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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


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Thank god is wasn't Caribbean Queen.


OK. I was able to stop the video once I heard the engine turn over. Because that sound alone told me what song it is. Because that's one of my weird skills. In those few seconds, I was able to identify the song and to know that I didn't want to hear anymore.

Oh, and I'm going to make you go shopping with my mom since she often breaks into song in stores.

Iron Fist

Hilly thing #2 is clearly about me. I can tell because you freestyled some sweet twat at the end.


Twitter is an instrument of the devil! It really is.
Thanks for the earworm,I am now plotting my revenge.


I saw your tweet about that song so I knew to avoid the video. Moohahahaha!


You get a thrill from Twitterfying people? Weird.



Handly even know'er!!!



I totally relate to that coffee thing. I do the same thing with coffee and water. Godforbid I run into a drought or something. I need to be hydrated.

Karen Sugarpants

I can't wait to see what Google does with "sweet sweet twats." Ha ha...

I'm scared to click the video cuz I don't wanna get an earworm! But I totally do that singing along in the grocery store thing. The other day it was Sunglasses at Night and I thought my 9 year old was going to die of embarrassment. I'm a mean mom.


Fucking Billy Ocean? You are evil. And I successfully avoided that ear worm, but thanks to Brandon, now I have Carribean Queen stuck in my head. Damn.

It is sacrilege to waste the coffee. Drink it all.


I don't understand the infatuation with Americano's... much less the whole "Venti" and "Grande" usage. I prefer my coffee cold... and my bagel warm.

Also... with music videos like that... it's amazing MTV survived the 80's at all.


Damn my stupid need to click the video. Good thing I already have Rocket Queen by Guns N Roses stuck in my head and this did not take it down. I would actully welcome ANY song but that to be stuck in my head since it has been there for weeks now for no apparent reason.

I am definitely going to Britt's. I feel awful for her family and wish I could be there to help take care of everyone.


I did 6 whacked out things Feb 19th. Or thereabouts. Me doing 6 things is like letting all of you into the Twilight Zone. LOL I'm a lot weird.


Brandon: Dude. You. Suck. Expect Twatter retribution!

Dagny: That's a really neat skill to have. Shawn and I often have played "name that tune" with Sirius radio!

Vahid: Oh you know I'll always freestyle some sweet sweet _______ for you ;).

Nat: Your revenge should include you coming here to carry it out :).

Avitable: You won't be so lucky next time. I may just start "Ocean Rolling" you ;).

Kapgar: Well that *was* the point, silly!

Whall: Oh, you and your jokes!

Karen: Hahahaha, exactly! Please don't ever tell anyone this but...sometimes I won't drink my water all the way down before tossing the bottle...shhhh.

Sugarpanties: But you neeeeeeeeed to click the video! Heh heh. Sweet sweet sugarpanties.

Kim: See? You should have watched the video! If for nothing else than for the entertainment value of how shitty it is!

Dawg: Hey, if there was another drive through coffee by work, I'd go somewhere that I don't have to succumb to the douchebaggery of saying "venti". But yah, wow on how crappy the videos were!

Tori: I know...I feel exactly the same way :(.

Winter: I have to go check that out! I have a feeling that yes, it will be more "weird" than mine :)

Lady Jaye

As soon as I realized what the video was I shut it off. I refuse to get that mess stuck in my head all day. If I burst out into song later while looking for a job I will hold you responsible!


I am so not clicking on that video. I know what song it is because of your twats last night.


For once I'm happy that work blocks all media like You Tube. I'm saved from your earworm...

I also do #4 and #5...


"Weird Hilly Thing #3 - I have to eat all things frozen (like ice cream and frozen yogurt) with a plastic spoon. In fact, I won't eat those things with a metal spoon at all." - this my friend is why we are BFFs. As for Twitter...I will stalk your twats, but I don't plan to be all up in your twat anytime soon...unless you can convince me that it would be in my best interest.


I do the singing thing too!

hello haha narf

i don't do the singing, but i do the dancing. oh yeah. shaking my ass down the aisle at the drug store when sick is OH SO sexy. wheeeeeeee!


@ #2: How could you corrupt Vahid!!?!? He used to be such a nice boy. Now he's a Twitter Zombie (Twombie?)!!

P.S. Freakstick is my new favorite word.


i SOOOO do the singing thing. And I like to eat my frozen stuff with real spoons.

You are very evil with the earworm--I too love to share and I think I'll find a particularly good one for Friday.

Care package going out to Britt's fam--wish I was closer and not in the middle of just moving house--I'd go help.


Re: #2. I just joined Twitter this weekend after seeing Whit do it (I didn't want to be the LAST person on Earth without a Twitter account). I never saw the point in it.


OMG! You didn't tag anyone? That's not playing by the rules right?


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