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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


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1.) Uh duh, Caesar's Palace
2.) Actually although I hate the hotel, the slots are loose at The MGM Grand. I like Caesar's and Paris as well due to high ceilings which equals less second hand smoke gaggage.
3.) Buffet is the Carnivale Buffet at the Rio, hands down. We also love The Top of the World at The Stratosphere.
4.) I don't really partay like that anymore but my Sij said The Rio has a great bar up at the top level so maybe we'll check it.
5.) Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower and watch the water show at The Bellagio....or just shop til you drop!
6.) Amaretto Sour, hands down.
7.) Slot Fever, slot feveeerrrr.
8.) This is hard...best that is ALWAYS there, is The Blue Man Group at The Venetian. I also loved when Avenue Q was at The Wynn and Wayne Brady was there on Turkey Day!


1) The Bellagio.
2) The Hard Rock.
3) Gandhi India's Cuisine (gandhicuisine.com)
4) Tao at The Venetian.
5) Uhhhh... my answer won't apply to you. :-)
6) Long Island Ice Tea.
7) Blackjack (hit on a soft 17).
8) Blue Man Group.
9) I don't care as long as it has neon in it.


1) The Bellagio.
2) I won a ton of money at the Tropicana the first time I went to Vegas
3) Hmmmm It was an Italian Resteraunt in the Vanitian (gandhicuisine.com)
4) Never been to a club Hmmmm
5) I loved the dolphins, but I am cheesey like that.
6) Margarita or anything with tequilla
7) Slots
8) GO see Zumanity at NY NY!
9) I sent you an email... but the fountains at night :)


Dave - thanks, we shall try that restaraunt.

Lori - Funny, the Chinese restaraunt across from the Blue Man Theater at The Venetian is killer too!

Okay here is one of my freaky things...I cannot stand Cirque Du Soleil, LOL.


1.) Fave hotel?
The Paris. Stayed in a suite there when we got married.
For free, bitches!
2.) Fave casino?
Hmmmm...I like the Tropicana.
3.) Fave restaraunt?
Mesa Grill. Cesars. Its a Bobby Flay restaurant. Go. Enjoy. Thank me later.
Oh wait! The fancy restaurant at the Paris (the name escapes me) rocks the casbah. Try the escargot. They're delish.
4.) Fave club or party room?
The Beach is fun for a club that's not in a casino. If you're looking to stay on the strip, Studio 54 at the MGM rocks.
5.) Coolest thing to see or do in Vegas other than gambling?
Shop. Duh.
6.) Fave mixed drink?
Cape Cod. Mai Tai. Sex on the beach.
7.) Fave method of gambling?
My favorite is a good game of 21. But the last few times I've played, I've sucked. So now I just drink and gamble on if I'm going to puke or not.
8.) Best show you've seen?
Blue Man Group.
*disclaimer* We got in for free and it's the only Vegas show I've ever seen.

Have a blast. Enjoy a shot (or three) for me!


Jamie, I thought I would HATE the Blue Man Group but actually LOVED the show.....except for the heart thumping, strobe lighting, crate papering finale which gave me high anxiety, LOL.


I've been to vegas, but I don't remember much... no, I wasn't in a drunken stupor but I was all on my lonesome in one of the most fun cities in the USA...I stayed in a dodgy Days Inn Hotel type thingy that was NOT on the strip... I did manage to find the neon cowboy though... that made me happy :)
Have a blast Hilly!!!!


Oh, you know I HAVE to chime in on this topic...
1) Venetian...oooh La La...
2) DH and I won a lot at the Sahara. I think there's definitely something about the Sahara not having lots of bills to pay off, such as the Bellagio, HA! Everyone seemed to be winning when we were there.
3)We really enjoyed the Ceasar's buffet...yummy!
4) We never had time to experience a club or party room on our vacay.
5) Shop, of course!
6) Margarita on the rocks please (with salt!)
7) Roulette all the way baaaby. Nickels and pennies occasionally.
8) We saw Zumanity...Um, it was great.. but you need to have an open mind, Hil :o) We spent the extra buck to be in front and it was well worth the show. Their capes were hitting my drinks, that's how close we were..awesome, awesome show.


1.) Fave hotel? I've not stayed there, but the Wynn is GORGEOUS. Love the Venetian. And, as much as you hate it, I'm a little partial to the MGM, since that's where I stayed when I got married. :0)
2.) Fave casino? Eh, no fave.
3.) Fave restaraunt? Again, no fave.
4.) Fave club or party room? House of Blues
5.) Coolest thing to see or do in Vegas other than gambling? Secret Garden at the Mirage
6.) Fave mixed drink? Amaretto Sour
7.) Fave method of gambling? Pai Gow or Hold 'em
8.) Best show you've seen? Zumanity
9.) What hotel specifically or do you not care? Caesars, since that's where you're staying. :0)


Have a great time!

ms. sizzle

i've only been to vegas once (for shame! i know!) so i can't be telling you what my favs are. . . but i can say, have a fantastic trip. i want all the deets!


I got married at the Dunes. It's gone. Imploded.

I've stayed at: Imperial Palace, Palace Station, Circus Circus, Stratosphere, Flamingo, MGM Grand, Caesars

I only play at casinos that play Blackjack face down (MGM Grand, Circus Circus, and a couple of others). I hate playing BJ when everyone can see all the cards.

I also love the slots but don't play nickel slots.

Never went to a show. Too busy gambling! In fact, why we even got a hotel room is beyond me (except to get the stink off from being on the floor!).

The Tilted Kilt (in Rio's All Suites Hotel/Casino) is pretty darn good for food. And they have (last count) 24 different beers. Parrrtaaaayyyy!

My fav drink? White Russians or Tia Maria and OJ (tastes like a tootsie roll).

