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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


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I can't tell you how unhappy I am that I've pretty much been forced to quit lots of shows that I really wanted to watch. I can't help it. There's simply not enough time in the day for me to work, go to school, be a mommy and a wife, and ALSO watch hours upon hours of television.

Love lots of the shows you love, sister, so I'm sure we'll have lots to chat about. :0)



I really only have two shows and another that was forced on me. I faithfully watch The Office. The world could be coming to an end, but it would have to wait until 8:00 when The Office is over. I also love The Biggest Loser, although this year doesn't seem to have the same spark. My friend loaned me season 1 of Lost and I watched it all two weekends ago. I got my hands on season 2 and cleared that away last weekend. Now I'm waiting for the season premier. I'm not a Lostie--I won't die if I miss an episode--but it is a good show and I want to find out what happens.

L.A. Daddy

Couldn't do Brothers & Sisters. Watched the first one and it was just too soap opera-y. Not that they all aren't, but this one took itself too serious.

I'm liking Heroes because they're setting it all up well -- but once they're all together, it could go downhill fast.

My friends are the Execs on Numb3rs -- been meaning to write an episode for them... Ahh, too many projects, not enough hours.


Oh, a woman after my own heart. I really was going to talk about TV today mainly because tonight the best show on TV (in my humble opinion) returns, Veronica Mars. And I am only recently a Veronica fan. I watched season 1 and 2 this summer and now realize how amazing it is. To think I scaffed for two years at it. Is it just me or is TV so freaking good these days, with Wed., being the holy shit everything is on tonight night. My favorite new show, Studio 60, it totally rocks my world. I agree with just about all your selections, but I think I watch a few less than you, but then I also watch Gilmore Girls, Americas Next Top Model, and the Bachelor. I like Brothers and Sisters, still have an episode on tivo waiting for some treadmill love. 6 Degrees I’m like eh about. I watch it so far, but won’t really miss it if it were gone. It’s more of a time filler actually. Love the amazing race and can NOT stand the prosthetic leg girl. She totally bugs. I like Survivor myself, and I of course can’t wait for Lost either. That’ another show I didn’t start watching until this summer. Did season 1 and 2 straight thru. Project Runway is almost over (tear) but then its Top Chef time which I love too. Oh forgot I also heart Cold Case. There really is tons of TV. And yeah, I love me some Dr. Troy (Nip/Tuck) bootay.

ms. sizzle

what did you do before tivo? ;)


I really like Brothers and Sisters as well...I haven't watched this past Sunday's episode yet but I liked the premier. I LOVE the Amazing Race (as we all know) and I, too, like the Godwins and the Addicts and once again, I agree with you about the girl with the prosthetic leg. "Studio 60" I just couldn't get into during the first episode so it's already been removed from my Tivo list...maybe in repeats over the summer. I keep meaning to add "Men in Trees" and haven't done it yet...maybe I'll do that tonight. I only hit on the new shows I've added this year...I still have a list of "old" favorites that I don't miss (Survivor, ER, 2.5 Men, etc.). I love TV way too much and would happily spend hours parked in front of it. Darn life keeps getting in the way!


Really quick, I ALSO want Meredith to pick Finn...or she can have both, because in an ideal world, I'd love to have two husbands. I know it can't actually happen in normal real life, but in my own little made up world in my head, life is good.


No, I want her to pick Finn too. It became sleazy and mean last season with McDork. I like finn (Do YOU want to ride with bat-boy??)

And I like the men in trees too, I was shocked.

I'm contemplating watching friday night lights tonight.

Amazon Alanna

I'm pretty sure that the Dexter show is based on a novel called "Darkly Dreaming Dexter" that was really cool and totally twisted....

Of course I'm going to watch South Park with WoW in it...although, it was a hard decision to make: watch it or play it. I also informed my students that they needed to watch it, but I think they watch anyway...

Plus, this chubbette is all over Biggest Loser...WoW barely competes!

Mr. Fabulous

Would it be okay if I called you Tivo Queen from now on? :)


Thank you for reminding me that I need to add Ugly Betty to my DVR list. I have loved America since Real Women Have Curves. I'm with you on the fave teams in TAR. I too cannot wait for the new Veronica Mars tonight. Did you hear that she'll be getting a new love interest this season? And Laura San Giacomo will be doing a guest spot. Squeeeeeal! Cannot say how much I love Numb3rs. Project Runway may be coming to an end, but then the second season of Top Chef will be starting.

