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Thursday, May 08, 2008


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More and more, I find myself hating people who hate other people... and I hate that because I am trying very hard to eliminate such negativity from my life. :-(


I am (thus far) unmarried, but I have gone off the pill. (My boyfriend knows and supports my decision.) I am not actually trying to get pregnant. . . but I'm not trying not to either.


Contrary to what I told one of my new friends in the blogosphere, I'm not really of Korean descent.

Minnie Anonymous

I'm totally smitten with the wrong person. And I do mean smitten. And I do mean totally.


YEAH. You know how much I love the Snackie Booth.

My confession is over at Britt's. I'm an idiot.


I'll confess that, even though I'm relieved to have the quiet buildings and a reprieve from the insanities of day to day life in a Residence hall... I already miss my students like crazy. I want them back.


I confess that I'm worried about scaring people away with my absolute directness. I find myself holding back what I want to say because of this.


I confessed over at Britt's too, but I got more, I'm sure.

let me think on it ...


I think my boyfriend and I are breaking up over an easily remedied problem, and I'm not sure I care enough to fix it.

Atomic Bombshell

This should be one of the happiest times of my whole entire life (which doesn't take much, because the bulk of it has been totally miserable) but even though I'm smiling on the outside, and momentarily thrilled on the inside... Deep down I'm terrified. Not that I'm making a bad decision or anything obvious like that though. Actually, I'm terrified of people who would do nearly everything within their power to destroy me.

hello haha narf

i confess to being so self conscious about my secrets that i bury them so deep that even i barely remember them. and i honestly believe that if i pretend hard enough, that they won't exist.
but they do.


I spent 6 months in jail for something I didn't do. Later, I had it removed from my record but it cost a couple thousand bucks.


I live my life waiting for the other shoe to drop. It's so unhealthy.

hello haha narf

also, i will confess that it was awkward to be so non techy at an event like tequilacon. folks looked at me like i was crazy when i mentioned being lucky to turn a computer on.


Hello - ummm yeah, it's even more embarrassing when you are trying to explain how to do something to someone else who far surpasses you in tech skills.


I'm not sure I can push past my own walls to let someone really love me. I'm the one standing in my own way of true happiness. When did I decide I wasn't worthy? Because I'd like to go back to that time and kick it in the ass.


Dave: That's a hard one because people are always going to hate other people. I guess the trick is to tell them that you don't want to hear about it before you start hating the hater too. But yeah, I confess that I feel a little worried that you may be including me in that bunch ;).

Anonymous #1: As long as you are both aware it is going on, then hey...

Shiny: I must confess that I never believed that anyway :)

Minnie: We've all been there. Hell. some of us ARE there but are too chicken shit to admit it.

Kim: We were both thinking the same thing at times...now that you've seen my chubbaliciousness, you can meet me in Seattle!

Sheila: Come back whenever...it stays open continually!

Anon: Hrm, I understand that one too. I hope it works out how it should.

AB: I am so sorry that you can't just enjoy what should be a very happy moment.

Hello: You and I are the opposite...I tell all mine then wish I hadn't. I keep burying one or two now and I am starting to feel stifled. Odd how difrferent we are on this!

Railroaded: I spent 30 days in jail for something that I *did* d0.

Sizz: We're all worthy but we spend so much wasted time with people that don't cultivate our worthiness that when we do find one, we forget how to shine at times. I know you can do it :)


I love my wife and I love my daughter, but what I really could use at least once a week is a day all by myself.


I confess i said this in the last Snackie Confessional on March 11"" I confess that there's something I want to confess more than anything in the world *wicked grin*

I confess that part of me is unbelievably happy while at the same time part of me is a little apprehensive. I confess that I'm really glad the happy always takes precedence.""

So now I confess that the unbelievably happy has totally surpassed any apprehension and that Fabby is the reason for my unbelievably happy.

