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Sunday, October 01, 2006


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You can always all me if you want Hilly :)

Ok, what am I grateful for?

- My husband who loves me no matter what and no matter what I weight and who bakes me cookies.
- I'm greatful that we are able to afford to move into our very first home.
- I'm greatful for my friends and family who are always there for me.
- I'm greatful for making the decision to be good to me.
- I'm grateful for my blogging friends
- I'm grateful for my cat. He's the best and I'm glad we were able to rescue him, he makes us laugh everyday.
- I'm greatful that my grandparents are still in my life.


i'll list one thing that i thought of today...

i'm very grateful for my niece and nephew, not only because of how great both of them are, but because they've allowed me to look at myself through their eyes. it's a wonderful feeling knowing that you're somebody special to a child. to me, it's the world.

L.A. Mommy

I'm grateful that I live in a world where I can (still) share my emotions, thoughts, and ideas on the 'net with my virtual friends!

And for the fact that Desperate Housewives is back on the air...


-I'm glad every day that I know you and all the other supportive women in the PFC's.
-my girls
-my husband (even though he can be aggravating at times, he's enriched my life in so many different ways.)
-my dog (who's in his twilight years)
-our business (that gives us time and flexibility)
-my sisters
-the rest of my family ;-)
-Weight Watchers
-running outdoors on beautiful fall days
-the YMCA and being with normal people when I have to go to a health club.

I think I have to stop. Hilly I'm sorry you've been sad, but so proud of you for feeling the feelings and just dealing. Denial never got anyone anywhere (just look at the people you're dealing with) and admire you for taking your feelings out and living them.


Fab idea!

Today, right this second I'm grateful that my 3 children are all snuggled up safely in bed. And I think that at least 2 of them are sleeping.

I'm grateful that tomorrow my eldest daughter doesn't have school and we'll be able to hang out.

I'm grateful that I've been blessed with the best husband on earth. He loves me, supports me and puts up with my shit.

I could go on and on :)


I'm grateful for my awesome supportive family and friends, my precious dogs, and second chances. :) If I kept going I could fill your comments section, so I'll just keep it simple.


There ya go, Hilly. It took me the longest time to learn the lesson that my mom has been trying to teach me for years -- always look for the positive and screw the negative.

My list?

1) My job -- I love it. Proof? I get out of bed before the sun comes up -- quite willingly -- to head there and I am so not a morning person.

2) My friends, old and new. If life gets me down, I know I can rely on them. And when everything is flowing well, I know they'll be the first to suggest a celebration.

3) My family. They drive me nuts at times but I know that in the end I can rely on them. Well, some of them.

4) Having the guts to be me. I know this is something that most people take for granted. It took me years to feel comfortable in being who I am. And the reward? That other people thought that the "real me" is great. Not that I needed their praise. It just confirmed what I thought of myself. And isn't that what it's all about? Going out there and being "you" and having people love and accept that "you?"

Sarah Living to Feel Good

Oooh I am too tired to think about my list, but my # 1 would be my husband. He supports me in everything I do. He is my best friend, and I don't know what I would do without him. My love just grows stronger and stronger for him.

Mr. Fabulous

I am thankful for my wife. If not for her I likely would have been dead a long time ago. She supports and loves me unconditionally. She is my rock. I would be lost without her. She is not only my wife but my soul mate and my best friend ever.

And I also am thankful for Pez.


I was just talking to a good friend yesterday who is in a funk, and we, too, realized that it's important to appreciate what you have because there are others who have so much less.

So, a short list for this early morning:

1. my husband, who loves me no matter what
2. my kids, who drive me crazy sometimes but are the most amazing little things on the planet
3. my dog, who is always happy to see me
4. my family, who would do anything for me
5. having a nice home, cars, food, plus a bunch of luxuries others can only dream of

Gotta stop there and feed the 1-year old breakfast...


I guess I missed some pretty nasty shit the last couple of days or so. (That happens when I'm preoccupied.) And I'm so sorry I did because I would have tried to cheer you up and I missed that opportunity probably when you needed it the most.

At the very least, you MUST know that whatever was said to you and/or about you is just crap. I know that intellectually you already know that, but sometimes, just sometimes we can let the little bit of self-doubt creep into the front of our gray matter and it starts to fester.

Hilly, you are one in a million. No question. Every day you strive to learn something more about yourself. And, you are open to any and all ideas. It's what makes you who you are.

