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Thursday, May 29, 2008


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so now we can stop the commentfest?

Whaddif I don' *want* to, huh? whatcha gonna do? huh?

yeahhhh, i didn THINK so.

anonymous (not jenny)

I would like to hear a discussion about what kind of product Vahid uses in his hair to keep his curls so luscious, as well as your thoughts on the pros/cons about skinny mustaches like John Waters'.

Oh, and I would also like to know who Vahid thinks is better at Ms. Pacman: Jenny or Dee-Dee.


Since we have just found each other I have not had the pleasure of listening to radio show. But I will be listening this week for sure!

Iron Fist

To quote my blog brother Dustin: "No good can come of this."

...and just to preemptively answer one question: boxers. Thank you.


PacNW is something the dude from Poison came up with? I thought we've been the PacNW for ever.. hm.


Dave: Bitch better do what I say if he wants it back!

Whall: Winner or not (you'll know tomorrow!), you should get the "attendance award" or something. You know for being here every day and trying like a good little soldier? ;)

Who Is This Jenny Person?: Done, doner and donest. I've been wondering about that super curly awesomeness myself!

Karen: Yay, I will be so excited for you to be there! I love new friends :).

Vahid: Well there goes my whole segment called "Getting Into Vahid's Pants". Thanks. Thanks for nothing.

Tori: Ha, no sorry....Bret Michaels uses the term "smokin hot hottie" ALL OF THE FREAKING TIME! Please don't ask me how I know that, though. Ahem.


Uh, regarding the alternate pic... Is that a giant jug of lube under the window? Just curious.


Rick: First of all, hieeeeee! Secondly LubriDERM, sicko!


I will be out of town this Sunday, but I promise not to miss some of your upcoming shows - I had fun last night :o)

hello haha narf

good for you, stepping outside of the incestuous bubble! hope that things work out to where i can listen on sunday...


I'd like to know what books Vahid recommends for people wanting to start reading scifi but not wanting to get into anything too tech heavy.

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