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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


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I didnt realize that Dolce was the club that Ashton owned. I thought it was Boogie's baby. Maybe I'm wrong?

As for Boogie, he is really, really cruel with regards to Erika. If Erika were nicer or smarter, I'd feel sorry for her but bc she isn't I have a hard time relating to her. Janelle on the other hand I think has more of an awareness that she is being played. And as for the Will manipulation I'm not so sure- I think on some level they are playing each other-but at the same time- call me crazy- I think they kinda dig each other really, too.

I'm watching it right now so this makes it very easy to dish.:)


Janet - See, I've been watching the feeds and reading so I know what is happening tonight and stuff too....what I think is secretly Will DOES like her but has Erin at home and is conflicted....you can really read his face and it is like he is stupified as to what to do for once, ya know?

I hear ya about Erika though....on her season, loved her and Jack but she is just ew now.

Oh and I just read the Dolce Website and some other stuff.....Mike Malin and someone else own it but the "That 70's Show" gang are investors in Dolce.

I wish I did not hate Boog cause I want a Les Deux shirt or hat, LOL.


Here is good time wasted to investigate my own question.


I screamed at the TV way too many times last night. Now I'm anxiously waiting for tonight's episode. I still cannot believe how stupid Janelle and Erika are being. Boogie is just downright cruel. And I too used to like Erika. I am just waiting for her to hit the jury house and to discover just how hard she has been played.

I think I'll pass on Dr. Will but the other two? I am with you on your assessment of those two -- especially Dr. Christian Troy. I have loved that man since he was on Charmed.


Dagny - Me too! When we first moved here and I was not working, I would watch the "Charmed" reruns during the seasons he was on...meeeow ;).


Wow, that was more than I ever wanted to know about Mike Boogie's business life. Hell, I didn't even know his last name before reading that.

Course, by now, I imagine you've almost finished watching tonight's episode. Lubb it, lubb it, lubb it.

Foo Foo

A-list right here baby...forwarding Geisha House photo to my girl :o) I swear, you are missing your calling Ms. Internet Snoopster. Richard Hatch = Jail for teh
w!n, LOL.

ms. sizzle

ok i said the SAME damn thing about wanting to get over myself. stupid pms. who ever thought i'd be begging for cramps?

oops, sorry, tmi. :)

anyhow, feeling your pain. literally!


Boogie is a puke. Absolute puke. Did you catch that he said he would PISS and SHIT on Janelle's face if she evicted Will??? I bet his mamma is proud. Blarf.

I'm missing Will already..but the boy did have to go.

Oh and welcome home Hilly!


I'm so out of touch w/ the Soap Opera that is Big Brother All Stars....Ah, well.

I CAN say that I watched "House", tho', and Hugh Laurie is as scrumptious as ever.

(and I've never watched Nip/Tuck, but I used to watch Charmed....*drools a bit*)

...jus me

My husband doesn't like the bad boy Dr. House...I just love him. He does not understand it! He's rude and crude and appeals to all the bad boy yearnings I have ever had. He's yummy! AWWWWWW!


I don't watch BB nor House so I have no idea about this show! I love The Closer. It's probably my fave show. It's finale was on Monday evening. What am I gonna watch until the new episodes in December?

I love that pic from LV. Hope you're enjoying life after Sin City! :)



I read the link about Mike Booger...I guess he feels he doesn't have enough money with all those investments, eh? He's such a punk ass.. I hope he really does end up like Richard Hatch LMAO!


Aim - Reality Blurred has the best recap ever today!


MMMmmmm.... Nip/Tuck is definitely Top 3 on my list. Yummy.

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