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Sunday, September 03, 2006


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Hilly is going to be shocked and appalled at the goings on over here ...

Good thing there is photographic proof of the debauchery of the mascots ...

I don't think there's a 12-step program or rehab center that will take these two into custody ...

Hillz! You need to get back here ... soon! Before all hell breaks loose ... on second thought, maybe you'd better stay in Vegas, it might be too late to save the mascots.

Oh Dave, what HAVE you done?

ms. sizzle

crack whores totally know how to party.


Wow, when did they meet up with Dana Plato? A former child star is the only thing I can think of that would cause this sort of nonsense.


you know, i never checked out your blog before but i just may have too because this was fuckin hilarious!!!


Dude, those don't look like Crack Whores....

Have you been doing a "Shaun of the Dead" marathon session, because I'm seeing some resemblance there....

"Vacant...with just a hint of sadness...like a drunk who's lost a bet..."


Wow, if those are the pictures you can show, I'm dying to see the pics that are sitting underneath!


What??? No Lego Star Wars pics??? LOL

"Visiting an....

old drunk on the street"

ancient junkyard filled with old cars"

Curious minds would like to know.


Dave announced on his blog : "All I do know is that the thought of Lil' Dave meeting up with Lil' Snackiepoo is a very, very dangerous idea that is begging to be explored..."
I imagined a scenario like Quentin Tarantino. I thought that they could have a baby who cries a lot, runs everywhere. And then, Lil Dave would have become insane, and would have been obliged to kill all stupid persons on the planet !!!
But a party with crack whore is nice too ! :-)
(Sorry Hilly for my mistakes. i am not american)


Much better off not knowing. Are those crack whores or zombies?


Those are Zombie Whores of course, my favorite kind.

Foo Foo

I love it! Good times all over the place. Mental note: must send clothes to Hil, the Where's Waldo suit has seen enough craziness...pehaps we run with the crack whore look...let me know. :o)


Dave, I'm almost afraid to ask... but, if Lil Dave and Lil Snackiepoo are on a rampage, who's watching Bad Monkey?


Well of course you have to rob the liquor store before partying with the crack whores. I just hope the whole thing didn't end up like an episode of CSI.


Do you think she's gonna change her password when she returns? I would.


Actually, I am glad I left my blog in such crazy hands...fun post, Dave, yay!

I wanna know what you aren't showing; is it that one night that we shall never mention again? Where we ended up in the big house? ;).

Only one of these things did not happen in Vegas...anyone care to guess? LOL.


The beach frolicking, obviously. Mandalay Bay may have a fake beach-front... but robbing a liquor store so you can party with crack whores seems so much more "Hilly" to me...


That pic of the liquor store is priceless and garnered and outloud laugh. I also love how they're both in their bathing suits from the beach, all day long.

I am, however, quite surprised to not see a jacuzzi scene with Liz. With a Jared trophy on the wall.

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