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Sunday, May 18, 2008


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I don't think all men are pigs.

I've KNOWN a few...but, that doesn't make them all that way.

Unfortunately, the ones that aren't are either married, gay, or not into me. :)


Whoever would do THAT?? Pfffft...

Ok - so I confess I male-bash couple of times before... last week.

Ok ok. It's not a good thing, but sometimes it is for a just cause.

Lately - I've grew up a little, I realized it's really just silly girls having a good time on the expenses of the boys who made some silly moves. I don't do that anymore... at least not publicly on my blog.


I have been known to use the phrase 'All men are barstewards' in the past but not really mean it.

I've quit that too as it's just plain stupid. I try and stay away from any generalisations as most of the time they are insulting to a large proportion of tha population of that particular set.

Once in a while one will pop out (or get published) but I have a guilt twinge... at the very least. It's just laziness on my part.

I agree with Adena that the one's who aren't are gay, maried, not into me or are bloggers who live thousand of miles away.


It makes me sounds like less of peacenik if I say that I prefer to make my rants more direct.

From a broader perspective, I wonder why it's ok to put down men, make them come off as dumb. It's like we encourage them to stay boys. While we sent messages to our girl that they need to rush into adulthood and be grown up. Just something that gives me pause.


It's not easy, let me tell you. If a guy were caught saying "all women are psychotic bitches," he would be branded a sexist bastard and be crucified as the news spread to other women (and it would). Yet if a woman says something equally derogatory and sexist, guys are just supposed to laugh it off.

But what hurts worse than that is having everything you say run through a misogyny filter. Sometimes it seems that guys just can't win, as everything they say is deconstructed and analyzed for even a hint of sexist overtones. I've seen even the most innocent of statements be branded as sexist because it was overanalyzed to the point of absurdity. It's as if some women are so positive that all men ARE pigs, that they're doing their best to make it happen.

Broad, sweeping statements about ANY group are a dangerous thing.

(And by "broad" I'm meaning "covering a large number and wide scope of subject or areas"... I am not referring to the derogatory term for women).

(And when I say "large" and "wide" I'm not saying that women have big mouths).

(And when I say...


I have specifically bashed individual people- men and women alike- for their behavior or attitudes but making sweeping gross generalizations about the male gender is ignorant and ridiculous. As a feminist, it offends me. Equality for all!


I'm gonna read you
Forever and ever
Forever and ever, amen

As long as old men
Sit and blog about the weather
As long as old women
Sit and blog about old men.


Good god, why are sizzle and dave up so early? I thought I was up early.

When I was younger, I preferred hanging out with men, because I was confused/annoyed/hurt by the games women played. Since then, I have realized that not all women play games, so am equally happy with either. (8th grade was hell for me!) Someone mentioned in Britt's comments about tv portraying men as stupid/clueless. I never noticed it, until my husband started pointing it out in certain programs... now it bugs the shit out of me.


Try watching "Steel Magnolias" to see just how bad men can be portrayed in film.


Awesome!! I hope that people will stop in share

radioactive tori

I often think that men are portrayed badly in commercials/tv. It didn't used to affect me as much, but now that I have two sons, it makes me mad as hell to hear anyone bashing an entire gender over something that one man did to them. It also pisses me off when commercials portray men as being stupid. If they made broad generalizations about any other group of people, the commercials would not be allowed, so is man bashing the last thing that is ok? Because men should be able to take it? I don't get it.


Dave2 said everything I wanted to... and better.


I'm with you on the men bashing. I've heard it done lots of times. It doesn't offend me, but I do wish that people would stop judging the entire orchard because of a few bad apples.


I've been thinking of this a lot since Turnbaby announced the topic of her show. What, exactly, is "man-bashing?" Who does it? And why?

A few thoughts:

* I think that broad, sweeping generalizations (see Dave2's post above) about any specific group of people are prejudicial and inappropriate. Yet I believe that we all make these generalizations about people from time-to-time. I don't think that many of us will make overtly hurtful statements, but I do think that we're conditioned to prejudge people based on appearance or other noticeable traits.