Yes, I manage to do all this viewing, work, and go out on weekends. hehe



I'm so happy you mentioned Men in Trees!! I love that show! DH even watches it with me LOL!

Okay, a couple questions for you (you can email me if you want, instead of posting answers here).

What is Veronica Mars about?
WHat is Dexter about and what channel is it on?
Do you recommend I p/u the dvd seasons of Nip/Tuck? I haven't seen a single episode and hear it's a great show :o)

Sending you healing thoughts and prayers...
Love ya,


I seriously puffy heart all of your selections and pretty much agree with everything except Jericho. It's a show Dan likes, so I'm all over a chance for us to actually watch TV together. Tivo is on my grateful list 150 times. :o) VM rocks and that is the body I would kill for...too bad she's like 5'1" and there is no way in hell I could ever be that tiny.


Les - Yes, but that probably makes you better off and more diverse, seriously. If I had kids or a busier lifestyle, I would be able to chuck more shows. A lot of these are filler to make the elliptical ride through hell seem less than heinous!

Rachel - I agree about Biggest Loser; I think Jillian is what's missing; she was rough but also had a heart and I liked her. I am a total Lostie, I will admit it ;).

LA Daddy - It always seems like that, huh? Hope you get a chance to write an ep for them; that really is a good show, especially with all of the crime dramas out there today.

Em - You and I are like "right here". I loved how Christian was not upset that there was him sexing it up on the net but more that his ass looked fat, LOL. I think VM is so good because it makes us all feel young again, plus we get to solve mysteries and stuff.

Sizzle - I watched one reality show (either Survivor, Big Brother or TAR depending on the time of year) and Sundays on HBO. LMAO, I had a much more demanding life back then. If I did not have Tivo, there is no way in hell I would watch all of this shit.

Lora - Try Men In Trees just for some relief from all the other serious shit out there. Sutdio 60 is kind of a take it or leave it show. I could have gone either way honestly, but I love Steven Weber and Matthew Perry so I stayed for the ride.

Tori and Kyra - Yay for Finn! McSleazy is dreamy but he should have just told the wife to go back home last year rather than cause all the drama he did.

Alanna - I KNEW I could count on you to watch South Park; I really just wanna see what they wrote about and if they get it better and more accurate than Stargate Atlantis did; plus everyone we know is all stoked about it so I can't wait either.

Mr. Fab - Sure, are you gonna get me a new tiara to go with my new title? Cause it really is all about the tiara.

Dag - People look at my list (and I am sure yours) and assume we do nothing but watch TV...but you can cover twoce the TV when you FF past commercials, shoot. Plus it really is about catch up on a rainy weekend sometimes.

Foo - That is how Heroes is with Shawn and I so I totally get it.

Aim - okay yes, I would rent Nip/Tuck and slowly but surely watch it. Don't force yourself to watch this season on TV; just try to catch up for next year. It is one of those shows where you think they have gone "there" as far as they can, then they raise the bar higher next week.

Dexter is on Showtime - too crazy to explain but here is a link. Also, look up Veronica Mars on Google and it will explain it better than I can....basically teenager with a detective dad, she is a mini version of him who solves cases and has a crazy love life....try www.tv.com!


Actually here is more Veronica Mars stuff:


Ohhh man, you reminded me of all the great shows that I don't have time to watch (and my broken Tivo!).

But yay...Battlestar is finally back! I *will* make time to see the season premiere come hell or high water.


I am like you trying to cram in so many things!! Wednesdays are a mess because I also watch Justice, LOST, and The Biggest Loser, as well as One Tree Hill (please don't judge)
I want 5 Tivos!!!!

I will definitely have to take a stab at naming as many songs as possible when you post the catch-up list. I'll try my best really I will.


I have soooo much to say about all of these shows you've mentioned. BUT the only thing swimming around my mind right now is...FINN??? No, no, no! ;)

I missed Ugly Betty but I'll watch it online when I have a spare 20. (almost no ads, LOVE that!)


I'm a lot fussier than you. I really have trouble making the emotional investment to start watching a new show.

Thus far it's about 2 days of tv a week:

Sundays with Amazing Race, Simpsons, Family Guy, Venture Brothers and lots of football.

