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Monday, May 05, 2008


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My question is... will the final transmundanity winner come from all this... only time will tell I guess.


I totally think Karl will, Matt...trust me on this one ;).

Mr. Fabulous

I am glad you had such a blast. It is totally what the doctor ordered!


Thanks for the carpet shampooer kisses - ummmm can I direct them to 1003?

It was just awesome meeting you this weekend!


I feel hungover as though I was actually there.

Karl wins any competition for "Most..." anything. Hands down. Or up. Or... well hands everywhere is appropriate I guess?

Can't wait for the videos.


Hilly, I'm so glad we had the chance to meet. I wish we had more time to talk with all the craziness going on! Glad you had a fantastic weekend :)

Miss Britt

I am in awe of you. How the fuck did you get this much of a coherent recap up already??

And seriously - when can we get together again?


Now that I met Hilly, my life is complete. I can die a complete skeeved out, crotch punched man.

hello haha narf

my only complaint about this weekend was that we didn't snuggle nearly enough. (although my left breast will never be the same after your tongue graced it with its glory.) seriously though, there is just no way to properly convey how much fun i had, largely due to your magnificent self.

much love,


oh, i'll try to get that photo of you dubbing me "in" up on my site. if only i could add a few hours to my days!


I am sooooo happy for you having a blast. And sooooo jealous that Becky got her boob licked by you! I can't wait to meet you in person too sugar.


crotch elbowing is the way i greet everyone

hello haha narf

p.s. i'm looking forward to margaritas tonight. happy cinco de mayo. i'll raise a glass in your honor, pretty lady!


Oh dear one, Britt talked and talked about what a wonderful very cool woman you were this morning!!



Fab: I was really really drunk so I *think* Shelli kept showing me text messages about you fisting me...ahem.

Christine: Yeah those kisses were totally for you and Jan....snorty snort snort (laughing WITH you, not at you!)

Jester: You made it even more fun and you weren't even there! We spent a lot of time cracking up at your audio posts. Yay for our meet-up next weekend!

Lisa: I know this much is true...from the amount of time we did spend together, you and I could hang out all of the time and have fun!

Britt: I'm hiding outside of Adam's house right now ;). I had a 25th wind last night, I think!

Adam: It's The Great Pumpkin, Avi Brown!

Becky: I know...there was no snuggle snack or spoonage, dammit. The thought of margaritas scares me a little but not enough to not be envious of you!

TB: She has the most plush boobs, doesn't she? I cannot wait to meet you too, missy :).

FB: It's my new standard, I think!

Nanna: I'm a bit smitten with her too, I must confess!


I'm deeply impressed at how some of you managed to remain semi-coherent and keep the tweets and photos going all weekend! Just goes to show you guys didn't forget those of us who weren't at the party.

It was a blast watching and listening to you all weekend!!! And the bondage was clearly evident. Not THAT kind of bondage.


Sounds awesome! I can't wait to read everyones stories!


I am delighted you had such a good time. Delighted. I am exhausted just thinking about all that partying!


Miss you greatly already. It was a wild weekend.


It was indeed an awesome time and fantastic to meet you!!!

Needless to say I was impressed of course with not only your reverence in leading the Lemon Drop Grace, making out with everyone outside, but the RUN (and I assure you... you ran) up the steps... that I myself was huffing and puffing after about 7 of them.

Your hardcore for sure!


Looks like a great time. Does anybody remember anything ...at all?

Loved the Flickr pics. : )


It looks like everyone had a wonderful time! I'm glad it went well and everyone is recovering!


DAMMIT! I keep forgetting it's stored the typo of my name.


Oh, god, I nearly died when you all started laughing.
Would you expect anything else from Karl?


Looks like all had a great time - maybe next year...


Just as last year, the stories from Tequilacon sound fantastic and are making me sad I didn't go... I'm glad you had a good time!


It was so great to hang out with you and your sexy voice once again - it's been far too long! I had an absolute blast and am so glad you were able to make it to Philly. Can't wait 'til next time!


I love you, Hilly. You were so fun and funny and you bought me a shot that we did together at TC. It was the second time we did one because we had already imbibed the night before. It was so awesome. The whole ficking weekend was so awesome.

Atomic Bombshell

Aww... So glad you all had fun. And thanks to each of you for sharing the fun with the rest of us!


I'm so happy that you had a great time. The tweets and pics from everyone made it easier to be home when so much was going on.


(Technically I didn't make any of the signs, BUT) I was very happy to welcome you to the AvitaSuite! And, I did choose the sign I wanted to hold which said "I (heart) Hilly". :D


Dawg took video of you and Britt running! I did too, but.. uh, err, I am too short so I missed the part where you actually made it to the top. heh.

Iron Fist

I liked the part where I got to give you your tattoo. ;)

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