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Sunday, May 25, 2008


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Field of Dreams and City of Angels... both because they make me think of my father, who was killed before I was born...


I am not a very emotional person, and don't cry easily at movies and such (I laughed my ass off at the end of "Beaches" if that gives you any clue!).

There is one time that has really stuck with me, however. It was a made-for-TV movie called "After The Promise" staring Mark Harmon. I had been helping a friend go through some truly terrible times, and was emotionally drained. Then one day I was flicking through channels, landed on this film, and was shocked at how deeply the ending affected me. Maybe because I was emotionally beat... maybe because it was based on a true story... but it had an effect on me that very few other films have had.


Oh my god, Extreme Makeover:Home Edition kills me. It just KILLS ME. Every time. i think I can remember watching it one time only, when I didn't cry. I was sorta freaked out... why wasn't I crying?

I cried like a baby the last episode of Season 5 of Buffy.

Field of Dreams makes me cry, too.


I NEVER used to cry at movies or shows, but as I've gotten older, the waterworks start for the most random things.

But, yeah. The House season finale made me cry, too.

But, mostly...ANY movie or show that involves children dying. I CANNOT deal with that.


Movies and TV don't get me... books do. The HEA in some books just slay me. One of my favorites for a good sob at the end is The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt. However, I do have what I think is an interesting story about crying over movies. My dad was a tenderhearted soul. He would sing love songs to my mom and never finish because he would tear up. I always thought that was the most touching thing. Never, ever met a man like that tho... until I came to SoCal.

After I got together with Rott, a month later we went to Thanksgiving at his family's house. He'd already told me about seeing Titanic a bunch of times and how emotional it made him. The "blue scene" where everyone is in the freezing water... it just got to him.

Well, Rott's sister had just got the DVD and she put it on since I hadn't seen it. During the "blue scene" I turned around and Rott was standing behind me with tears coming down his cheeks. I thought right then that my dad woulda been crying too. And I also knew my heart was pretty much lost. Just remembering that day makes my throat ache.

Mad William

Let yourself go. More people should cry. It's good for you and makes you feel better.


There's nothing like sobbing through a movie - I can do that nooooo problem! (The crying about real life stuff is another matter.)
In no particular order...
Love Story (Just the theme music can have me welling up!)
Steel Magnolias (Every. Single. Time.)
Erin Brockovich (When she gives the compensation cheque to the lady with cancer - *sniffs*)
Terms of Endearment (The little boy coming in to say goodbye to Debra Winger! Kills me!!)
Love Actually
Forrest Gump
I also absolutely agree about Extreme Makeover - the few I have seen (they put it on at weird times here) have had me bawling by the end.




The "reveal" moment on pretty much any kind of makeover show has me pretending I've got something in my eye!

We have a show here in the UK called "How to Look Good Naked" and this guy basically takes these women and brings their self esteem back up, with no surgery or anything more than some compliments from members of the public, nice clothes and a good haircut. That gets me going every time :-)


I hate to admit it, but I cried watching Titanic! So sad. There are plenty more, but that's the first one that comes to mind. :)


I cry very easily. Kleenex commercials get me. Shit, I got teary at American Idol. I am that kind of sap.


I never saw titanic. But I cry at everything. - commercials make me cry. I will watch movies that I know will make me cry when I just need a good cry
I have a box of tissues next to the couch, just in case.


Not much of an emotion-letter-outer myself, but the one that always gets me is "Pure Country" at the end, when he's singing to her ... sigh.


I"ll admit to shedding quite a few tears at the end of Out of Africa.

I bawled through all of Shindler's List. Just the whole thing from start to finish -- The Man sat through it stoically. We walked back to the car and he wept inconsolably. I left the theatre and felt numb.

There is a French film called Ponette about a girl whose mother dies and how she copes with it. (Killer that concept. The final scene -- I get choked up thinking about it.) Cutest little kid too.

We watched a film called Millions. Great little british piece. One scene with the youngest child and his mother's ghost. Brilliant.


Season Finale of Without a Trace
Dreamgirls when Jennifer Hudson sang "And I'm Telling You" - it was a very powerful moment in the movie


My dad died when I was 9, so I cry at the end of Field of Dreams ever single time.

