even the stressy days are filled with laughter.
Good for you that you found yours too - it's a great feeling huh? :o)


My dream job is the general manager of a minor league baseball team. That's a good 12-14 hours a day of sales, management, preperation, etc. with virtually no job security.

There is no other job that I would put in those kind of hours for. If I'm not going to work in baseball, I'm going to work an easy eight hour day and be home all the time. No stress.

My job right now is stay at home daddy, and it's way harder than any 9-5'er I've ever worked. By the end of my last job, I surfed the internet for eight hours. Now, I barely find a minute or two to get on all day long. Even now I should be doing laundry instead of commenting on blogs.


That is some seriously nice perks there at your current gig. I'm glad you found it! :)

My job is really flexible right now but I am bored to tears and totally not challenged. I think my dream job would still allow me flexibility but not so much on-going people management and interaction. People are tiring me out. And I really really really want to be more creative and get paid for it.

I'm mulling it over. Someday I will find it!


My true dream job? Well... if it truly was a "dream job" then it really wouldn't be a "job". Living your dreams isn't work... really.

But yeah... I want to own my own photography studio... with a successful portfolio of clients and a great online presence. That's my dream.

For a job that I would love to do but would still be work... novelist. Writing, no matter how impassioned you are about it, is work. While I would love to do it... I would know that it is indeed work.


Hmmmmm....dream job. It used to be, well maybe still is to be and underwater photographer and sell stuff to the magazine or do movies. That would be awesome and I love to scuba and travel. I also like the idea of owning a shop or restaurant in a cute seasise town or in Europe or even the caribbean. Or even a dive shop but as I get older maybe not.
My job was a admin assistant/office manager. Now I'm training to be a radiology tech and will do xrays and such or maybe move on to mri's or other. It'll be another year though.
Glad you found a great job!!


Meant seaside town!!!!


Did you get a picture of the pig?

Work life balance is so important. It was super busy at work this week but I loved it. I like what I do but more importantly when I say "Hey, there's a book fair at school and I need to skip out early." Or if I say "Dude, there is a field trip they need volunteers. Thought I'd take Friday." No questions asked. (Also applies for road trips, vacations...) It's a great strategy because the odd time I need to work late I really don't mind. Buys a lot of loyalty. (This is unique to the group I work for, if she leaves, I'll probably follow.)

Ideally I'd like to get paid to just do whatever the hell tickled my fancy and then get paid to write about it. I love to travel but with The Boy, I just want to be where he is. Get a few text books and travel the world... now to find a way to finance it...


Hey you! That is fantastic! I'm jealous. :)
I don't know what my dream job is anymore. I work at home, and I like what I do. There are days when I think that I'd like to be working on filling jobs that are a lot less complicated, but then I think I'd be bored. I'm not sure I could ever be completely happy.


Do people actually make reference to Secretary's Day in the US? Or is it just the Secretaries ('cos they're the only ones organised enough to remember?!)?

I feel similarly about my job - I have an uber-cool boss and I love being a Personal Assistant because it lets me use all my anally retentive organisational skills and attention to detail without appearing mad. If someone would like to pay me quadruple my current salary for doing it, then dream job ahoy!

Other than that, I'd still quite like to be a pop star (a dream job first realised when I was about 7)...probably missed the boat on that one though ;-)


Well in my neck of the woods, they call it "Administrative Professionals Day". I think that the admins that remember and harass their bosses about it probably get to celebrate, haha. I sure didn't.


Dream Job? Writer...though I probably suck at it, I still love to do it. Now if only I could get paid for it.

My real job? Office Bitch.
I do a little of everything...Orders, AR/AP, etc etc...

But, it's a really great office, and we're totally informal. When the boss boss is swearing up a storm, and we sit and yell between offices about tv shows, I can't really complain.

I'm supposed to be 8-5, but with the economy so crap, yo...I kinda just work til I'm done, then go home. Like today, for instance.


I'd like to own my own comic book store.

Mr. Fabulous

My dream job would be Commissioner of Major League Baseball. But they don't return my calls.


I'd love to be Pope, but I'm, not Catholic. 'Sides, I hear Dave has dibs.


My dream job would be to write for a living, whether that be a novelist or - better yet - my blog. Yours sounds great and that'd be the sort of thing I'd need (flexibility) to work in an office again.


