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Thursday, May 15, 2008


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Miss Britt

You are, in fact, "so cute, wearing my "boobie shirts" and flitting around like I am something special."

That's one of my favorite things about you.


I've hit that phase too in a slightly different way. I don't bother with the makeup and wear what's comfy and think, "I'm old enough that I don't give a shit if you think I look like crap. Eff you." There is a huge freedom in not caring what other people think. You just keep on doing what feels good to you. Those other people, Eff them if they have any negative thoughts whatsoever.

BTW, feel free to call me any time. I was wondering last night if maybe you wanted to go out for a coffee and a chat or something...


I totally agree with Britt! I like your attitude, Miss Thang. :)


"It's more like the weight is a catalyst which deems whether or not I am allowed to love myself."

So true for me too.

Shine on, girl. SHINE ON.

hello haha narf

personally, i like your boobie shirts.

you rcok, hill. i'm glad you know it.


You are beautiful.

It was my first impression of you in Philly when you walked through the AvitaSuite door.


You are cute, and awesome, and I'm glad that there are times when you totally know it.


I like those days. I don't have them very often (like once a year, maybe...) but I enjoy them when they're there!! :)


Ah Hilly, how wonderful. What a WONDERFUL place to be!

Enjoy. Enjoy. And cultivate that feeling so that you can recapture it at will.


"flitting around like I am something special."

I don't see what the problem is here. Why shouldn't you? You are wonderful. You are funny. You are joyous and lively. And you are beautiful.

I'm so glad you're realizing that.


It's amazing how good friends and good times can cause good feelings... I find when I surround myself with people who ADD to my happiness, I feel better about my looks; just as when I'm around people who don't do much for me, I feel like crap.

I've tried to make it a rule, only hang around with people who do something positive to my overall life... the rest can pound sand...


Wow that title caused an ear-worm! Damn, I havn't heard that song in years!
I'm so glad you are feeling pretty, you should, it's about bloody time Lady! ;o)


Feeling that way about yourself starts a wonderful circle - how you feel inwardly shows on the outside, which causes a certain 'glow' that people see and feel and share - which comes back to you, again making you feel better inside and out.

Did that make sense? ;-) Good for you!!


Breaking out the iPhone to post from work, yes...it's that important. I love that you care about fashion. I love that you take pride in yourself, but most importantly, I love that you are realizing that stupid comments don't define anything about you. I'm so happy that you are seeing what all of your friends have seen all along. You are beautiful.

radioactive tori

I think your attitude only adds to your natural beauty. I haven't met you (yet) but I already know you are beautfiul both inside and out.

That Bitchy Chick

Being the "fat girl in high school", this post totally could have been written by me. I'm still no skinny girl and in fact, I'm quite certain I never will be, and that's alright. It took me 12 years but I can now look in the mirror and see something beautiful looking back. And ya know what? I love wearing my "boobie shirts" because frankly, I love my boobies. I don't know you, and have, unfortunately, never met you, but I think you're a beautiful woman and I've seen all of the TequilaCon photos swarming around out there and you shine in every one of them!


YAY! What a great attitude. I wish I could figure this out for myself.


What a fabulous feeling! I definitely "get it" and I am so glad for you. You are a beautiful woman and there's no reason for you to think otherwise.

Miss Britt

"It's amazing how good friends and good times can cause good feelings... I find when I surround myself with people who ADD to my happiness, I feel better about my looks; just as when I'm around people who don't do much for me, I feel like crap.

I've tried to make it a rule, only hang around with people who do something positive to my overall life... the rest can pound sand..."

Ahem. Simply reposting because it bears repeating.


Ah --another step sugar--another step.

You are beautiful.

And YAY for being with positive people. I too choose them--life is too short to do otherwise.



It's about damn time that you start loving yourself how you are now.
I have been there more times than you can count. Looking at myself unclothed in the mirror is still difficult because although I have dropped a lot of weight, the same problem areas are there, just a bit smaller and now I have new problem areas, like my arms.
But...I finally learned that I have to love me before anyone else will.

And I love me.....I really, really love me.

And I love you too Hilly!


I thing you are pretty. And for the record there is nothing wrong with showing off boobies!


OK that was supposed t be "think" ... typing too fast I suppose, or you had me distracted with that booby talk .. :)


I feel like a pretty pretty princess in my tiara... EXCEPT SOME BITCH STOLE MY TIARA!! Heh. :-)


I honestly think that looking good is all about attitude. I felt good and cute yesterday, and at a reception, a man that I just met (a very cute one too) hugged me good-bye... if I had not been feeling cute and outgoing, that never would have happened.

You are beautiful, even though I have not met you in person. Just remember that.

(So are you feeling the hilly-love today?)


You are very pretty, I thought so the first time I saw you. =3

Mr. Fabulous

You ARE all that, and a bag of chips, my dear. You are pretty on the inside and pretty on the outside.

Can I have Dave's tiara? Please? Pretty please?


Ugh, who said that?? So I can go kick their ass!!

Seriously, though....the first thing I thought about you when I saw you was how pretty and self-confident you were, cuz that's the vibe you totally throw out there, whether or not it may be true in the moment.

