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Friday, May 16, 2008


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You got Adam to be on your show?

You are the most powerful woman in the universe.


I am traveling this weekend.



I am SO on board with your plans. Tonight - food shopping and laundry. Tomorrow - cleaning house, getting out spring clothes and cooking at home for the first time in weeks. Sunday - Tivo and more home cooked meals.

In fact, my main goal may be NOT to get out of my PJs and/or shower this weekend. I may not even step outside....it's just sleep, clean, eat healthy and nest. I'm so looking forward to it!!! It's coming after two crazy weekend and lots of travel...so it's about time.

Oh, and also, my husband and I plan to discuss and decide on a major possibility for our lives...that will like end up in some more eating. :)

Have a great weekend!


Because I work all week and have my kids on my own, I often choose to spend my weekend chilling out on my own - I love my own company these days. I know exactly what you mean though, when I tell people I am going to be on my own catching up on *my* stuff and *me* time I'm sure I see horror/pity in their eyes. I just don't need to be around people all weekend too!
Hope yours is tailor-made just for you :o)


Hil, how sad am I? I actually envy your weekend plans! I wish I could be at home, catching up on laundry & other household chores and relaxing. Haven't had the chance to do that in quite a while, and it shows. . . .

Tonight my boyfriend and I will do "dinner-and-a-movie."

Tomorrow I'll hit the gym in the early morning, then work for 4-5 hours. In the evening, I am going to a baseball game, followed by a concert, with my best friend and boyfriend. If the concert doesn't last too last, I'm supposed to make a cameo at another friend's party on the way home.

Sunday morning I am picking up an expert witness at the Phoenix airport and driving him 3+ hours to Kingman, Arizona, where my boss is in a 2-week jury trial. I will spend Sunday afternoon/evening helping my boss prepare witnesses for trial and spend the night in Kingman. I'll attend trial on Monday and return the expert to Phoenix on Monday afternoon/evening.

Is it just me, or does work figure all-too-prominently in these plans?!


I hate it when I have a ton of busy weekends in a row. It's too much! I need to relax!

We are traveling this weekend... to see my in-laws. Horrah. :(


I don't know what I'm doing, except for Sunday evening at some time that I don't remember.


This weekend I plan to unpack my bags, do laundry, and spend inordinate amounts of time catching up on blogs and TV. Wait, am I you?


My weekend sounds a bit like yours -- laundry, cleaning the kitchen, clearing the DVR. Oh, but I might also have a date.


I think I've mentioned this here before, but I'm that weird extroverted only child who lives off the energy of others, but then burns out and only wants a weekend to herself, and then gets lonely by day 2. I attribute that to either never being really satisfiable or just plain nutty. ;)


Poppy: Yeah, I am not quite sure how the hell I made that happen. Maybe the power of the sweet sweet posse?

Davey-Joe: Meh...I wish you could stay home and be lazy too!

Maryann: Oooooooh, pj weekend! That sounds like a plan for me too. Yanno, I will shower just cause of the aforementioned OCD but back into peejays!

Penelope: I hope the same for you. And why can't those super active people just let us be? ;)

Sharon: Uh no way, it's not just you....sister, you need a "you weekend" stat!

Kim: Woo hoo for relaxing. And do you like the in-laws? I can't give a woohoo unless I know ya do!

Avi: At 6pm your time, you will be wondering why the hell you said yes.

Karl: I think so! We're total butt buddies!

Dags: Oooh lala, a date? Your weekend sounded exactly like mine until you said "date". Le sigh.

Diane: You and I are a lot alike in that. I feel like I keep becoming more and more drained and need to recharge.

radioactive tori

We are so almost the same exact person sometimes. I ALWAYS waste the time I should be relaxing straightening up because I can't actualy relax until everything is done.

This weekend my twins are doing their first communion and then we are having a huge party with the entire family at our house. I have been cooking and cleaning all day and can't wait until the stupid planning/work part is over and the party part begins! Sunday I will be cleaning up from the mess. Then I might run or swim a little to relax and feel like I got a bit of a weekend. I really really envy your weekend plans. Not to say that the party won't be fun, but 50-60 people for dinner is a lot of work!

Miss Britt

As fun as weekends away are, it also tends to make yu feel like you didn't get a 'weekend' after awhile.

My weekend? Involves taking a kid to a movie on Saturday and sitting on my ass all day Sunday.

Until, that is, the Radio Rock Block begins. :-)


Right now I´m sitting with a glass of wine in front of an open fire (in the fire place) watching tv, reading blogs. Tomorrow will be about relaxing and then going to see/listen to Nick Cave at Annexet. I´m kind of stoked about that, haven´t seen him perform in prolly 12 years.
Sunday will be about relaxing too, things here have been keh raaayze for weeks.
Enjoy it, I know I will :-)


well, from what my husband says, it looks like i am going to be watching him play video games.

I'm working on a new blog design and MT4 is making my brain hurt. But that's ok because my head will probably explode soon as we have had a house guest for WEEKS and seriously, i'm going insane.


Normally when you have clothes strewn all over the house, it means someone has been "getting busy" Is there something you are not telling us??? :)

I'm trying to have my plans this weekend include golf and being out in the sun most of the time.


I don't mind having a weekend like that.. catching up on laundry is going to be on my agenda too.