I really have no idea what my dream job would be. I love what I do now and where I work, but is it my "dream"? I'm not sure. I think writing would be fun, but I think I'd get bored. Even blogging for a living, while it'd be nice to be paid for what I already do regularly, I have my rough patches with it as well. I've also given up on movie reviewing and am on the fence about book reviews as we speak so those don't seem to be options. Canoe trip leader?


My dream job? Singing. On stage, Broadway, the Opry, wherever. As long as I'm singing something I wrote. What do I do now? Websites and newsletters for Directors in the "most popular brand of makeup today". Not quite in the same realm of reality. Assuming these women are living in reality, now that is a different story.

YAY you for having a fantastic job!


Your job sounds amazing! Are you hiring? Could you hire my husband so he could be home with us more? I think he needs to find some work/life balance before the kids (and I) forget who he is! I appreciate what he is doing and how hard he works but I would appreciate it more if I actually ever got to see him!

I always said I wanted to do the music for movies/tv too! That's really funny. My dream job would be either what I am doing now with more respect...stay at home moms seem to be looked down upon many times. It is hard work raising humans that we will all want to deal with when they are older! (Not saying you don't respect what I do, just venting) But I don't just sit around eating bon bons all day like some people imagine! I am busier/more stressed now than I ever was at my old "real" job!

But if someone wanted to pay me to lie on a beach and test out new drinks or bathing suits or something, that would be ok with me too! A lot of times I hate doing what I feel like I have to do though, so probably even that would annoy me if I was forced to do it. Professional triathlete? That would be fun. But I'm not so good at it, and I'd probably need to be in order to be professional, right? OK, now I'm going to go dream of life I could get paid to lie on a beach in the warm sun.


I have my dream job except for money. Luckily I've invested well all this while so while I'm making less than a lot of people right now I don't actually give a shit.

I get in at 7 AM, make a few calls, do a little scheduling, talk to a vendor here and there, pass on lunch, leave at 3, get home at 3:30, drink a whole lot of alcohol, work on my fiction, break it down, make dinner (every day yep) and have it ready for when the wife comes home.

Do I even have a job? Well I get a check every two weeks. I guess I'm working.


I think most people know I work at the cemetery. I'm the IT geek and I do Accounting stuff too. I've been there almost 9 years. My dream job is to write novels and not have to have any other job. Then I want to sell one and make enough money to buy the megayacht Janie so I can live on it... and write all the time. It's prolly big enough I could have TequilaCon on it. *sigh* Dreams are nice...


I like the Wizard of Oz job policy: "We get up at 12 and start to work at 1:00, take an hour for lunch and then at 2:00 we're done, jolly good fun."

I am so jealous and happy for you. I got my usual $50 gift card for Administrative Professionals Day which doesn't make up for all the abuse I take from your typical *sshole lawyers.

When people ask me what I do I tell them I'm a photographer but work as a legal assistant for the fun of it but, of course, it is only so I can pay the bills. I confess I am an urban dwelling wage slave dreaming of the day I can do something I love for work.

You are a lucky girl. Enjoy it!


I got laid off in February and It thought I was finally going to have my dream job - not working! But it turns out I'm kinda bored. I really don't know what my dream job is. If I had the talent, I'd be a fashion designer or actor or maybe I'd write the next great American novel. Or maybe I'd taste ice cream. That sounds nice.


Oops I meant "I thought." Guess I shouldn't be an editor.


I am very happy in my job. The place I work is very family friendly -- once when I missed something the CEO asked me to do, as I had to get my kids. When I apologized he told me not to worry about it ... "family is more important." (He'd had a coworker take care of it.)

The hours are flexible, within reason. I went in Sunday for several hours so I could take off early Monday.

And I love the work I do.


My current dream job is to own a bakery and be the next most fabulous cake designer. Independently wealthy would be a good dream job too...

In the really real world I'm the office wife for a bunch of engineering types. I do it all, but I get to wear jeans while I do it. I also have a really flexible boss so I can come and go as I need to. All in all it's not a bad gig.


I no longer believe in a "dream job." Every job has drawbacks, and so does not working at all. At least, for me that's true.

I love to write and I love to take photos, but I DON'T like anyone else *telling* me what to write or shoot. I found that out about myself during my years working at a daily newspaper. I also know myself well enough to admit I'd never cut it as a novelist, because I can't even stay focused enough to finish NaNoWriMo. And as much as I love graphics/web design, I HATED doing it for a living.