I've cried at a lot of movies and TV shows. I used to cry everytime that poor guy from the United Negro College Fund commercial couldn't go to school. :)

hello haha narf

no one cries alone when i am around! i cry at ANYthing these days. such a puss.

even as a kid i was kinda squishy (that indian who cried one single tear at the end of the keep america beautiful / don't litter commercial got me when i was little), but after 30 i got totally squishy. just about anything will make my eyes leak.

before my mom died i saw "big fish" in the theater and at the end when all of those people were at his dad's funeral i was crying so hard that i couldn't breathe. all i kept thinking about was that if my mom ever died there would be such a huge and eclectic group of people at her funeral. with a different group of people i saw the movie a second time in the theater and even though i knew what would happen i still found myself overcome with tears. huge, crocodile tears, half a box of kleenex crying. then mom died and i haven't been able to watch that movie since.

hello haha narf

oh, and if i ever "need" to cry i read the last few chapters of either "of mice and men" or "the little prince" because they never fail to turn on the waterworks. especially "the little prince" seeing as how it is my favorite book ever.

that reminds me, i think i owe karl a copy of that book. (the new version sucks and i have many of the original translation so i figured i would share.)


Let's see.

I cried when Bruce Willis's character died in Armageddon.

I almost cried when Spider-man stopped the train in Spider-man 2 and the passengers caught him and carried him into the train.

That's about it. Dramas and movies that are supposed to be sad never make me sad.

student teacher

I always cry when something bad happens to a yellow lab or a golden retriever.

I also cry in random Christmas comedies, like the scene in Home Alone when the old man reunites with his estranged son or when Chevy Chase watches home movies while trapped in the attic, in Christmas Vacation.

The biggest tear-jerking scene ever is in the Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn movie Overboard. Those boys chasing the limo screaming, "Mom, don't leave..." kills me.


My Dog Skip. I am a sucker for a dog movie. I can watch violence against people, but do not hurt a dog. I will turn that shit off.

Otherwise, it is just random movies, with scenes or relationships similar to my own, that get me. It is never expected and then I afterwards I'm left wondering what the hell that was all about. Sobbing, sometimes.


I sobbed extra embarrasingly long at "The Piano" when she went down with the piano because to me it was all about the loss of what had given her a voice and I thought she was going to die and...oh it was awful. But didn't it end better?

Cissa Fireheart

Grey's Anatomy, no doubt....I cry at least once every episode. Also:

-certain epicsodes of M*A*S*H especially the Series finale "Goodbye, farewell & Amen"
-Little Women - the one with Christian bale and Winona Ryder
-Love Actually
-Out of Africa - because I saw this movie RIGHT AFTER I had buried my first child....
- The last two harry Potter books....my god, especially the last one, I must have cried EVERY chapter for one reason or another.
- The Twilight series books also made me cry.
- Seeing my children perform for anything - school assemblies, chorus performances, etc. I get such a swelling of pride, I cry like a stage mother or something.

I am a crier. There's a million more things to make me cry...hell certain Fan Fiction stories make me cry too....I am not afraid to cry at anything. I used to be a long time ago, but that stopped when I moved away from RI as a teenager...


As a rule, TV and movies don't make me cry. Stupid shit like the national anthem and stories on "Dateline" make me cry.


I know "Steel Magnolias" better than I know my husband of 15 years and I STILL cry at the end. And while the end of "The Notebook" in novel form didn't get me, the end of that movie gets me every time.


Not so much movies or shows, but songs.

Cats in the Cradle gives me a lump in the throat every time.

If the movie is patriotic in nature, it'll also get me.