Have fun...win big! Or at least break even.


1.) Fave hotel? I've stayed at the Rio, it was cool, and believe it or not, I stayed at the hotel next to the Bellagio, but don't remember the name. Liked the lazy river
2.) Fave casino? Um, not really a gambler. Won the most out there at the Rio.
3.) Fave restaraunt? PF Changs
4.) Fave club or party room? The top of the Rio is Fab. Went there for bachlorette party. Dropped at least $300 on drinks, but the cute guys from Canada paid for most of them....
5.) Coolest thing to see or do in Vegas other than gambling? I'm a biiiiiig geek. I like the Star Trek Experience. At the downtown Hilton, I believe. Is it still there???
6.) Fave mixed drink? Cosmopolitan
7.) Fave method of gambling? Video poker or video blackjack.
8.) Best show you've seen? Hmmmm, in Vegas I have seen Sigfried and Roy, and The thunder from down under. I would go for Sigfried and Roy as the fave. I have seen Blue Man Group outside of Vegas, and liked them quite a bit...
9.) If you do email me your address, what kind of postcard would you like...i.e. from what hotel specifically or do you not care?
I will be e-mailing my addy, how about a card from the Paris?


um, yeah, remembered the name, the Monte Carlo.


Have fun and stay safe! Go see the "sensual" Circque show.

Foo Foo

1.) Fave hotel? I've only stayed in a suite at Paris, but loved the Venetian and Bellagio.
2.) Fave casino? Paris, because I couldn't stop staring at the ceiling...possibly due to #6.
3.) Fave restaraunt? I've only had a midnight meal at the Grand Lux Cafe in the Ventetiam, yummers. (was only in Vegas 24 Hrs)
4.) Fave club or party room? House of Blues because we had free everything (Friend was working there)
5.) Coolest thing to see or do in Vegas other than gambling? Shopping with a side of shopping with some people watching thrown in. I haven't been to a show there.
6.) Fave mixed drink? Colorado Bulldog
7.) Fave method of gambling? Wheel of Fortune :o) Dollar slots.
8.) Best show you've seen? Haven't seen one
9.) What hotel specifically or do you not care? Hook me up with anything!


You probably won't see this since I didn't get to this post until Wednesday AM but if you have a chance, go to Piero's near the convention center. It has the best Italian food ever and the ambiance is unbeatable. The restaurant was used in the movie Casino and apparently is a favorite of Jerry Lewis as well (now there's a ringing endorsement!)


1) Fave hotel?
I've stayed at a few. The one with the best rooms was the Monte Carlo. And we are getting married in their chapel in April!
2) Fave casino?
Excalibur. . . but that's only because I won $500 there the last time I went.
3) Fave restaurant?
I don't have one
4) Fave club or party room?
I know it's cheesy, but I love going to the dueling piano bar inside the New York/New York
5) Coolest thing to do or see in Vegas other than gambling?
I love the Bellagio: the fountains, the art museum, the conservatory.
6) Favorite mixed drink?
Rum & Coke (I keep it simple. . . less puking later that way)
7) Fave method of gambling?
8) Best show you've seen?
A few years ago we saw George Carlin at the MGM. He was HILARIOUS!!
My fave ever was probably Mystere by Cirque du Soleil




Ohhh crap. I'm in serious Vegas withdrawal. I haven't been there since last November! AHHHH. Ok, heres mine:

1.) Fave hotel? Bellagio
2.) Fave casino? Aladdin-Um, hi, Monopoly slots are the bomb
3.) Fave restaraunt? Mon Ami Gabi(I"m partial to this because this is where we had dinner right after we got engaged) in Paris
4.) Fave club or party room? I don't have one, we don't go to those
5.) Coolest thing to see or do in Vegas other than gambling? Ceasars Palace shopping or spa at any of the hotels.
6.) Fave mixed drink? Belvedere and Cran
7.) Fave method of gambling? Slots
8.) Best show you've seen? I have never seen a show there(aww, how sad!)




Hil, if you read this... what shows do you plan to go to while you are there?

Tell Elvis I said Hi! I'm sure he'll remember me LOL


I thought I'd posted but I must have spaced on hitting the "Post" key. Oops! Anyway, have a lovely trip and enjoy the water at Bellagio for me!!!


1) Bellagio!
2) The MGM Grand...loved their buffet! I thought I hit the jackpot when I first it! YUM! Dang, this bitch is hungry!
3)Geezzz...so many come to mind. One can't really go wrong in LV!
4) We saw Sheena Easton perform and that hotel rocked with people from all over. It was fun!
5) Have nookie in the hotel room!
6) Espresso martini
7) Slot machines
8) Sheena Easton!
9) I'd be happy to receive any postcard from YOU!

That was fun! Hope you're lovin' the moments!



I'm a little late with my 2 cents here BUT the spa at Mandalay Bay is a serious oasis of calm, beauty, and pampering.


I think Cirque du Soleil - O was one of the coolest things I've seen. And you can't see it anywhere else. I also enjoyed Avenue Q if you haven't seen it already.

I once got lucky at the Palms Casino on a slot machine (250 bucks!) so I always go back there -- although never won again. And they have a pretty good buffet. Although after eating those buffets at twice, it became just sickening to eat all the food.

My big advice is RESERVATIONS. It is going to be crowded this weekend. Really crowded! So if you know you want to do something, call them as soon as possible. Sometimes you can get tickets at the last minute because of cancellations, but it is a pain in the ass. And all the nice restaurants get booked also. You don't want to be stuck eating at Subway on your vacation.


Fave Restaurant is Mon Ami Gabi at Paris. It is so lovely and Parisian and the food is great and not TOOOO expensive AND the best part is you can get an outside table at night and watch the Bellagio fountains go off right across the street.


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