My job now is the best I've ever had. Even so, I get lonely because of my isolated office (no one can get to it unless they are one of the four keyholders). I do love the work I do, but still get frustrated with people's asshattery. And I am definitely underpaid.

I want someone to pay me $5000 a week to just be on my computer for at least four hours a day. No rules, no duties except that.


What I do now with a salary and benefits. Being self employed is great but there are trade offs.

And I'd like to just be able to write--i need to win the lottery LOL

Iron Fist

Hmm...I should give this question some serious thought, because I sent one of my friends a text message this morning saying "Fuck this job. i just decided I'm going to quit and become a full time writer." Now I need to decide how serious I am.

Marty Mankins

I'm not surprised to be in a comment room full of bloggers that would quit their jobs to write full time. Guess I'm with good company here.

The job I have now is pretty good. It's busy, but I have some flexibility with my time, so long as my work gets done and my projects get worked on and servers stay up and running. I've been with this same company for 5 years now, with the exception of October 2007 to January 2008, when I moved to another company seeking more pay, less stress and more challenges. By the middle of January, my pay was good, but I had new stress and zero challenges. So I used a very tiny window of opportunity (two days to be exact) and returned to my current (former) employer for more pay, less stress and more challenges.

It's funny how it all works out in the end. And I'm writing more, which makes me happy.

My dream job is to write. I've written professionally before and gotten paid for it. Some things in life changed and I gave it up (not what I wanted to do, but it's what happened). I would love to return to that someday and be able to make enough to leave behind a 23+ year career as a Network Admin. That's my dream and I hope to wake up and find it a reality.


I totally love my job. I'm a pediatric nurse in a clinical setting. I have worked with kids in some capacity or another my entire adult life. There are parts of it that are kinda sucky, but most days, I am happy when I am there.

My dream job? Being a well-paid published author. Someday, I need to actually work towards that end. Maybe I can write kids books. And adult books. I would like them both.


I had to come back because I TOTALLY forgot that my dream job is to open a cupcake/coffee/yarn shop. Maybe since I forgot about it yesterday, it means I don't want it bad enough to make it happen?


I do work as a web/graphic designer and I'm happy with that for now. My dream job would be to own a boutique type children's bookstore. This would go very nicely with my dream of writing and illustrating children's books. Now all I need is a gigantic windfall. :o) My shop would be similar to the "You've Got Mail" bookstore...yah, the one that the big box store took out.


I'd love to star in a big Broadway musical . . . if I could sing and dance, that is.

Or I'd like to become a writer. One that gets published and, you know, makes money.

Or I'd love to learn web design and be able to build kick-ass web sites for people with super-hot graphics.

But for now I can't complain too much about a job where the boss has an ice cream truck pull into the parking lot and give out free Good Humor bars.


My dream job would involve the MLB. Anything that would get me close to the hot guys in tight pants with hot buns! I'm a Jersey Girl but lived in Atlanta for a couple of years and became a huge Braves fan. Ideally I'd love to be a broadcaster...you see they get to call the plays ;)

My current job....HATE it!!! I work in market research which I love, but not so much the company I work for. However, I do get to wear jeans and flip flops, etc to work, doesn't matter if my hair is fixed or if I have on makeup. The other bonus is I have my own office with a window. These days the weather is pretty nice so I've been opening the window. It's nice to hear the birds chirping and just the general sounds of spring.

Lucky you Hilly for having an awesome job....you deserve it :)


I'm pretty close to my dream job I think, if I put my practical hat on.

The real dream job if I drop prerequisites that it be possible, would be to just write and play music and invent things.

Atomic Bombshell

That's awesome. I'm stoked for you. I've been searching for a job down in the OC since last August but haven't had any luck. Let me know if you hear of anything else that's anywhere near as good as your sweet gig.


Awesome post, Hilly, and good question.

I'm happy to say that my dream job and my current job match. I love writing. It's all I've ever wanted to do. And blessedly, it's all I do. And I'm eternally grateful for that.


Sounds like a great job, Hilly. Good for you!

Dream job? Not sure. I always think if I won the lottery I would like to have a no-kill animal shelter and rescue animals from shelters that do kill.

In the mean time, I like my job. It's a lot like yours in that I have flexibility, is casual, and if my work is done I can play WoW on the computer at work! When we're busy I knuckle down and get the job done and when we're not, I can leave or stay and play and get paid. I also love my "second" and "third" jobs of being a farmer's wife and partner (and of course, mom)... Guess I just wouldn't mind if life would settle a bit, yannow?

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