A Few Leaves Short Of A Salad

I recently learned that the guy I've loved for years is not at all who I thought he was. And even though I *know* this, I can't stop thinking of him as I've made him in my mind. And I can't get over him. I can't let go of the dream.

I'm not sure I even want to.


I hate that I am as neurotic as I am. I know I need therapy, but my insurance won't cover a psychologist, only a social worker, which won't do me any good, so I just sit and freak out overnight and try to keep it together and not let it show during the day


I confess that Turnbaby's comment above is totally making me grin ear-to-ear. I'm so happy that you've found such happiness in each other.

Ann a non-moose

Ive been having a lot of physically and psychologically intimate feelings about someone who is very much off limits. And I think they have the same feelings about me.

Miss Anne Derstood

I have ruined every single relationship I have ever been in, because I cannot believe I deserve to be loved...

Miss Anne Derstood

I have ruined every single relationship I have ever been in, because I cannot believe I deserve to be loved...


I don't really have a vagina.

Cissa Fireheart

I am a witch. I worship the earth, hang out with other witches and create spells and such. I am confessing because everyone thinks witches are bad and evil and buddies with the devil. IT'S NOT TRUE. We don't even believe in the devil. This past weekend, I went to my first big group ritual, and it was such an amazing experience. I made a butterfly appear, and although I am sure no one believes it, I know the kind of butterfly that came would not have come this time of year, so I KNOW it's me who brought it out. I am afraid people will think I am a total nutter, but I don't care. I am proud and my soul is happier than I have been in a long time!

Iron Fist

I confess that it's easier to give other people advice about how to change their lives than to actually do something to fix your own, and this makes me feel like a hypocrite sometimes. I'm always all, "If you don't like the way things are in your life, just change them!" and I can always see a dozen easy changes other people can make to their lives. But when it comes to me? I can find dozens of ways to not actually get around to the easy changes I can see will make my life better.

At the same time, having a few days off this weekend past to really enjoy myself made me realize how much I can't stand the way things are in my life right now. I think this might be the catalyst I really need to make some changes.

I confess this was on overly lengthy confession.


I confess that I am upset with someone and am just letting it go rather than tell them, which is just not usually my style at all.

I confess that I tossed and turned all night dreaming about the wrong things.

I confess that Britt and Becky got under my skin (but not in a lesbian way) so much that I wish I lived closer to them too.

I confess that Saturday night/Sunday morning was the most fun I've had in ages.

I confess that I wish one of these anonymous things was said about me.


*giggling* and thank you to Shiny

just *giggling* at Avi--should we have an inspection?


Bre: Awwww, I will come be your student and be rowdy for you :).

Brandon: I think that is a very natural reaction in your case! Some alone Daddy time is definitely not a bad thing.

TB: I confess that even though I knew about this, I am so glad that you are able to shout it from the rooftops now!

Leaves: Sometimes it's hard not to keep that fantasy alive because well..when all else falls down, we at least have that.

Anon: Man that sucks because I have been there time after time. I wish you the best finding your center.

Shiny: I confess that you made ME grin by grinning. Contagious?

Ann-a-non-mousse: Yeah so um, let's just say that I understand those feelings all too well.

Miss Anne: I could tell you that you DO deserve it but you need to find that out on your own. But you DO ;). And I hope that you find a way to learn that you do.

Avi: I said "confession booth", not "liars booth". ;)

Cissa: That honestly doesn't surprise me about you because you seem very earthy to me. (that is a good thing)

Vahid: Dude. I am totally the same way. I am the biggest whine bag about the same fucking problem over and over again yet when someone else perpetuates that craziness, I get frustrated that they can't just change it. Hrm, I think I will work on that change before the real one...hahaha, I kill me :).

Miss Anne Derstood

Dude, who put that confession up there that said I don't have a vagina? That's just wrong.... Fucker. Avitable, was that you?

Miss Anne Derstood

Ok, I'm dumb. I didn't realize the name is UNDER the post.