Because you are open, you are also open to possibilities. I know you wouldn't hesitate to listen to an opinion from someone else, consider it to be a truth or untruth, and either accept or reject it. But I think that when someone tries to assasinate your character ... someone who doesn't know you from a hill of beans ... from behind a blog comment, you need to put it aside. It means nothing.

I'm glad to see that whatever it was, you've gotten past it and you are stronger for it.

Today, I can only think of one thing I am grateful for ... although there are many, this is the one I treasure the most ...

Today, I am grateful that I am alive. The sun is rising and the sky has a pretty, pink glow. I will get to work in the soil today and feel the earth between my fingers and toes. I know that no matter what happens today, I am here to be a part of it.


And, you can call me too Hilly. If ya want. ;)

I'm grateful for my children and husband of course.
I'm grateful for the stepford wives, for reminding me of who I DON'T want to be.
I'm grateful for chocolate... cause... WELL JUST CAUSE!
I'm grateful for the islands, so I have a place I yearn to be when it's crap here.
I'm grateful I still have more opportunities in front of me than behind me.



We both shed alot of tears this weekend, didn't we, my darlin? But I stand by what I said, it HAS to be the lack of love, peace and God in their hearts that makes those people cling to the bitterness.
And hell, I NEED a grateful happy list after the totally emotional last 48 hours so I'm so down with this. ;)
Of course, I will come back and add as I think of more things, ok? Because I tend to get super-specific. LOL I know that doesn't surprise you about me. ;)

I'm Grateful For:

  1. Having a beautiful, intelligent daughter whose voice makes my heart swell with joy
  2. Being willing to work to fix the stuff that isn't working in my life...even if it means alot of work
  3. Friends that are more like sisters...even the first time you meet. *smoooooooch*
  4. Diet Cherry 7-up over ice
  5. Crisp Autumn weather cold enough to wear big heavy sweaters and fabulous fall boots!!
  6. Having both of my grandparents still alive, alert, and living close to me
  7. Watching my adorable nephew learn to walk...or learn to do anything really
  8. season premieres of my favorite reality shows! YAY
  9. watching the joy in my niece's eyes as she introduces me to her new 7 week old puppy, Koda, two night's ago
  10. Being able to beat my alcoholism...but not beating myself up for the couple of times I've slipped...bashing me does me NO good.
  11. Being able to hang out with my best friend all day and do NOTHING but be perfectly happy just to hang out with her and her son
  12. Sephora makeovers and splurges!
  13. making snow angels...don't get to do this one often here in Texas. lol
  14. my husband who calls before coming home from work to see if I need him to get anything at the store...because he knows how much I hate to go to the store...even though he does too.

  15. I'll be back for more later!


Most of all, I am grateful that even though so many women think they have the most wonderful husband in the world, *I* am the one who really does. All the others are runners-up. Sorry, girls.

I am grateful that my beautiful daughter is learning how to love a man, and that he likes Halloween even better than Christmas.

I am grateful that my sister keeps forgiving me and loving me, no matter how many times I break her heart.

I am grateful for having the same best friend for 38 years, and that she keeps all my darkest secrets.

I am grateful for the Pacific Ocean, and that I will lay in its waves again someday.

I am grateful for music and the ability to hear it. Here is my list of songs that always make me feel good, no matter what.

I am grateful that my strict low-sugar/low-carb diet still lets me eat two Hershey's Dark Chocolate Kisses every day.

I am grateful that I have gotten to "know" you, Hilly, because you keep raising the bar on self-acceptance, and I learn something from you almost every day.

ms. sizzle

Today I am grateful for:
-tears because they help me feel lighter
-friends who call at the exact moment you need them
-tea, the british way
-cats purring
-sweater-wearing weather


I'm grateful for:
-my husband...not a perfect man, but the perfect man for me, even when he is driving me nuts.
-my son. If ever there was a reason to be grateful, it's him. His capacity to forgive me and keep on smiling is a testament to the fact that there is God.
-my dog. He's always happy to see us, even when he's not feeling so hot himself. I only hope that we are good enough owners and that when his time finally comes, it will be peaceful and pain free...he's had enough pain already.
-my internet friends. There are days when reading all your blogs is what gets me through without hurting people on the street!
-the good old USA...we are hardly the perfect country, we have many flaws, but the alternatives to what we have aren't so great. We are so lucky to have the freedoms we do.
-our service men and women, including my brother-in-law and a good friend. They do a job most of us aren't willing to do, for little pay and virtually no recognition, and they help keep us safe.
-my son's school. He goes to a great, fun, safe place (and I'm thankful we have the money to pay for it!) and I'm hopeful that it will help him down a great path in life.

