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Saturday, May 17, 2008


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Excellent lineup this weekend. I'm going to try my best to listen to everyone.


I love that picture of you! You look so mischevious!
I also need new glasses, I read "So strap in, grab some coffee or a cocktail" SO quickly that I could have sworn it said "Strap on....something something.....cock...." I did wonder what this radio thing was all about! ;o)


David Tenant kisses? He might not be on my top 9, but he still is quite yummy...

I'll have to sign up for one of those mid-June dates, I guess. Should be fun -- you can have people "ask the Jew" all over again, a la Jester's show...


at first I thought it was a typo but thinking of it, it's probably not because I could SO see Karl just stare at Britt during the radioshow... Stare and do heavy breathing... That's what he's gonna do, right? Right?


Boy, those spots are filling up. Let me get my best voice together and find a day where it's just me at the house and I'll email you a date. Having fun with Hilly would be memorable.... :)


Karl: Do, or do not. There is no "try". ;)

Penelope: Hahaha, well you know it's not an unlikely even to actually SEE the word "cock" on my blog. Man, I wish that was what the show really entailed!

Shiny: Yay! I can't wait for you to yanno...actually pick a date then come talk about Jew stuff on my radio show. That way I can pick on you about the death of my savior ;).

Dutchy: While I totally corrected my faux pas, that was funny! It really is probably true!

Marty: You're another one that just has to pick a date and I will jump for joy! Well no, cause my boobs bounce so maybe I will just squee with glee!

Mr. Fabulous

Why can't *I* be lusty and busty, dammit?


I'll have some DELICIOUS DISH to spill June 22nd sugar--wanna have first dibs???


Fab: Isn't it enough that a whole saying revolves around you? (e.g. You're FUCKING fabulous)

Turnbaby: Yes I wanna have first dibs! Consider yourself booked!

Iron Fist

I'm not normally one to talk myself up, but I have to admit I DO put the 'sexy' back in 'sexy tattoo artist'. Just sayin'.

Miss Britt

I've told my husband I have a second job on Sunday night.

I think he'll buy it if I can show him a check stub. *hint* *hint*


I really have to get organized. I have only caught a couple of your shows. (Which, btw, were excellent!) It falls in line with my TV watching which, I, too, have not been doing so much of. Thank goodness for DVR... I don't HAVE to watch now, I can watch later!

Will catch up on all your radio shows eventually. Promise. ;)

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