MissAnne: You're not so dumb if you thought it was Avi in the first place, hah!


I confess that I bought a Star magazine earlier this week because I wanted to read about Britney's new shape-up plan. I am totally serious and totally ashamed!


I confess that sometimes I am puzzled by the fact that everyone around me (at work, bloggers, people in IM, friends, my daughter's friends) is on something for their personality. It makes me wonder if I should be on something. Is there something about me that I'm just missing? Why does everyone else need something, yet I seem do okay without anything? Is the fact that I think I'm okay really a sign that there IS something wrong with me that I'm not addressing?

Okay, skip the part where I'm paranoid and just go back to me being puzzled.


Okay -- here goes:

I've already written up a good chunk of my Dad's eulogy for his funeral.

He is very much alive and in excellent health. And I love him dearly.

Miss Britt

I confess that sometimes I really, really wish I wasn't married.

And I know that makes me a horrible person.

Miss Britt

Oh, and here's another one:

I confess that I am considering upgrading to an unlimited text plan - only because I think it might be easier for me to stay in touch with Becky and Hilly.

But I'm afraid they'll think I'm clingy and annoying.


Mr. Fabulous

I confess that I have spent far too much time sleepwalking through my life, afraid to break free and opt for happiness and joy.

But no more!

I am in love with the most wonderful woman in the entire galaxy (even more than those three-breasted ones on Eronifon 5) and for the first time that I can remember in my life I am truly HAPPY.


Diane: I read Soap Opera Digest while in line at the grocery store. Hold your head high sistah cause you are far better than I!

Winter: I would count my lucky stars for not needing to be on meds. I think that if you needed them, you'd know it. I will be glad to explain what it's like in person. There is a huge difference between normal day to day being depressed or upset and having severe depression and/or anxiety.

Shiny: Interesting. I've often thought about what I would say at my Dad's funeral so you are not alone. You freak.

Miss Britt: I emailed you about the first one and uh, OMG you are so in looooove with meeeee, you want to kiiiissss me, you want to huuuuuug me ;). I feel the same way uh, about the phone I mean.

Fabby: Sleepwalking. What a perfect way to put that. I am so happy that you are now dancing through life because, as my favorite B-movie says, "there are too many mediocre things in life and love shouldn't be one of them."


I am on cloud eleven My wondeful amazing Fabby--I love you

Mr. Fabulous

I love you too, Turnbaby. Are we making people ill yet? :)


I confess that sometimes, when I'm feeling really anxiou... Oh, CUT IT OUT, you two! Get a room!


Welcome to Hotel Hilly, A Place For Lovers.

Black Belt Mama

I am terrified that my knee is never going to be the same again and that I'll never be able to get my black belt. Everyone thinks I'm so positive about it on the outside, but inside I'm not.


I confess that as much as I love my big bro Fabby and as happy as I am for him (and TB, but I don't really know her)... yes, you're making me ill yet. ;)

And, if I'm being truthful, totally jealous. I've been married for almost 15 years and haven't been really loved (or in love) since college. And I fucked that up royally.


Jesus, Mary and Joseph! When Fabby and Turnbaby come out, they really pull out all the stops!!! You'd think they'd been waiting for, like, forever or something. :o)

I confess that all these people in love are making me dreamy-eyed and swoony. And anxious to get home tonight ...


I keep editing myself here.

What I have to confess will reveal itself in time. :)

But I'll throw in the confession-that-isn't-a-confession-because-you-all-know-this-already: Dawg is the love of my life. I am so glad I found him. He is my soulmate. I can no longer imagine living a day without him. And I know he feels exactly the same about me because I see it in his eyes.

(I made at least two of you throw up, didn't I...)

Hey Anonny-nonny!

He makes my heart smile. I know I'm not supposed to let it feel that way, but he does. Nothing can ever come of it yet I can't stop my heart from pounding every time I think of him.

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