There are so many more things but this is a good start.


Good for you babe!

Let's see... I've been in kind of a negative spiral myself, so I will join you and think of positive things in my life:

- my son, who loves me unconditionally and tells me every day, all the time

- my blogging buddies

- finally finding a blogging buddy who knows what it means to be snarky ;-)

- my family and friends

- the fact that though life is sometimes hard I can still find joy in little things

- sun just coming out from behind a big black raincloud

- having a roof over my head after being without for 1.5 year

- having learned to accept and love myself

- the beautiful falcon I saw fly by over the fields half an hour ago

- the fact that making this list is already making me feel better

MWAH!!!!! from Dutchyland!


i am so grateful for:
- surviving my parent's divorce
- my wonderful boyfriend who makes me laugh
- my friends and family
- my blog buddies
- my cat max and my boyfriend's cat norman
- my blonde hair and blue eyes
- my sense of humor and making others laugh
- starbucks pumpkin spice latte
- the aliens quadrilogy
- the food network and CSI


My list

~ unconditional love of my boys
~ sweet syrupy good morning kisses
~ a hubby who is cleaning my filthy car as we speak (now that is love!)
~ a french pedicure with a calf massage
~ a heating pad. a forgotten feel better tool
~ Friends who love you even when you can't pull yourself out of bed or out of your pjs.
~ a job that pays me enough to be comfortable while I work on making my career dreams come true
~ my aging puppy dog who is ALWAYS ready for a good walk
~ my lip balm fetish. I always have some on hand!


Today I'm grateful for:

- My always-supportive husband.
- That I made it home safely from a mostly wonderful trip back to Texas.
- Family who loves me even when they don't have the emotional energy to say so.
- Everything that I have - I work with a population that doesn't have very much so I'm that much more grateful for my (rented) home, my health, cars, cats, job, etc.


where to begin? there's a lot of self-reflection and rededication to looking ahead going on today, which i think is particularly apt because today is Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, when traditionally your fate for the next year is sealed. i think non-jews think that fasting and 12 hours of services seems punishing (i remember being SHOCKED when i found out you could get in and out of church services in an HOUR), but it's really about purification, meditation, and focus. a clean slate.

so i am grateful for:

-having a family that may have permanently inadvertently damaged me and made me insane but that also embodies all that is crazy and beautiful (on a deeply flawed human level) about families. it's a sprawling tight-knit crowd, and now that i am losing the first of my four grandparents, i realize how lucky i was to have such a long time with all of them.

-to myself, for nurturing and developing the strength and perseverence to make my life better, rather than waiting for someone else to do it for me, and for rising above the way i was raised and working so so hard to become a person worthy of trust and love and a person who respects others as they deserve.

-the incredible academic opportunities that my socio-economic position and random ability to do ridiculously well on standardized tests have given me access to.

-my mother, who taught me to think for myself and to know right from wrong, and who helped me become a woman strong enough to stand up to the many things that are WRONG with these privileged institutions that i am lucky to be a part of.

-my high school friends who still know me better than anyone else in the world.

-my best friend from college who is completely unflappable and the only person as snarky as me.

-the teachings of the jewish tradition, that offer so many lessons about how to live a good life in this world even if you don't believe in god.

-my cat and his extra thumbs.

-literature and poetry, my old loves that have been abandoned during these law school years but always welcome me back with open arms.

-having experienced both having and losing true love, and learning what it means to live in its glory and to learn to live without it.


I'm not sure which, if any, of the laugh, cry, think and snark categories I may fall into. Hopefully one of them. And, if so, happy to help.

Nice list, BTW!


Wonderful post. I'm so sorry I wasn't home when you called. I am so proud of you. Sounds like you had a spiritual rejuvenation of sorts. I can't picture my life without God and my angels and saints. They fuel my faith & hope.

I'm grateful for understanding the concept that there are no coincidences in life. Every thing happens for a reason. The joys of life always overflow in my heart and I rejoice in all of it.