Out of Africa

Terms of Endearment

Four Weddings and a Funeral

The Shawshank Redemption

The Green Mile

I must stop now as I am tearing up thinking of even more that make me tear up ;-)


Holy moly. Sometimes I think you & I could be sisters, we seem so alike. My husband is more easily tear-ified than I am, believe it or not...I'm kind of a hardass. That said, here are some of the things that I know made me cry:

The Color Purple - gets me twice every time I see it.
Schindler's List - there is nothing like the sound of 300 people collectively bawling at the end of a movie.
Awakenings - I saw this movie in college with a couple of friends, and completely broke down. I was a raving mess by the concession stand. I think it had something to do with my grandfather dying the previous year.
Extreme Makeover Home Edition - I don't watch this very much, but when I do, I make sure I have kleenex. It's SOOO manipulative! Guaranteed tears.
Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's - I don't know if books are against the 'rules', but I was so touched by the end of this memoir that I was crying as I read it. I have more than a few father issues, and John Robison's recollection of his father's illness and death moved me immensely. I didn't even see it coming.
Gospel choirs - I first noticed this on some TV show when Dolly Parton was singing "He is Alive" and busted out a ginormous church choir midway through the song. Cue the waterworks. You want me to cry? Bring on the choir and let them go to church. I'm not even religious...there's just something about the joy and the sound that gets to me.


I just wanted to say that I totally forgot and agree with City of Angels. Every single time I see that movie, I cry.

And hellohahanarf must be my book soulmate. I cry at Of Mice and Men and have read The Little Prince numerous times and was in Children's Theater and IN the play version three times!


Oh yes and I also randomly cry at national anthems and random "holiday miracle" type flicks!


The only one I distinctively remember was crying when Liv Tyler's character is saying goodbye to Bruce Willis's character at the end of Armageddon. There must have been more, though. I'm easily overwhelmed with emotion.

Miss Britt

How long do you have?

Schindler's List
Steel Magnolias
Long Distance commercials
Private Practice
Grey's Anatomy
Big Daddy (you know? With Adam Sandler?)
Brokeback Mountain (SOOOOBBBBBBBBED)
Million Dollar Baby
The news at 10
Knocked Up

I pretty much am just a cry baby.

And there is one movie I have never been able to track down about the Fire Prince and the Ice Princess - it's a cartoon. I saw it when I was about 10. And sobbed, sobbed, sobbed, sooobbbbed. I would LOVE to figure out what movie it was and see it again.


Oh, I thought of some.

The end of Empire of the Sun...when his parents are looking for him in the orphanage, and his dad walks right past him, but his mom knows who he is immediately (even tho' it's been about 4 years, and he's completely changed.) The scene where she's hugging him, and he FINALLY closes his eyes and lets himself relax. KILLS ME. Christian Bale at his best, and he was only like 14.

ANY death scene in a movie, sappy or not (but, not like CSI type deaths. Those are too clinical. It's the ones w/ the loved ones gathered around, etc...yeah.) I don't deal well with death. It didn't really use to affect me like it does now, but I watched someone die a few years ago, so it's kind-of hard to watch other people do it for pretend.

Kid's movie, but "The Little Princess", the newer version, w/ all the colors. When she is told her father died, and also when he doesn't remember her at the end (they changed the ending from the book) and she's screaming at him, trying to make him remember.

Lady Jaye

I cried in all of the movies you listed above except Ghost Whisperer (haven't seen it). I also bawl like a baby when I watch Gone With the Wind. It always made me cry but now when I watch the end it's like reliving my ex-husband walking out on me over and over again.

I also cried in The Holiday, Transformers (don't even get me started) and Diary of a Mad Black Woman. I'm pretty much a weeper so crying in movies/tv shows/commericals doesn't surprise anyone around me.


I seldom cry at movies or TV, which prompted my sister to tell me I was "dead inside" at Dead Poets' Society in the late 80's.

However, I *DID* cry at Titanic, too! Awesome!

The only things on TV that have ever made me cry are random commercials. . . . and then only when I'm hormonal. I guess I'm just weird. . . . or maybe I *AM* dead inside. ;-)


I cry all the time. It's ridiculous. I could go on for hours listing films and tv shows that make me cry, but I'll just give you a couple...

Movies make me cry...
* Rudy - I think all men have cried during Rudy
* Once - I sobbed through the whole movie and afterwards. I tear up listening to the soundtrack
* Sportscenter - God help me, the soft focus features can be too much. I'll never forget when the did the Make-A-Wish campaign stories a couple years ago.

Commercials make me cry...
* There's this commercial on right now about Motherhood and it's talking about putting her hair in pigtails. Call it new daddy hormones, but I teared up.
* That dog food commercial promoting adoption where they show the sad dogs in cages.

