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Monday, May 19, 2008


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Crossing my fingers this is not the 15k comment, because someone more deserving should win.


Poppy: Oh it definitely won't be on today's post so you are safe, missy!


I refuse to comment on principle!!!

did i win?


Glad it's not on today's comment, because I don't really have anything insightful to add!
Oh...wait...then why did I just comment? Sorry to take up space!


Sounds like a blast. I like the whole not-having-to-do-anything thing.


15k? Really??

That IS a lot!!

I'm glad for everything that blogging has brought you (and will CONTINUE to bring you!)

Shannon Hilson

How wonderful! Congratulations! It's always so exciting to realize that something you love doing really reaches people.

I also definitely agree with you in regards to the benefits of blogging. I've only had my stand-alone blog/website/gallery for a couple of months, so I don't get nearly the number of comments you do yet, but before that I was pretty active on sites like Live Journal and whatnot. I experienced some of those same things.

It's amazing how much of a difference it made when someone commented to let me know they enjoyed something I painted or wrote, or even just to say "hello" or let me know that they understand what I'm going through. It taught me a lot about myself and it taught me a lot about people. I owe a lot of wonderful discoveries, rediscoveries, and relationships to blogging. I even met my fiance through my first blog on Live Journal!

: )

Black Belt Mama

Wow, and here I was feeling excited about hitting 4000! Congrats Hilly!


Wow... 15,000 comments that's amazing!
I can't speak for the others in your fan club but I love the diversity and honestly. You don't seem to try, you just are.

Congrats on this...


I just feel like blogging has given me friends that are always just a few minutes away... I know I can't physically contact any of you in "a few minutes"... but I can count on you to answer my call when I need you... and I can't say that about everyone in my life...


Dave: No, you did not. But I am laughing cause I *specifically* posted this today since there is no way in HELL we're reaching 15,000 by the close of business, therefore no one would assume I am whoring it for comments ;).

Diane: You're just being a little helper by pushing up the number! Wait, what the HELL is the number?

Sizzle: I figured. We're alike in that way. Hell, not even *I* am making a freaking graphic or anything for it.

Adena: Thank you! I am glad I met you and found a true confidant.

Shannon: Isn't that the most amazing feeling? It's like you're not alone and that makes problems just the littlest bit easier at times.

BBM: Thanks and you SHOULD be excited to hit your 4,000!

Nat: Thank you for telling me that. If I ever become a douchebag who is not myself, please tell me that too, okay? ;)

Tori: Exactly. I wish my real life was as solid as my online life. That may be sad and pathetic to say but whatever, who cares....life is a cycle and right now my real one is in a major valley ;).


Isn't the real prize getting to continue reading you? :)


I, too, start singing parent's just don't understand whenever anyone says that phrase...

I love how open and honest you are. I'm so glad blogging has given you so much, and more. Congrats on almost 15,000 comments. Wahoo!!!

radioactive tori

I think sometimes that my online friends know me so much better than my real life friends. Anyway, I am happy to have met you through all of this and I know we'd be good friends in real life!


That's awesome! I wonder how many comments I've had? I don't know if I can check, since I switched from Blogger to Haloscan and now to Wordpress. Very cool idea, though.


Everyone thinks of cool contests but me. Waaahh! I gotta figure out my Alaric award still.

I has your number now, so if you is cryin' I is dialin'!

BTW... if I win... I want Dave's tiara. ;) *Waits to hear the screams of outrage from blogography.com* Or a facsimile thereof. Hee hee

Lady Jaye

New here but I have to say Amen to everything you've said. Blogging has been the greatest thing for me. I met friends who helped me cope with divorce and I've made friends that have inspired me and made me think. The blogosphere is a magical thing and I look forward to reading more of your posts!


I'm going to comment like usual because if I think about the contest, I'll get anxious and all. Not like I win anything. Well, except at blackjack and bingo.


Carly: Oh you smooth tawwwwker, you are! ;)

Suze: Yay, thanks! Isn't that song just addictive? Once I start singing the first line, I can't stop either.

Radioactive Tori: One of my big goals is to meet you BECAUSE I think that you and I will get along in person!

Avitable: I am the same way with stats. I used to clear my stats all of the time until Karl yelled at me, so I have no idea how many people have actually been to my site!

