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Friday, May 02, 2008


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Have a wonderful trip.


cupcakes? boobie lickin?



I'm looking forward to watching Twitter this weekend every waking hour!!!

(Living vicariously through you guys ...)

Envious? Who, me?


Twitter? I hardly even know her!



Have fun!!


With a great attitude like that, how can you lose? You're gonna have a great time and I can see much licking in your near future... looking forward to all the tales of the weekend. - Jealous in Iowa ;)

Marty Mankins

Have fun and we all look forward to more wild and crazy Hilly pics (and of course, pics from others being equally wild).


TequilaCon looks fun. Have they had one in our area yet? I only have a 50 mile leash.

Atomic Bombshell

Hope you have a GREAT time with all your buddies! :D


God for you Hil. Good for you. Have a blast. : )


Have a ball!! Can't wait to hear drunken stories, ha. Nah, there will be no drinkin!! Not!


OH MY GOD - you guys are all licking each other????

I gotta go to one of these TequilaCONs.


Do a shot or six for me too! I *have* to go next year!


You must lick Hello--she's deeeelish!


I think that first picture is my all-time most favorite picture of you EVER.

Something about the way your head is thrown back & you're completely caught in the moment, letting out a real, happy, honest-to-God laugh. You're beautiful, Hil.


Lick everyone twice for me. And? GOOD FOR YOU for "letting it go." Everyone should be so healthy!


Have a blast. Although, I know you will.

And yay you for your frame of mind. You are awesome and beautiful and wonderful Hilly!


Seeing those pics... I really wanna go to Sac now. Thank God for Twitter... Enjoy!


Have fun! (Like that's not a given.)

I love the pics from last year. You look so happy!


hilly + dave = pure smiles!


You are truly in a very good place.

I hope you're having a blast!


You know, I didn't see Karl with cupcake nipples this year. In fact, I don't think Karl had any wild antics to count at TC 08. Or perhaps I missed something? :)

I hope TC 08 was as much fun for you as it was for me. It was wonderful meeting you in person.

Miss Britt

I hope you still feel like you got to hang out with people who love you for just being you.



That picture of you with the cupcake is HAWT.

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