Cissa Fireheart

Friday: Girls' night out...piercings and popcorn....(a couple of girls are getting pierced and we're hitting the movies)

Saturday: Work....and more sickness recovery

Sunday: Long day of work and recovery...I probably shouldn't be working so much since I am still weak, but I need the money for BrittCon :)


I'm unpacking.... still... and getting ready for a yard sale... and maybe going to church with my mum... other than that... no plans... which I'm totally ok with!


catching up on laundry, my dvr and straightening up for the cleaners to come on Monday....fun weekend abound


I've got a couple plans but really, the big deal this weekend is it's the first overnights that Death? has had to do since she had the baby. So she'll be sleeping most of the day and at night I'll be home, alone, with Addie. Should be interesting.


Well sugar I cannot WAIT for the RadioRockBlock!!

You know--they have 'channels' on BTR. We could have our own channel and promote our Sunday night shows.

I know all about feeling like I've got WAY too much to do sugar--YUP.


Pffft, who knows. I don't make plans. I'm all about the spontaneity.


I'm totally with you on the OCD-edness of it all...it's just so messed up when you mix it with a healthy helping of depression and end up with a pigpen of a house that drives you simply mad. (Or perhaps that's just me.) We should totally trade houses for the weekend because I have NO issue straightening up for others, only my own messes bring me to tears!


Radioactive Tori: Phew, even *I* can't wait for you to get to take a load off! Enjoy the party!

Britt: Ass-sitting is a really great way to spend the weekend. We should form a club or something. Oh wait....

Göran: Wow, your night sounds so relaxing already! I'd kill for it to be wine and a fireplace tonight!

Jodi: I'm not sure which of those I'd like less...the headache or the constant weekend of video games. Probably the headache though :).

Tori: That unpacking takes its toll, doesn't it?

Rachel: So you and I will be doing the exact same things? I feel like bursting into song with "Somewhere out there..."

Brandon: Wow yeah, some time adjustments are probably highly in store for you!

TB: Oh they DO have channels? Cause we'd have to probably rate it XXX or yanno, at least R ;).

Stacey: A woman after my own heart...

Denise: I tell you...last night I straightened my bedroom and have been here ever since I got home from work. I don't want to even think about going downstairs for a long time!


Marty: Pfffft, only if you count getting busy with myself. And frequently ;).

Fluffy: It's when I have too many of them that I get bored...but then again, too many party weekends leave me strung the fuck out.

Cissa: You're such the wild child. I think we are going to have too much fun in NY!


I am cleaning like mad (any minute now) to get ready for the dreaded mom-in-law visit this weekend.





Cleaning now.



My brother is coming to visit on Sunday. How thrilled do I sound? Motley is supposed to be going to Knotts for her birthday on Sat. I'm gonna try to keep myself from volunteering to drive them there. I hate Buena Park. I hate the price of gas.

I'm going to sleep in a whole hour and get up at 7 am. I'm gonna moderate chat at the sim, even though I was too pissed off on Tuesday to enter any horses and now I have no horses running. Gonna try to stay cool. (That will probably be a losing battle.) Gonna try to get some work done on the Bar Story, and start my 2nd submission for Pink Chair Diaries. Gonna listen to Snackie Radio et al...

Damn. Just typing that makes me yawn. :(

Black Belt Mama

I am preparing for Open House #4. You're sorry you asked now, aren't you? The good news is that if your place is messy, you can totally come hang out at mine. Martha's been here.


Nothing exciting that's for sure. I have to go to my dad's cabin and work to get the cabin open, clean and mow lawn and things like that as I said I would help this year more as we all use it. And on Sunday, fun, fun I get to study for 2 tests on monday for my college. Tonight? Writing a 5 page paper on bone densitometry. Fun much??? Ha! At least I get out of the house to the cabin so it's something.
I really need to clean my house too but no time!x!


Lunch with girlfriends tomorrow, BBQ w/friends tomorrow night, sitting on my ass by the pool on Sunday with a side of laundry. Have fun with your Tivo. Gossip Girl, must see TV.


My house is a complete disaster and we're having people over for dinner tomorrow night, which means I will spend all day tomorrow mucking out the house and shopping for dinner goodness. Then there's the mountain of laundry and the pergola my husband is building in the backyard. There will be much avoiding of the pergola on my end lest I get sucked into the vortex of the pergola/pond project that has made a giant crater in my yard!

But the baby ducks are here and there is nothing cuter on this earth than one day old baby ducks! So it's all good - I will be playing with baby ducks this weekend.


For basically the last year of Chris' and my relationship, I did NOTHING every weekend. Maybe I'd have a dinner with a girlfriend, but my entire life consisted of working out, training for the marathon, and making excuses for why CHris and I never *DID* anything together.

So, in this new relationship, I kinda feel like my world has come alive-- he always wants to DO stuff, and I love it. Last night we went on an arts crawl through the old NE Mpls artists loft district. Today I have to go to a wedding (stag), and then on Sunday we're going to an orchestra concert.

Whereas I used to feel that my weekends were all about running, cutting down the TiVo, cleaning, laundry, yard work, dog care, etc... now I feel like they are all about FUN again.

And I love it.

But holy shit, I'm exhausted.


Last night I took the boys to go see Speed Racer (didn't like it but they did, that's what counts) and then today I'm taking them to the library. Tonight I'm going out to dinner with friends and then tomorrow is my laundry, clean around the house day. Before you know it...Monday will be here and we have to start all over again!


It is over, but I spent most of it in the garden weeding and planting and getting sunburned. Ugh. WHY DO I DO THESE THINGS TO MYSELF?


Hmm, maxing and relaxing - no waxing?

Couching and slouching - no douching?

(Yup, I went 'over the edge' with that one - I'm looking for the real me online and I don't know if I'm getting closer or further away)

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