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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


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I am a very bad example of someone who is healthy, so I will just wish you good luck in your endeavor and then probably drop dead later today from the 1400 pounds of butter I have consumed in 2007-2008.


You could try contracting food allergies and become terrified of eating. Seems to be working for me... I've lost 6 pounds this past week!


Cheers to being the best fucking you you can be!


Best of luck to you! Maybe soon I'll get motivated to give exercise another try.


Good for you for rejoining JC. IMHO, there is no shame in trying again. God knows, I've lost and regained weight more times than I'd care to count. It seems to be a never-ending journey.

You're absolutely right when you say that what matters is today and moving forward. That's the only positive and productive thing we *can* do.


congrats on rejoining JC... if it's worked for you before - it can definitely work again so thank-you for sharing this most awesome news... i look forward to reading about your weekly successes and losses! :o)


Ha, I just remembered that we're going to have those confusing JC moments again :).

Jesus or Jenny?


I think it's cool of you to post it sugar--more steps.

And I will tell you that with every fricking box and tub I loaded and unloaded and hauled up and down stairs over the past 8 days I felt my extra weight dragging me down.

It's a personal matter for each individual--I'll be cheering you on!

Karen Sugarpants

I already think you're fabulous, but being the best Hilly you can be sounds good to me! Good for you doll. I wish you all the best with it!

Mr. Fabulous

I joined Jenny McCarthy. MUCH different program.


I have no idea what Jenny Craig is but hey, whatever works for you lady!
You be the best you can be and you run up those stairs-that-would-have-put-me-in-hospital and you gooooo!!!!! ;o)


Down with JC, woohoo carrots. Queen Mary photoshoot take 2, i'm with you all the way!


Good for you honey! I just posted today that I feel like I turned a corner myself too. I can completely relate to what you are feeling.

Pinky-swear that we'll do it this time and treat ourselves the way we deserve to be treated!


Does Dave2 have 6 lbs to lose?

If this is what you want, I'm behind you 100%. I promise not to invite you out to lunch to the fattening places. I wish my fat ass could be cured with Jenny, but like Dave I don't eat much. I have a "sensitive" stomach. My fat ass is the result of 2 bad knees and 2 bad lungs and now... a bad hip. :( I miss the old me. Pre asthma and car accident. The old me woulda roller skated with ya! I can hobble behind and cheer you on tho!


We're right here to cheer you on and cheer you up when you need it. You are going to be so fabulous (even more so than you already are) you won't be able to stand yourself.

Maybe you'll get to meet Valerie Bertinelli!


Hey, you do whatever you need to do, I say. I've been thinking about doing the Nutrisystem thing. After all my traveling is done, of course, because that shit's expensive.


It must be a weight loss kind of month.

I totally need to do something, too.

Too bad you aren't up here! I'd totally be a work-out buddy!!


Hey, if you did it once, you can do it again. Good luck on your journey to health. We're rooting for you.


I once again re-re-restarted exercise regiment. Here's to really doing it this time!


I'm with Sugarpants on this one. I think you rock...

You know, The Distance Run in Philly has a walkers group. And it ends at the Rocky Steps, a lot of us ran them after the half. (That's when I ran them.) You could set that as a goal for 2009. (NOT that I am looking for an excuse to run it again.)


You go, girl. You'll get nothing but praise from me, since I am in the same boat. I lost 70 pounds on WW 4 years ago, and have let myself gain back all that & then some. Why? Who knows. All I know is that I've got to get myself back on track. Kudos & have fun skating!


Good luck with JC. I need to find something.. but someone telling me what to eat just makes me eat a pound of fudge.

Lady Jaye

Congrats! Your post really inspired me to get off my own ass and lose some weight as well. I promised myself after my divorce I was going to lose weight but I've done nothing since then and honestly have probably put on about 10 pounds. So thank you for being so honest because you've totally helped me out.


Congrats on getting out of your own way!

I know JCraig works and I hear the food is much better now. I'm tempted to try it again myself.

You will lose the weight and then please use your new muscles to beat them until they tell you the secret to keeping it off (and then tell the rest of us). :)

Rock it out.


yay! if you ever need to vent or whine or anything, you know where to find me!


Way to go Hilly! Glad you are doing JC. Their food is pretty good when long ago I was on it. I did make the decision to do wt wtchers again as I want to get rid of some of this acreage once and for all and feel good, dangit. Have a great week!

Iron Fist

In response to your part about the heavy breathing, I'd just like to point out that sex IS a form of exercise. Ahem.

Diane Mandy

Good for you in joining. If I were back in a country where I understood the language, I'd join with you. Good luck!


Is that you Ms. Carnes? Why, you look...yummy. Let's do this next take with you and Ms. Bertinelli on your surfboards...

Good for you. : )


I am so exactly right where you are. The thing is, this is a daily thing, a lifestyle change... permanent. Slacking off starts so innocently with 1 day, then the next, and I feel the same way you do. Kind of disappointed in myself, but also kicking myself back into gear. I guess I'm trying to say, you're not alone. And I know if you can do it, there's hope for me. And if I can do it, there's hope for you.
Mostly though, I love that you love yourself. That, more than anything in this world, is the best ever gift for you.

(I wonder if there is some secret rule that people, who have never been fat, follow. Like do good for 6 days & slack off for 1?)

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