And honestly, you ARE! It doesn't matter what size a person is, I honestly think it's the way they carry themselves that gives that instant impression of how attractive you think they are.


Everyone: Thanks for the overwhelming response! I am doing my best to answer all comments one by one!

Britt: Thank you so much. I thought being around your tiny cute ass would make me feel huge, but it just made me feel all girl power and shit.

Winter: I love those rare moments in time when I truly do not care what anyone thinks. And thanks for the offer...I definitely will :).

Diane: WooHoo, bring it on!

Sizzle: That is probably the most important piece of self discovery I've had this month. When the sun shines we shine together...now that is stuck in my head.

Hello: Personally, I like your boobies.

Poppy: Coming from you, that is quite the compliment :)

Avi: Awesome too? I was just going for "cute" but I'll totally take "awesome!"

Kyra: I am so glad you have them cause I think you and I are totally like this (eye to eye).

Nanna: I will cultivate it....and I hope to recapture it more than not!


Finn: First of all, you are too sweet! Second of all...dammit, I *am* going to let my freak flag fly!

Tori B: Much like Britt pointed out, that first paragraph is plain genius. I have been thinking that very thing but never put it into words, so thank you.

Penelope: I've been singing it for two days now so I thought it was an appropriate title!

Tug: It makes perfect sense. People who are happy inside are always more beautiful outside. People who are not, well..it shows.

Foo: Awww, I love you so much. You are one of the people that ground me and make me realize that it is important to be fabulous even if I am un petite chubalicious :).

Tori: I think you and I are a lot alike...and we would totally get along in person on so many levels.

Bitchy Chick: I am glad that you could relate and that we all have somewhere we can go read and nod our heads to know that we are not alone. We totally need to rock those boobie shirts all of the time!

Sue: It's only taken me a few years to get it.

Tab: Can we please snoopy dance?


Britt: It does bear repeating...seriously, this is what I needed to hear and a way of life I should stick to always.

Turn: I like to truly take baby steps...either because I am all about the journey or because that is all I can muster. I'll let you decide ;).

Rachel: That made me grin from ear to ear! It is so rare to hear someone say that they love themselves and truly mean it, so yay you!

Gman: Boobies, flustering male bloggers worldwide.

Davey-Joe: I'm sorry, cupcake. If I give your tiara back, will you feel all cute and sexified again?

Anneke: My goodness, yes! I just posted really quickly about how I felt, not expecting much...but everyone is so freaking amazing today. Thank you!

Motley: You are the sweetest thing!

Fab: He might go into a rage that compares to nothing you've ever seen. I don't need "maniac Dave" on the loose!

Adena: Just some dumb whore...I can tell you in email. But thank you for telling me what vibe you are picking up. It is always so nice to know what others are seeing when they look at me!

Mr. Fabulous

That would be SO cool.

I would do ANYTHING for that tiara...


What a good post. I like fighters :-)

Cissa Fireheart

Bravo, Hilly dear! I am so proud of you for finding the beautiful we all know is inside and not being afraid to talk about how you struggled with it.

I find myself more and more connected to you as a person with every post. I am glad to call you my blog buddy!

Please lie and tell me you are coming to BrittCon?


That's the thing, Hilly. You're money and you don't even know it!

And, for what it's worth, I like the new picture on the left of your blog...


Nice post, Hilly. My fiance has been stressed about her weight lately, especially with our wedding coming up in 5 weeks. So she's on this diet... she calls it "40 days and 40 nights" and is only eating certain foods (she met with her doctor first) and 5 days into this, she's pretty happy.

I have done the same "put off.. put off" with my writing and now with my blogging, working on short stories, a screenplay, two novels and writing down each and every idea I get at all hours of the day and night, it feels really good to be moving forward.

So I know exactly how you feel about moving forward. It's a great feeling.


Fab: Would you even "catch" for Davey-Joe?

Göran: Thanks...I like being a fighter.

Cissa: I would be happy for you to call me blog buddy! And of course I am going to BrittCon...how could I miss it?

Shiny: No baby, you're money. And uh, thanks about the pic...I was so hung when it was taken ;).

Marty: I am very happy that you too are moving forward...it is a good time of year to do it.


I'm glad you are feeling good about yourself this week Hilly. I'm not quite there yet. I was the opposite...I was think back in school and now I'm chubbier and buried myself under some fat. I know I need to peel back the layers to find myself again...that's the way I'm feeling today anyway. I have a ways to go.
Like your new pic too! You are beautiful, I thought that when I first visited your blog a year or 2 ago.


Puh-leeze. I once heard that a former coworker said, "And she thinks she's all that." Well, duh. I do because I am. You and I? We have no time for the haters. We are friggin' fantabulous and if other folks can't see it? Well, as a college roommate used to say, fuck 'em and feed them beans.

Iron Fist

Personally? I'm a big fan of your boobie shirts. I don't know how I'd tattoo you otherwise. (well, I can probably think of a way, but that might be awkward if other people are around.)


Well, since there's no clue why you're feeling this way, I'll just say I'm happy that you are! Now show off that chest!


You have boobie shirts?

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