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Thursday, September 28, 2006


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Good for you for being positive again! I totally always get made fun of because even in the worst situation, all I ever seem to see is the good part. Works for me most of the time, but may be a tad bit unhealthy sometimes.

Also, I know the song name, but have no idea who sang it, can I get half a point????

ms. sizzle

thanks for always inspiring me snackie. :)


You really helped me a lot today. Even though I have a positive attitude I am really good at letting excuses get the better of me and being way overdramatic "OH GOD I don't want to fold all this laundry" Or pleeaaassseee not the grocery store. It's all so small in the big picture. I'm ispired by your new attitude and I hope I can do a good job of copycatting.

Mr. Fabulous

You know, that is awesome. I am not sure how many people what a chore it is to get ducks to get in a row. I mean sure, they will follow their mother, but it is very difficult to get them to follow a human, even one as charming and personable as yourself.

This has been a Friday Special Suck Up Comment. We hope you have enjoyed this comment, and ask you to please post responsibly.


Awesome Hil, just awesome. :0)



Thanks for the motivation :) I love these kind of posts. Especially on a Friday afternoon!!!


Awesome post, Hilly - and thanks for the shout-out. My totally OCD-drive "close the kitchen" routine really does help me, psychologically, draw the line between eating-time and not-eating-time.

And WTG on giving up the booze. I'm not quite there yet with a firm "give up" but I am going on four days with no wine so far, and that's good for me (though last night I reallllly wanted my glass of wine with dinner!)

I actually had a dream last night that I was at a bar and ordered a diet coke instead of wine and Chris looked at me as though my head was on backwards. ;-)

Foo Foo

Love this post Hil. I'm thinking about you a lot today and I'm glad that we both got real with what we had been doing. Being surrounded by people that are on the same page makes a world of difference. I puffy heart that we are BFF. Healing vibes are being sent your way.


I definitely need to get better about keeping a positive mental attitude and watching what I say. Snark and sarcasm aren't as fabulous as I'd like to think they are.


You know what? I have the most amazing fruit flies in my life. I do, I really do. I look forward to our evening out. We're long overdue.

Take care of you...



Hey.... what did I miss? What surgery??

I'm addicted to FitDay.com which is how I've lost 10 pounds in the last 4 weeks or so. The wakeup call was recording everything I ate in the first day and seeing the 54 grams of fat I was regularly consuming throughout the course of a normal day.

I've fixed that and I've started exercising again...and it's working.

Good luck to you!! AND your work sitch! I'm trying to change mine too.


That's great. Embracing life, though hard at times, is the way to go!

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