* Is "man-bashing" ever acceptable? Is "woman-bashing" seen on the same level? Comments above have mentioned the way television (especially advertisements and sitcoms) portray men -- especially men in traditional family roles. Is it funny when the overweight, dorky and lovable but dumber than a box of rocks husband says or does something extremely inappropriate, only to be rescued by his always hot, piece-of-ass wife whose role is to be supermom? It's a formula that we've seen for years now, and apparently it seems to get viewers...

* Is "man-bashing" acceptable as a form of self-deprecating humor? What about as a form of humor or commentary from women who live in a world where they often see an environment where men are often advanced in more powerful positions, earn more money for the same job tasks, etc.? Is man-bashing just a way to let off steam in an unfair world?

* Is anyone actually planning to see this "Sex and the City" movie that's set to release soon?

I hope to discuss more of this on Turnbaby's show...


I try not to say ALL ________ are ________ because it is NEVER true. I know lots of men who are pigs but not ALL, I know lots of men who think with their penis but not ALL, I know lots of woman who are bitches but not ALL, I know lots of gay guys who are good looking but not ALL, I know lots of lawyers who are assholes but not ... oh, wait a minute, they are ALL assholes. Actually that isn't true, I actually do know a few who are not assholes but the percentage is minute.

I'm sure there have been times in my life when I participated in a little man bashing but they deserved it.

I think people should base their opinions of others on an individual basis. Not all ____ are ____.

Miss Britt

I'm not telling.

Until we're LIVE.


I hate every equally. :(


Make that everyone... and everything. Especially my sucky ass typing skills.


I think most men are pigs and are fucking retarded. Not all, but I don't even understand the mentality of most men when it comes to women and relationships.


I think it is a double standard. I am upset when men bash women, so I don't bash men. I really don't think about "all men" in a bad way.


I used to do the men bashing thing quite a bit in my youth, probably because so many of the men in my life were absolute assholes then. Then I spent a year working at a women's shelter. And the directors pointed out to me that while there were a fair share of assholes out there, there were also some pretty good ones. They had each gone through their fair share of the assholes to finally end up with their wonderful husbands. And so when I find myself wanting to make blanket statements of, "Men suck," I back up and say, "This particular man sucks," instead.


I hate generalizations. Women get upset when men say, "All women are bitches", don't they?

I have a list of people that I can say are assholes and they are both male and female...except the females far outweigh the males. So, what does that say?


I couldn't listen to the show because a) I was working and b) for some reason my sound card on my computer is dead. or missing. Or both.

I have two lovely sons, an incredible son in law, and a brilliant grandson, so no, I do try to avoid man bashing. And I get up in arms about sexist remarks about women.

But I think both show a sense of frustration in relationships, a feeling of cluelessness. Maybe what we should do is figure out what the hell is going wrong that most people feel so alienated from the other sex.

Is that how it's always been? I don't know.

And of course, I take the cowardly position by simply removing myself from the "market" and resigning from the relationship wars entirely. Much more Zen-like that way.

I suck.


I agree that there are good men and good women and yes, really lousy ones of both. Bash away where it is deserved, but don't bash the whole bunch.


My secretary does her fair share of "man-bashing" and she always comes off looking like an idiot.

Women who date assholes should remember the cliche about when you point your finger and someone else you have three others pointing back at you. Something like that.

Shannon Hilson

I'm only human, so I'm sure I've squeezed out a statement to that degree a few times in my life. I'm always more or less joking though. I would never say something like that and mean it. There are too many different types of men and women out there in the world for all of them to be the same.

That and I hate double standards. I hate how it's not acceptable for a man to say "all women are gold diggers" or "all women are bitches" but it's still more or less socially acceptable for women to say "all men are pigs". I don't personally believe in reverse discrimination. Even when I'm on the "winning end" of it.


I'm so not into this s##t.
If all women think all men are pigs/bastards, they have not met me!

I so so happen to be what all women seek, except I don't fit the criteria of Hunkdom, big penis dom, marvelous talker dom, well tanned dom, Tom Cruise dom, Wall Street job dom.

I'm just a plain ole Joe Dirt, sans sista thing, kinda guy.

This stuff is typical horse hockey. Uphold women to the same tests please.


I'm married... I'm used to it. ;-)

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