Winter: Don't tell Davey-Joe but the prize already IS his tiara ;). (or something else better, but let's make him think so, k?)

Lady Jaye: Thanks so much for stopping by! I look forward to having you here and getting to know you better :).

Dagny: Ha, it could be Snackie Bingo! Okay no, cause I don't have that much chutzpah!


I wanna hit that! Oh wait, that's not what you were talking about was it? Carry on... ;)


Like you & Britt, I also think of Parents Just Don't Understand when I hear the phrase "here's the situation." Must be a generational thing. LOL

I feel proud to have been a (very small) part of your blogging experience. I've read you daily for at least two years and comment at least once a week or so.

Lauren Plouffe

holy cow. I want to say that I still love your blog and I read it regularly through google reader and I hope someday that I can grow the way you have.


Hmm, wonder how many I've had thus far. Not nearly that many, of course. Be sure to let me know when we're getting close so I can dominate the comments section.


Wishing you were somehow here again - I love that song! Starlight Express right?

I have only been a blogger since Jan 07' and I think it has given me opportunities that I may not have had otherwise. Congratulations on your upcoming 15,000th comment. That is something to be truly proud of.


Ok.. I feel foolish.. Phantom of the Opera. I knew it was an Andrew Lloyd Webber production though.


I am wrong about Starlight Express. It's from Phantom of the Opera. I knew it was an Andrew Lloyd Webber production though.


Put me in the 15K is a lot of comments camp.


Wow, 15k is a lot of blogging comments for sure. I don't even count mine, ha, I'm a small time blogger for sure. I do think of not blogging anymore but I still like the interaction and reading other's blogs too. My own little piece of therapy with what started as mainly a wt loss blog.
I enjoy your blog a lot....so keep blogging. I know you will.

Mr. Fabulous

Am I one of the three best friends? I am going to need to see some sort of ranking...

And seriously, I will give you or do anything for the tiara...


15 000 comments. Wow, You´re a BlogoSuperstar! I´m just gonna stand here real close and ome of that stardom might rub off :-)


Awesome! I'd read you even if you didn't allow comments;-)


I'm kind of losing interest in blogging, generally. I keep thinking there's something missing from the form of it, eluding me. Like we've all taken it as far as it can go in this direction and need to break a boundary to get it out of the same ruts.

I think it's wonderful that so many good things have come of it for you. That's irreplaceable.

And I don't think we've reached blogging's potential, somehow.


You put it perfectly. I've often thought with complete wonder at what things have come out of blogging for ME... it is totally amazing, isn't it? I think RW is right - I somehow don't think we've reached blogging's potential, either.

I really love reading you... don't always have time or energy to comment, but know I'm here. Maybe I better make sure to say something so it counts toward the contest, huh? ;)

Cissa Fireheart

I'm jealous. 15,000 comments? I don't think I've even had 15,00 hits! LOL

Grats Hilly! You rock! :)


Finn: Oooh baby, you can hit that any time ;).

Sharon: Hell...*I* feel privileged that you are one of the few people who have stuck with me no matter how many times I change the feel of my blog :).

Lauren: You can do anything you set your mind to, sister!

Karl: Right. I'll totally fix it so you can win. Just don't tell anybody.

Mindy: Hey, don't feel bad. When you said "Starlight Express", I thought I was wrong about Phantom for a moment!

Chag: When I first read that at 6am this morning, I thought that "camp" said "Crap". I was about to cut you ;).

Patty: I am so glad that you are still here with me!

Fab: What I really think you need to do is ask DAVE what is and is not acceptable tiara-whoring behavior. Then, we shall talk...

Göran: I am so NOT a star! But thank you for saying that....I feel all important now.

Turnbaby: Yes but then everyone we know would talk shit about me...just like she whose name shall not be spoken.

RW: I have had many moments of that same feeling, truth be told. Somehow I keep finding new ways to twist and turn my creative side in order to "make it work, people". My fear is that one day the energy to do so will elude me.

Cissa: You'll get there, miss popular pants ;).


You said "hit that" :D

hello haha narf

in case you were wondering, we are all just as thankful for you as you are for us.



So what happens if YOU have the 15,000th comment? You treat yourself?


I can be runner-up if you really need someone.

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