Radio makes me cry...
* This American Life - I was listening to This American Life at work one day and this story about this little boy who's dad had a brain disease came on and I lost my shit. Luckily, I had my own office.
* Morning Edition - For a while they were doing stories about recently killed soldiers in Iraq. Heartbreaking. And after Katrina, they were talking to New Orleans residents. Brutal.

What can I say, I'm a sensitive dude.


I had to stop watching "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" on a regular basis. I just couldn't take the weekly cryfests.

Movies? Imitation of Life, Terms of Endearment, Love Story -- I still haven't forgiven my mother for not telling me how that one ends -- and Beaches.

Shamelessly Sassy

I am stingy with my tears. Which is why I am ashamed to say that several episodes of Grey's Anatomy have me made cry, along with the movie Beaches, and The Notebook. Oh, and Steel Magnolias..oh how I love Steel Magnolias.


Yeah, I'm a big fan of "Extreme Home Makeover" and sometimes cry at the end of that. Or in the beginning when you hear about the people's sob stories.

I also cry annually at "It's a Wonderful Life." The end of "Sounder" made me wail like a baby being denied a lactating breast. I've cried during "Touched by an Angel." Yeah, I'm a big wuss.


Put me down for Rudy, too.


Hee hee hee. A long time ago I started a post in wordpress called "Movies That Make Me Cry"! Now I can just steal from that! They are: The Lion King, Bambi, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Heidi, Crash, and Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith.


There aren't many programs that don't make me cry even comedies!
But yeah, Greys Anatomy is a big one. Also The West Wing, House, Lost and Heroes are big weepies at the moment but I'll cry at the first minor chord of a song at the moment!


Kilax, there's another "Sisterhood" movie coming out this summer. Yet another chance to cry. The movie didn't make me cry, but the books? I'm just glad that the series seems to be over. Oh, and it what is with Blake Lively making a living off of teen book series?

Hey, and why weren't books mentioned? Because books are more likely to make me cry than TV or movies. And yes, sometimes I re-read a book even though I know it will make me cry. The list of books is endless.


my girl and Armaggedon. I'm almost ashamed.


Iron Man, The Incredibles, Bridge to Teribithia, that song "Please Don't Take the Girl" makes my face twist up and tears come on, and the song about the homeless guy who almost froze to death but somebody stirs him before he slips off to the sleep of death.

I'm not kidding about any of these.


I am a bit of a crier at movies generally but the last real cry I had where I was almost inconsolable was over 'The Last Samurai.' I love traditional Japanese culture and that movie - oh, it is heart-wrenching. I was surprised because I am not a Tom Cruise fan at all. But he was brilliant in it. I even hate writing that, but he was.


I know there's more, but I can only think of five off the top of my head:

Schindler's List
Jerry Maguire (the "you had me" part at the end)
Notting HIll (the ending part in the book store)
Big Fish
Empire of the Sun

To this day, I've not watched Big Fish again... not because I don't want to cry or I thought it was bad (it was a really good movie), but I just don't have an interest in seeing it again.

hello haha narf

ok, this drives me nuts that i don't get the replies to your posts. i enjoy the comments you receive.

and you were IN the little prince!??!??! way fucking cool. what part?


All it takes is 5 minutes of the end of "Affair to Remember" to make me a sodden mess. Also, "Shadowlands" and any movie where an animal dies.


I cried when I watched the notebook. I'm a crier when it comes to movies. I seem to always put myself in their shoes or seem to relate to most that I cry to. Just recently I balled my eyes out to
P.S. I love you...

radioactive tori

A lot of times I think we are almost the same person. I ALWAYS feel dumb/try to hide my tears when shows make me cry. I think I told you that House made me cry and I was so happy my husband was out of town so he didn't see me. Grey's Anatomy, same thing. I cry at extreme home makeover and tons of other shows, but generally do the whole wiping my eyes without letting anyone see me cry. I don't know why I feel stupid, it is HUMAN to have emotions and be touched by things.

When I was pregnant the first and last time, EVERYTHING made me cry. Commercials that weren't even very touching made me cry, it was totally ridiculous. If someone looked at me wrong I would cry, etc. I was like a crying machine when pregnant!

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