*The feel I get when I feel my angels sending me love...
*My Musical Goddesses
*Rodan for putting up with me and loving me for ME!
*My three feathered angels
*Mother & Father...my best friends in this world.
*Being alone and knowing that I'm never alone.
*The feel and sounds of the wind
*Friends that accept & love me for me
*I'm grateful to be alive and experience this Beautiful world.

Love to YOU!


I am grateful for you. Although, I'm a lurker and we've never exchanged words, you've made a difference in my life. You give me inspiration when there's none to be found in my head... Thank you my dear friend.


this is so right. it's hard to feel negative and crappy when you really focus on how much you have to be grateful for in lunch. I am not religious at all, and neither is my husband, but we start each evening meal with sharing with each other what we are grateful for today. it is a mood-lifter, a positive affirmation, and honest sharing with the partners on your life's journey.

I am grateful for:
- my sweet and thoughtful husband
- my absolutely adorable and sweet kitty
- generally good health
- unimpeded physical mobility
- a car, house and enough money not to have to worry about day-to-day needs
- my intelligence
- my sense of humor
- good friends
- a "second" family that loves me not just unconditionally, but sometimes even with reverence. this is not just wonderful to receive, it's a real learning experience about how to treat other people you care about.
- definitely the Internet, so I can find and sort of get to know cool folks outside my circles, not to mention find all kinds of information, games, jokes, news, etc etc etc.

hope you're feeling better, Hilly!!!!! big hug to you!


Lurkey, I have no idea who you are but you made me cry, so thanks for being so sweet!

And I am now also thankful that so far 23 people have things to be happy about today....I hope more join in!


Another lurker, but your posts always make me think and smile (usually both!) and I thought I should finally leave a comment.

I'm thankful for wonderful family and friends, those beams of sunlight that get through between the clouds, fresh flowers and big hugs!

This grateful list is great =)


I'm grateful for the crisp autumn air. And the thunder storms. And the blue sky. And most of all, I'm grateful for having people in my life who love me and believe in me even when I don't.

And I'm grateful and happy that you have such people in YOUR life as well. I think you are a wonderful person! So don't ever forget this and never let anyone make you believe otherwise.

Big grateful hugs to you! Love ya


I'm a lurker that has been reading your site for quite a while. I've been going through a tough time recently and reading your posts always seem to put a smile on my face when I need one. Sometimes the posts bring tears to my eyes -- good tears.

I am grateful for:
1. my family
2. people giving me a chance
3. kind-hearted people
4. sunrises
5. people expressing themselves to help others realize that they aren't alone

I'm grateful for many other things but right now I've got tears in my eyes so I can't see to type.


*I'm grateful for my parents -there's no way I could ever doubt their love for me.

*I'm grateful for the opportunity to finish my education.

*I'm grateful for my little library job.

*I'm grateful for my dear, dear friends.

*I'm grateful for my caring boyfriend.

*I'm grateful for my talents.

*I'm grateful for this list.


I love this.

I don't even know where to start.

I'm grateful...
~that I have a supportive and loving family
~that I have supportive and loving friends
~that I have my health
~that I experienced enough tragedy in my life to realize what is truly important in life...
~that I have a home
~that I have a job
~that I have a brain
~that I have my boyfriend and best friends, who supports me like no other ever has

Everything else is just icing. Seriously. I don't even know where to start. I just feel... lucky.


for my husband. he is incredible.

and, I'm thankful for you, chica. You, and all the other awesome bloggers out there that give me so much insight and perspective and as Nina Garcia would say, "POINT OF VIEW"!!

i'm so happy to have seen the herd of deer running through the field RIGHT off the highway on my way home from work. It just made me smile.

I'm happy I can hear my daughter say, "I'm a COWGIRL!" with that note of glee in her voice.

I'm happy I have a good head on my shoulders and (some of) the sense that god gave me :)

ahhh, you're right. life IS good.


Things that make me smile:

- my fat beagle
- stupid, hilarious inside jokes
- taking a really great picture
- the cheesecake in my fridge
- quoting movie lines right before the actors say 'em
- getting packages from amazon.com
- purring kitty cats
- having ALL the Friends episodes on dvd
- hating Oprah as much as Hilly

LauraBora from Bufadora

I love having stuff to be grateful for and I am grateful for so many things.

