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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


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Glad to know you left the city in one piece. ;-)


What fun -- and that was a great update. It was like we were there. The only question I have is that Shawn won a poker tournament and all we get is one sentence? Is this like a usual thing for him, so it doesn't merit much more? Isn't winning a poker tournament a fairly big accomplishment? Did he cover your losses? (sorry to bring that up...)


Dave - thanks and thanks for babysitting lil Snackiepoo.

Neil - I wasn't there so I cannot give the blow by blow but will link it when he does in his own blog. People always make fun of how long my posts are so I tried to condense the shit out of this thing.....in any case, that is a HUGE accomplishment that has him jazzed up and uh I think all-in-all we left a bit down, but he covered most of my losses, thank GOD!

Sarah Living to Feel Good

Loved looking at the pictures. Now you got me excited for when we go. 17 more days!!


First of all, I have not been in Lost Wages since 1988. I have friends that go there all the time but their descriptions pale to yours.

I am sure I would have skipped the elevator trip. Glass elevators make me think o ftaking the trip to the 36th floor of the St. Francis Hotel in SF -- a common occurrence in my childhood. Just the thought of those rides sends chills through me -- and that's on the mildest of days. Maybe I can fogive my dad for his freakish dislike for ferris wheels. Not.

Oh, and you watched Big Brother? I called up Jade after Thursday night's episode to say that I think that Erica and Jannelle are the studpidest hos who have ever walked the planet. Ummm. Yes, the show makes me feel passionately.


Sounds like you really had a great weekend :) You've made me want to visit there again.. but next time, hopefully i'll take someone with me... Vegas on your own isn't fun.


Three days...I know how you felt! We used to drive up to Vegas on a Friday night after work and leave Saturday night. If we were winning, we'd stay until Sunday. That was just enough time to get in a little debauchery, booze, and gambling without losing our asses!

Shawn's new camera takes great pics.

You didn't mention how hot it was out there, but I heard it was unbearable.

And who the hell makes fun of you for long posts? Point them out to me and I'll kick their ass! The nerve...

Welcome back. Dave was great, but he's not you.


*I* make fun of her for long posts. Come on, come kick my ass, Java! KIDDING! Please don't kick my ass.

Great post. I so wish I could have gone. And big props to Shawn for his tournament win! Wow. You guys'll be LIVING in Vegas soon.


I've always had a blast in Vegas. Of course I have only ever gone with girlfriends, and we got silly and stayed up all night...


As a self-appointed princess, I too do not like my meals with a "side of vagrant". Hilarious!


Yay! It sounds like you had a great time and I'm so happy Shawn won a tourney!! Fun times! Drinks? Did someone say drinks?! Ya gotta drink in Vegas... I heart the pics, by the way :o) You had an awesome, awesome view!!!


sounds like you had such a great time!!!

and the pictures.....i wanna go to Vegas!!!

glad to see your back safely!!


It sounds wonderful!

I would think that a side of vagrant would help you control your appetite. ;-)


OK, next time... TAKE ME WITH YOU Puh-LEASEEEEE!!!!

Mr. Fabulous

Outstanding! We'll be there next month, you have whetted my appetite even more!


Karl...isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black (or some other metaphor)?

And you KNOW you so want your butt kicked ...

(Hi Hill) (and Shawn) (I so want his camera!)


I did say that. So true too. Did you go play the Monopoly slots at the Aladdin?? If not, you have to do that next time. Oh and I also like the Munster ones at Paris.

Glad you had fun! I wish I was there! Boo hoo!


Wow it sounds like you had a great time, Hilly!!! Next year I want to go!! :) heheehe

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