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Friday, May 09, 2008


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Miss Britt

OMG we have a SONG!!!

Oh man. The look on your face when you said "unexpected". *sigh* So sweet.

That's what Karl said.


And I am so fucking calling you on my drive home. So answer your damn phone.

And seriously. I want your lipstick.


Tiara FTW!

Have fun with Jester!



How can I be a pretty pretty princess without my tiara?!?

These demands had better not involve bodily harm to my testicles!


I kinda like the out-of-sync video; it's reminiscent of a few Japanese classics!

So, will you do a post of the cats getting the tiara? With all that fuzz it could be pretty fun to watch.


Wah. I didn't stay at the Sheraton. I was there for the coining of the Sweet Sweet Posse phrase, though. Does that count for something.

You are hilarious. I loved the video.


Ok, that's was pretty wild... Dave2 needs to get on it to get the tiara back... before it's littered with kitty hair.

As for calling you, I can't... so you will have to live with my twats on the road.


And the video would come out perfectly if you had a MacBook.


You look so pretty... shaking things up must agree with you.

Mr. Fabulous

I like the sound of big changes coming...


I love seeing your cute face on camera. I'll say it again, you're a natural. : )

NORCAL Kisses? Since whheennnnnn?


I so should have watched this in the morning because then I would have called you during my evening commute.


I wish I hadn't been so busy with a fuckton of stuff or I woulda called too! GAH! Ok, I can live with twats until the big Sunday radio show... I think.


Britt: Look how I got you bitches rockin' to it! Thanks for calling me yesterday...it was good to have some GIRL TALK. (who said that?)

Poppy: Jester FTW too!

Dave: Now would little ole me wanna hurt little ole you? No testicles involved. However...

Jan: I'm hoping to not let it get to that point ;).

Shelli: Uhhh. silly....everyone there is part of the sweet sweet posse. How could you NOT be?

Marty: If you have any ransom ideas, send them over!

Finn: You are so sweet....now I am all blushy!

Mr. Fab: Big big ;)

John: Oh I am visiting NorCal! Thanks for the sweet compliments too...as usual :).

Dags: I know, huh! That would have rocked.

Winter: You will be fine. I'm not that exciting. Trust me, I've met myself.

hello haha narf

i love your videos, fucked up sound or not! great song, by the way.

mmmmmmm, what a sweet, sweet possee...

hello haha narf

p.s. shake it up, baby! shake, shake, shake!

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