~ I am grateful I was able to select some of my Grandma Rootbeer's outrageous costume jewelry after her Memorial Service and that it ALL smelled like her (a mixture of Fendi and Opium). I am grateful that of all the grandmothers I could have had,I got her. She embraced life with both arms and gave it a bear hug and smeared lipstick all over it, even when she was unable to speak anymore, emaciated with bone cancer. Case in point, she went shopping about a month before she died, and picked out a shirt that said, "It's All About ME ME ME". She rocked this shirt in her wheelchair. I LOVE HER and I know I have a hell of an angel watching out for me.

I am grateful that I am sober and able to make connections with other human beings unlike before, when all was superficial.

I am grateful that I am healthy and my biggest problems are of the neurotic variety.

I am grateful that I can be who I am and live in my own skin, even if it's more skin than I want to have.

I am grateful for music, because it sometimes speaks for me when I can't find the words.

I too, am grateful for second chances. I am days away from my 11th anniversary of my sobriety so I'm remembering my bottom and it was harrowing. I cannot believe that the girl who wanted nothing more in life than to be high or unconscious is now loving, being loved, raising two kids, totally close to her family on a real level, living honestly, feeding herself vegetables, using real toilet paper instead of coffee filters because she would rather spend her money on drugs than basic household supplies.

I am also grateful for you and your blog -- you are part of that nifty ethereal connection I have with other broads on this path to self-love, self-knowledge, and self-respect.

I am grateful most of all, that I can cry today when I didn't cry at all for YEARS because I was completely closed off from the truth of my feelings and of course, running far far far away from them. I embrace the truth today even if it's messy or embarassing. Yay truth!


What a great idea!
*I am grateful for my wonderful husband who constantly lets me know he loves me, is proud of me and thinks I'm cute.
*I am grateful for my son who just yesterday told me he was proud of me. What 15 yo does that?
*I am grateful for my health.
*I am grateful for my trainer, even when I want to kick him.
*I am grateful for diet coke.
*I am grateful for financial comfortability.
*I am grateful that I was able to run a 5K this weekend when 8 months ago I was over 60 lbs heavier.
*I am grateful that my husband ran with me this weekend even though he could have finished the race much faster if he ran by himself.
*I am grateful for my Jeep
*I am grateful for my friends
*I am grateful for your blog that has let me know that I'm not alone in these struggles, and that you have reached out to touch the lives of people you do not know at the risk of personal sorrow.


Sorry I missed all that? Sounds tough.

You have a great idea, and I think a great attitude. Awesome post and look at the response you got!

Thanks for adding my post!

I probably could add a long list, but I think I will just say that I am grateful there are still people with open minds and open hearts, keeps hope alive!


You would think it was Thanksgiving!!!

I am grateful for:
1. My husband. Without him, I would still be floundering around, wondering what to do when I grew up
2. Hugs. You never know when you really need one, but when you get one, it's the right time
3. All of my friends
4. My health. It makes me so glad to be able to go for a run, or to know what I am capable of.
5. Fall weather. I love the smell of autumn. It makes you feel envigorated and alive.
6. My parents. I want to be just like them, still married and chasing each other around the house after 38 years of marriage.

Hope you are feeling better!


I'm grateful for:
-my family and friends, whom I adore
-unconditional love
-my healthy body, even though I sometimes treat it like crap
-the 28 years I had with my Dad before he died
-my puppies
-my home, car, clothing, and other things I often take for granted
-my job, yes I hate it, but at least I have one
-sunshine and standing outside letting it shine upon my face
-thunderstorms and staying home huddled in a blankie while listening to the incredible thunder rolling
-my friend Hil, for making me realize that there are good things in the world, and I need to take some time to remember that I'm truly blessed.



Most of the things I'd pick have been covered ad nauseum, wife, family, dogs, home et al.

I'm going to say Autumn. Even in Southern California, when the light of day starts to change, the wild parrots make their migratory return to Old Towne Orange, the mornings are colder and more damp, it's my favorite time of year, and I'm thankful for it as soon as I get up in the morning. Oh, and hockey season starts this week. Yep. Pretty thankful about that.

Lisa O

Delurking to say I missed the last few posts but am sorry someone hurt you. :(
Ahh SOO many things to be grateful for - #1 that God allowed my husband and I to overcome our infertility and I'm now a mother to two daughters (3 years old and 18 months) at the age of 42. Everything else pales but I have many wonderful blessings in my life.


