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Monday, August 28, 2006


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Loved the post! Way to put Batman in his place. I especially like the way you handle those that use "fat bitch". I will remember that and make use of your response in the future! Thanks for the inspiration!

Mr. Fabulous

Well, it's offical. You are my hero.

Don't get too excited though. There are no prizes or anything.

Maybe a pedestal, though.


Screw Batman. He's a whiny little bitch.


I can tolerate that kind of stuff if they can give me reasons for their conclusions. They usually can't because they are usually idiots.


I love your tough girl not taking anything and am glad you are just the way you are.


I guess the joke is on Batman, eh? I missed that nasty comment by the way. Oh, and yes, you're so right...all we do is laugh at their ignorance anyway. Plain ol' stupidity! And to think we couldn't figure out where they were from, or even who they are...they can't hide in the Bat cave forevah! :o)
Love ya girlie,


As my daughter would say, "what a penis-head." (when she was a kid, we wouldn't allow her to curse ... so she made this one up ... she said it wasn't cursing, it was anatomically correct...kids!)

I'm going to have to learn how to block trolls. Haven't gotten around to it yet.

I haven't had any trolls so far ... but after the penis-head comment, I might have to!


Wow, that literally made me flinch. If somebody called me those three words it would probably send me crying into the fetal position. Luckily we all know that he learned that term from his mother--since that's what she is. Yes. I went there.


Krista: Yeah totally not worried about name-callers; actions scare me more than words do.

Fab: If I knew all it took was me getting cussed out to become your hero, we could have skipped the foreplay, seriously ;).

Karl: Thanks - always having my back and stuff.

Dagny: That is why I was actually hoping it was someone I knew...shoot, at least then they may have provocation from my prior, not-so-cool years.

Annie: You know that old saying? Well, I have had so many words thrown at me and survived; in fact, maybe I can take on the sticks and stones too!

Aim: Batman posted to an entry from February so whatever; you did not miss much at all; I'm guessing Batman is in his cave now.

JJ: I used to brag to Foo all of the time that I never got hate mail or hate comments but uh, then I started getting them, so bragging might work out for you ;).

Rach: You ARE a superhero for going there! At first I almost came up out of my chair when I saw that email but then quickly realized that is exactly what those people like anyway.


Damn, some people have nerve eh? I love the responses you come up with for the nimrods out there. Screw em'. We're fabulous and we know it. Neener neener.


How sad is it when someone has nothing better to do than leave a nasty comment on the blog of someone s/he doesn't even know?

Pathetic. . . . .

Robin P

I have never understood why people leave rude comments. It totally baffles me.
If I came upon a post that I disagreed with,I would probably just move on. I don't enjoy sparking a huge heated debate.
I would never call someone a rude name. It just shows lack of imagination and immaturity! Who cares about people like that??


I had somebody leave me a comment that said I was a whiny little "c-word"... but that's not the odd part. When I reverse look-uped the IP address to see how they found me, the referrer was a Google search for "kiddie porn picture girls".

So, you can see the kind of people who leave these comments. :-)

ms. sizzle

i've been called fat and i've been called a bitch but never together. i like your attitude. i need to rub some of it off on me. i'm way to sensitive. i'm such a pansy.



Jen: Exactly, sistah....let people say what they want as long as we know better and so do the ones that truly love us.

Sharon: Right? With so much porn on the net, there has to be something better to do ;0.

Robin: That has been my total M.O. lately....just moving on from things that baffle me; I am not shocked that people disagree with some of the things that I say NOR do I care if they even tell me that they disagree if they do so in a respectful and intelligent matter...hell, I am the poster child for "live and let live". The funny thing is that it was not even a controversial post, LOL.

Dave: You are totally right; this search was not much better so we are talking about the lowest common denomitaor of "humans" here.

Sizz: I used to totally take everything people said about me internally and cry about it and make it eat me up inside.....I don't know where I grew my sack but I am glad that I did. I won't lie and say that things never hurt me, but you have to be someone I care about in order to even engage my emotions, you know?


I'm pretty sure that was my ex-husband hiding behind the "Batman" handle. That choice little phrase was one of his favorite nicknames for me.


Batman has issues... I feel sorry for him ;) NOT!!!


I still don't understand how such a search led the dickwad to my site! I don't HAVE any kiddie porn there! I can only guess it was an archive page and the words were pulled from different entries. I am so totally a pervert and don't even know it! :-)


I won't use the dreaded "C" word, but I will call you "fucking crazy." But it's all in love. You know that.

Hey, when did your header graphic switch to "Making Life..." from "Making Fat..."?


SJ - Tell him to grow up ;).

Bee - I know; we always knew he was wayyyy too into Robin.

Dave - I have had the same thing happen just cause I happened to use three words on the same archive page that somehow let to a search for "fat gorillas sucking cooch" and I often wonder wtf?

Kevin - I am crazy so that's cool.


Clearly an imposter. Batman would never talk to a girl.


I'm just sayin' there are those folks out there that will post anything to get a rise out of someone, and will post things to people they don't know, because then they don't have to face the reality of people.

Some people suck.


I missed the nasty comment the first time around but as result I got something much, much better with this post.:)

Hey Tuesday is almost over chickie, where's the story of unrequited love you promised?:)

Mr. Snackie

Question not the wisdom of pooman23@yahoo.com, and the 22 previous poomen before him.


LMAO! I never get any trolls...WAHHHH!! I want me some trolls, dammit. Even a super troll at that. Batman. Nice.

Ok, seriously, I have been feeling like an invalid lately and I think it's because of the "I'm too fat to go outside" thoughts that surge through my brain every once in awhile. Is it rational? No. I need to freakin stop. Seriously. Because I need a tan.

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