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Sunday, May 11, 2008


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Anyone who knows me would certainly say I am much more like my dad than my mom. That said, I did inherit a few of her traits.

I'm most grateful for the ability to remember the dates of the special occasions of family and friends. . . birthdays, anniversaries, and the like. My father certainly lacks the gene for this, so I have only Mom to thank. ;-)


I am glad that I got the ability to be a peacemaker, and make sure everyone's having a good time.

I wish I'd have gotten the 'physical'...she's 98 pounds. I am not. ;-)


Artistic abilities. She's really creative. Not necessarily in the ways that I'm creative, but she can make things look beautiful, like her garden, or floral arranging. I'm more of a painter/designer, but I know the creativity comes from her side.


The one thing I learned from my mother is to not judge people for being or thinking different than you do. To first find out YOURSELF what they are like and not judge just like that. And that it is OK for people to be different.

It's one of the things I try to teach my son and that is very important to me. Accept people for who and what they are, no matter if they are different.


I wish I had my mom's penmanship. She had the most beautiful handwriting in the world - whether in print or cursive. And she did it with her left hand! Sadly, my brother and I have nearly illegible handwriting.

But I'm grateful for her educational skills -- she loved to teach, and she loved empowering her students -- both formally and informally -- when they were able to embrace a concept. She would celebrate your victory with you and allow you to take ownership of the concept.

Both of her sons went into teaching/training professions because of this. And it's something I'll never forget about her.

Oh - and also my hair. That was truly all her. I'd like to think she'd be proud of me to know that I was growing it out to donate...


Independence and "no matter what, you can do it" attitude.


Compassion for all creatures.


(except mosquitos, the fucking bloodsuckers)

Miss Britt

My mom doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks of her.

I used to HATE that as a teenager. But I'm grateful for it now.


Teaching me how to do non-male tasks... like ironing, laundry, vacuuming... all that stuff. I think she did it initially to give herself a break, but over the years, they have come in handy.

Iron Fist

My mom always seems to look for the good in anyone, and I try to keep that in mind when I deal with people, because I have a tendency to come to snap judgments about people that i later have to reverse.

hello haha narf

mom loved all god's creatures and creations. as a result she could see the beautiful in anyone and anything. there was not a prejudiced bone in her body and she was content no matter where on earth you put her.

i loved that about mom and sincerely strive to have the same attitude.

oh...one of my favorite things about mom was also that she taught me the phrase "don't should on yourself." such an important lesson to not let other's tell us what we "should" do, how we "should" behave. fuck "should," live your own life as you desire. i love that.

hello haha narf

oh, mom would have given me crap about throwing the apostrophe in others up there in second to the last sentence. woops! hehe


My mom will make a big deal out of any illness a child of hers gets but minimizes any illness she has. It's been just a year or two ago that I found out a surgery she had when I was in college was soooo much more than she made it out to be.

If my brother, sister or I had even a small fever she'd get all Red Cross on us.

I sort of have that with my kids.




My mom is super thoughtful, caring and compassionate. I like to think I am too ;)


It is really hard to pick just one, but the first thing that came to mind was definitely brains. My mom skipped a grade in school and got straight A's all through high school. I definitely was not *that* bright, but got a lot of smarty-smarts from her nonetheless. :)


My mother taught me how to manipulate people.


I'm more like my dad, I think...which is probably why we clashed constantly.

My sister in law (the one who is awesome, and actually talks to me) told me, teasingly, that I take after my mom in the fact that I never pay attention when I'm sick...just ignore it, and say "I'm fine", and hope it will go away.

Which is true. And dangerous for my mom, who wound up in the hospital w/ pneumonia and a raging staph infection not too long ago, because she was ignoring feeling bad.

So, I've been lectured not to do that.

Which won't happen. Because, you know....everything goes away on its own, doesn't it? :)


A love of oldies music and independent and foreign films.


My red hair. :-) And everything that goes along with that, personality wise.


I have her eyebrows. Which mean I rarely have to pluck them now. I also have her habit of taking people under her wing. Oh! I have her loyalty too.

Diane Mandy

Thin, straight, mousy brown hair...

Thank goodness for Miss Clairol!

Cissa Fireheart

I inherited my real mom's laziness...yeah it's true....but from my step-mother I inherited my cleaning and nit-picking skillz....

so I let the house get dirty...then I have a breaking point and clean like nobody's business!!

it's kinda cool....


Mom is wicked smart, uber crafty and all around a wonderful person... I kinda feel the same way about me... if that doesn't sound too ego filled...

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