- Indian Summer in the Midwest
- Playing hooky from work to enjoy the unexpected day of Indian Summer
- Leaves crunching underneath your feet
- Baseball Playoffs
- The Genius of Arrested Development on DVD
- My Wife who totally gets me
- the inventor of TIVO
- Rep. Foley for letting my not hear about Terrell Owens for one damn day


I really liked reading this post. It's been a rough week. I've been feeling pretty blue. I'm also happy to see that you aren't letting the drama of last week bring you to your knees.

Things I'm thankful for:
-My pugs
-The chance I got to move to a beautiful place, have a job I love and make the best friends I've ever had
-My sister who is my best friend and feeds my soul
-My health

Ok, that's all I can come up with for now. I just woke up.


Wow, way to make me feel like shit for not answering my phone. Sorry I wasn't there when you needed me. :(

I'm thankful for my daughters. And the many friends I've met through blogging, particularly you and Kath, Chase, Deb, Kevin, and the list goes on and on.

I'm thankful for Tivo, and that Lost premieres tonight, and that Battlestar Galactica is on Friday.

I'm thankful for Guinness. And memory foam pillows. And electric razors. And masturbation.

Robin P

** My husband and daughter.

** My health and that I didn't die last November from pancreatitis.

** My friends and family.

** Splenda (Love that stuff!)

** Progresso soup.

** My spelling ability.

There's lots more but,I'll leave it at that for now.


Bit behind in my blog reading due to a hectic week at work so just now getting to this and getting to post.

I am thankful for . . .
My loving husband
The fact I am physical able to work
That I live in a good neighborhood
That I have friends that care about me
That the divine has seen that all I work for brings me what I need and beyond.
For people like you Snackie that help me look at the good side on a week that hasn't been so much. hugs girlfriend!


This is awesome.
I am glad I missed the last few days because I hate drama but am unhappy that I could not give you happy thoughts, such as they are. Just know that when I miss posting I still think you are a cool shick who deserves everything great in the world.
Thankies for
~family, who just with their presence makes it all better.
~savings. Not having a job and still being able to shop is incredible.
~POM Pomegranate Tea. Who knew being healthy could taste good?
~life. After losing everything in a fire I now know that no matter what happens, as long as I'm alive it's ok.
~my niece and nephew, who give the best hugs EVER.
~this list. Its so cool that someone would choose to be positive, and ask others to do the same.
There are so many more, too many to list.


Hilly, you KNOW I need this list too, girl.

I am thankful for:

-Jason because he just loves me no matter how crazy I am.

-Miranda(my pup)because without her I would not know the true meaning of "best friend".

-my friends from high school because, seriously, holy crap, they still like me and stick by me.

-my friends from college because they still love me too!

-my newest friends in Blogistan...Chase McBeerSlut, Karl Kookerpants and Hilly Crackerbean who I read faithfully but may not comment because I can't breathe.

-my family because I got stuck with a pretty good bunch.

-TV because I love it, dammit and I am not ashamed to shout it out loud.

-pizza-I have been eating it everyday for the last month because I am afraid to eat anything else. AWESOME!


The human mind (brain)can not process the spoken or written word. It's function is to obey the encoded program of the DNA, genes, etc.
The human mind uses tools, such as intelligence and reasoning, to invent ways to circumvent its limitations. The mind device uses its tools to develop numbers, alphabets, gadgets and extensions of the body elements. The automobile, computer, airplane are extensions of the limitations of the human body. The human contains a soul. The human is a container that exists that the soul uses on its journey to eternity. The soul needs God, it is at home in eternity.
The soul, is huge, powerful, unlimited, and is a spiritual creation of God. God a supreme being has no limits, no destruction, does not exist,he is LIFE. Only creatures exist. God is life, he is, not created by limited conditions. He does not need tools to think or invent, he is divinity, life itself.
The soul has divined life and is part of eternity as a divined creation of the glory of GOD. It must go back to real life, spiritual life. The soul, being unlimited, lives without the limitations of the human body, which only exists, but does not have life. The human body with all its dependence on existence, is subjected to the destruction of the universe. All mater and energy exist to be destroyed and to keep the existence of human forms functioning within a time frame. Time is a limitation of existence,destruction.The soul being spiritual has no limits, ergo no time.
Human intelligence and reasoning are tools of existence, this tools can not bring us up to a spiritual life. In the spiritual divined life there is no need for mater or energy senors such as us humans have. This sensors, sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste are need so that the mind can find its way around its limitations.
So in the long run, eternity is our only target, read the Bible, learn to seek and find God. We have to go up to LIFE:GOD, not try to bring GOD down to our limited existence.

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