Thursday with Survivor, Earl and Office.

Watched one Heroes and have #2 on the magic TIVO box.

Some Congressman keeps IM'ing me so I have trouble getting time to watch though.


As usual, we're in agreement on a lot of shows. Some you're watching that I never even gave a chance. Vanished, for example. And Justice. I thought I'd try out all the new shows, but decided against that. Instead, I'm opting to try the ones that interest me and tossing out stuff after a couple of viewings, as needed.


I have been unimpressed with Heroes, though it seems to be very popular. It moves so slowly and they act like the audience is really dumb, continually telling us stuff instead of just showing it. It's too bad because I like Greg Grunberg and Adrian Pasdar was so good on "Profit" back in the 90's. I've been watching "Kidnapped" on NBC too, which is pretty good mostly because the great cast elevates the writing, but it looks like it's going to get cancelled. Grrrr.


I'm definitely on Team Finn!

Men in Trees is not getting the attention it deserves. Anne Heche is great in it, and the supporting cast is really good too. It's fluffy but the writing is great.


Holy mother of god, woman!! As someone who doesn't even watch tv? Your daily routine scares the living hell out of me! LMAO!!



I suddenly don't feel bad about all the TV Katie and I watch. We pale in comparison to you, oh TV Queen!


Do you know how difficult it is to have a TV addiction and be a full-time grad student at USC?

*SO* difficult!

Anyways, here's my list:
Monday: Studio 60. It's really the only thing on Monday. I am so about to add Bradley Whitford to my list of celebs I can sleep with without being punished. I mean, when he was Josh Lyman, he was on there, but over the summer he kinda got removed.
Oh yeah, and 24 when it's on.
Tuesday: Gilmore Girls.
Wednesday: America's Next Top Model (hush, I love the train wreck that is Tyra Banks). LOST. Project Runway. South Park.
Thursday: Grey's Anatomy (I personally don't care who she chooses, so long as they give more screen time to Callie because she is such a kick-ass character. The Office (Jim, get yer ass back to Scranton!!). And of course, ER. It's like crack. I know it's bad for me, but I just can't seem to quit.
Sunday: Desperate Housewives. Brothers & Sisters (Rachel Griffiths. Sally Field. I mean, does a cast GET any better then that?!). I DVR'd Dexter, but I haven't actually sat and watched it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to working on a midterm while I watch the bitches of ANTM.


Jamie (again)

And how could I forget the best show ever--The Soup on friday nights.

I heart me some Joel McHale. :)


I want her to pick Finn. I have a serious crush on Chris O'Donnell... ever since he was in the Three Muskateers. Of course that could have nothing to do with the fact that in that movie he looks like the boy that I completely lusted over at the time...

Um, yeah... I have no time to watch TV that much. I'm lucky if I get my watching in on Sunday - I am soooooo upset that they moved Grey's Anatomy.

Brothers and Sisters is kind of "eh" for me, but the last episode was definately more interesting than the first. I thought I needed to give it another chance, since I know I really had a hard time with the first episode of "Big Love", but ended up pretty much addicted to that show. Any idea if/when that is coming back?

And of course, Desperate Housewives! Love the show this year so far!

yep, that's about all of the TV I can handle.


I have already become *obsessed* with Dexter (darkest, most twisted show EVER, mmmmm), and am newly addicted to Weeds. The MILFweed had me ROTFLMAO (and then going, hmmm ...).

Nip/Tuck keeps proving me wrong when I think it can't get any wilder; I keep watching to see what they'll do next.

Heroes is the big disappointment of the year, but OMFG, I do love Greg Grunberg (whom I STILL call Sean and will forever).

Jericho totally has me by the shortncurlies. First, SKEET. Second, dramatizing a fear I was raised with. Third, every episode has made me cry. When Hawkins stuck that red pin in San Diego, I sobbed. Maybe it's a me thing, but this show is my new must-watch.

CSI:Las Vegas — I've never missed an episode, and I'm not gonna start now. Grissom and Sarah, hmmm. I really liked his dom girl, Lady Heather. There's more chemistry between Catherine and Warrick, in my opinion.

And Battlestar Galactica? Yeah, my life revolves around it. ALL DAY TODAY on Sci-Fi and premiere tonight, woo hoo!!!

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