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Saturday, May 24, 2008


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Like I said at Karl's a while ago: I have the UTMOST respect for ya'll doing the radio shows. I would pee my pants being on live radio!


OMG! Karl's show sounds awesome! I can't wait!

Uh... yeah... I'm sure everybody else will have good shows too...


awesome, i'll tune in fo sho


I usually have to resort to listening to the podcast on my Zune, which makes me miss out on the chat. Too bad they cand have a chatcast or something...


I'll have to talk Motley into doing your show sometime. Fresh blood and all that... lol


I'll be there for you & Karl, I'll have to cut out half way thru Fab's show... I'd love to guest star, but I have no clue what my schedule is, so I'll just call occasionally to chat!

Karen Sugarpants

If I didn't have kids around all the time, I'd totally do this with you guys. I think I need my own apartment for this. Ha ha.
I tagged you - I wouldn't have come to your comments to tell you this but it's in the RULEZ.

Iron Fist

I think I just earned myself a Snackie Nickname.


Just keep in mind that July 20 is the day we're driving back "home" from BlogHer. Doesn't your show come on at like 5:30 in the morning Pacific time? ;)

Mr. Fabulous

I hear good things about that "Fabby" guy.


You should do the Karl show from the road, like a Travels with Charlie thing.


it's so funny--i was gonna say something about our incestuous little group in my post. You know what they say ;-)


Since I was all over last week's radio block, I can only see the radio shows going downhill from there. It's all over - you've all peaked!


I missed the incestuous part. What relations were having relations with which of their relations?


Thank you for a great show - you cheered me up no end!

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